Sai Mangalam Trust Kangra

The Sri Sai Mangalam Central Trust was founded as a social and charitable organisation in Kangra, on June 28, 2015 to facilitate the mission of Vishwaguru Sri Shivananda. The mangalam chakra (image here) being the logo of the trust was materialised by Babaji(as his devotees lovingly address him) during this occasion.

The Trust is currently focusing on establishing an Ashram in India to serve universal humanity and offer various selfless services as well as be a centre for sadhaks (seekers) seeking spiritual transformations. The Ashram, as it is being envisioned, will include a Veda Patashala, Yagnya shala and a Devi temple.  Sri Shivanada engages along with devotees in performing service activities like conducting free marriages for poor couples, donating sewing machines for livelihood, distributing food to the needy. All such social welfare activities are performed under the auspiciousness of this Trust.