Shiva Yatra in May 2020 with Babaji

Announcing the Shiva Yatra 2020 with Babaji Sai Shivananda to Rishikesh, Kedarnath, Badrinath and Haidakhan, this May.

Om Namah Shivaya Maha Yagna

Babaji announces a Mahayagna - All my dear devotees please chant 3 malas (3x108)OM NAMAH SHIVAYA every day without break, for welfare of the world.

"Fools laugh at others. The Wise upon themselves."


Kailash Manasorvar Yatra - June 2019

ShivDHAM Ashram, Malagar Valley

The Mystic - Vishwaguru Sai Shivananda

Vishwaguru Sai Shivananda, lives in the breathtakingly beautiful valley of Kangra, in Himachal Pradesh, India. Sai Shivananda attained self-realisation at the tender age of seventeen. It did not take him long to understand his life’s supreme purpose: the upliftment of humankind to higher consciousness and uniting all sentient beings.

“The existence of consciousness has been long debated over by both scientists and philosophers alike. Consciousness cannot be understood until one makes tangible efforts to attain self-realisation through intense meditation and rigorous self-control.”  – Sai Shivananda.

"We are from the same source..we are children of only one mother and father. To understand this , understand your own self, because to reach God, the way starts from within you." - Sai Shivananda.

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His Mission

Antaranandam | His Mission

Meeting Sai Shivananda is pure bliss, spending time with him leads to inner tranquillity, Anataranandam and finally, He leads one to Shivanandam or Oneness. And this is His mission – Love and Oneness!


His Message

'Life Lessons' by the Mystic 

Sage, simple, serene words for everyday living by Sai Shivananda on various topics like Karma, Maya, Equanimity, Reality, Faith, Love etc. Many of these are answers to questions posed by his devotees.


The Trust

Ashram & Service

The Sri Sai Mangalam Central Trust, Kangra is a social and charitable organisation founded by Sai Shivananda, to offer various humanitarian services.  The trust is focusing on building an Ashram in Kangra, to facilitate Sai Shivananda's mission.