April 14, 2018 – Discourse on bad things happening

Question by a devotee – regarding the tragic death of many children when a bus fell into a gorge in Nurpur, Himachal Pradesh, how can such incidents be prevented in future?

Babaji’s answer: Niyati or Fate cannot be changed. The first question is – was this the age for the children to die? The children were too young to die, they were small children. We feel when ‘man’ takes birth, the time of death is always when the person becomes old. I will give you an example, you go to a market, buy some cloth for a shirt, and after that you come home and keep it in your almirah. You forget about it for some reason, it got mixed with other clothes or due to day to day routines, you forget about this cloth. A few years later, say 2 to 3 years later, as you are cleaning the almirah, you come across the cloth. And you think – how did I forget about this cloth, and since you love the cloth, you get a shirt stitched out of it. And when you go to meet someone, you wear the shirt. As you bend, the shirt tears. And you wonder – this new shirt has torn, how can it tear? It is a new shirt. But you forget, the cloth is old.

Some children die right after birth, some a couple of days after birth, some after 10 days,  some after 15 days, some after a month, some after 2 years, 4 years, 21 years etc, There is no limit, death has no particular time. But why did God enable/allow the birth of a child, who was to live just for 10 min? You will understand why these things happen only when you understand birth and death, why these happen. Because, only according to your Karma, you get the physical body(Shareer). If you had to live as a human even if it is for a second, if you even had 1 second left over from a previous birth or only 2 days left, you will still get human birth for that time. Because the difficulties of a human life can only be experienced as a human body. Only by taking a human birth, whatever Karma you have left over from a previous human birth, can be experienced. Whatever Karma you did in a human form, you have to endure it only as a human!

There are many things in life that need to be changed. There is a lot of grief for those children, it is a tragic incident. But  you cannot change fate(niyati). Fate(niyathi) can act upon anyone at anytime. Many people have also commented about this incident saying God is not showing His compassion, why is God like this?

There are many things in this life that God is telling human beings, telling things to bring out change and also how to live. When something bad happens to us, we blame God, we ask Him why did you do this? We never ever say “Dear God, you had asked me to do this and I did not do it”.

Yes, there is sorrow for that incident, what is it that you could have done to stop it? Nothing at all. it is not in your hands at all. You only have prayers in your hands. You cannot trespass/breach God’s laws (niyam). Changing it is not in human hands. These are the laws of the world and cannot be changed. But for everyone’s good, everyone’s safety, we can pray to God. And God will do it!