April 14, 2018 – Discourse on Prema Sai

Many people ask about Prema Sai, some say Prema Sai is coming, some say he has already come. He is here, he is there.

Swami (Sathya Sai Baba) said He will leave His physical body when he turns 96 years old. But Swami shed His physical body at the age of 86. Bhagawan’s intention(sankalp) can neither be known in advance nor can be changed.  People will keep speculating ‘That Prema Sai Baba has already come or he is already born’, this is not the truth. Bhagawan did not reveal his intention of when He would leave his physical body, He used Maya to conceal his intentions. In the same way, Bhagawan can do anything in any way to test devotees. Let us say If Swami had mentioned a date for Prema Sai’s birth, and two children were born at the same time that day, identical looking, who of you present here can say, which of these children is Prema Sai?

An Avatar is not a joke, not a small thing. Avatar means the creator, the God of all, the Universal power. You see everywhere there is so much of politics and gossips. Swami said Love but people have no love. They are just fighting and these people (fighting) how come they can understand  who is Prema Sai?  Will they understand an Avatar? No. Only the Yogis and saints, they know who is an Avatar, and when an Avatar is coming.  The internet, people or emails, they say Prema Sai is coming, the Satya Yuga is coming but all this is fake. Only Yogis know when an Avatar is coming, when the Satya Yuga is coming!

Without love, how do you understand Prema Sai? Prem means Love, He is an Avatar of Love. Swami is also an Avatar of love. But not all the people who follow Swami understand His love,  His truth. Only we claim to be  Swami’s devotees, devoid of faith and devotion.  What is the meaning of devotion? Devotion is  clear like a crystal, there are no doubts, there is no darkness. When people do Seva(Service), don’t think you are doer, just forget the self.

But now everywhere there is politics, fighting for God, People say there is no God, there is no God. But how can you say there is no God? God is everywhere. In this universe, the miracles, everything –  His duty, His thinking, His tension – not your tension.

What is your duty? You do your Karma, you do your Seva. Don’t think where is God. God is everywhere but the thing is when Avatar is coming, I tell you, nobody will know when He is coming, nobody knows His intention(Sankalp), Only He knows when He is coming. And when Prema Sai is coming, He is very strict. When in your heart, love is coming, you will know Avatar is coming. If you have no love, you don’t understand love, then you can’t understand Prema Sai!

Who is Prema Sai? He is a form of love, full of love!

Swami said in Puttaparthi , I have no mediums, only Swami is one Swami! There are no mediums. We all understand Swami, you all understand fully who is Swami? NO. There is this man Anil Kumar, he sent an email about Muddanahalli and things, Swami said no mediums but if Swami has no mediums, then who is Anil Kumar? Isn’t he also a medium? When Swami is speaking in Telugu, when we are translating into English, how can we say Swami has no medium? He is showing a medium, to translate Swami’s message. So don’t’ (try to) understand Swami. Swami is a great Avatar.

One time someone asked a question. Swami said in 1999 in Kodaikanal with students, in 2002 the Golden Age is coming. Everywhere there will be love. Swami’s students are working everywhere, even in politics. But where is the Golden Age? You said He is God, then face the questions asked by people who don’t understand God, no belief in Swami, they ask these questions – your Swami, your God says.

Swami said the Golden Age is coming, still no love, the people have politics, everywhere fighting. Very few people are doing Swami’s duty very well. But why has the Golden Age not come, will the Golden Age not come?

What is Golden Age? When LOVE is coming, this is Golden Age. And Swami is not responsible for this. Because you know, you go to the classroom and the teacher writes something on the blackboard, it is seen equally by all the students. In that class, some students pass the exam, others fail, some come first,  whose mistake is it – the teacher’s or the student’s?

Bhagawan just talks about Love, Love, Love, Love,,, Last Darshan Swami said many things have happened in many places that He was not happy about. If He was happy, He would have lived for 106 years. He would not have left so early. Because He is not happy, His darshan is also not easily available (not as easy as seeing Swami in his physical form).

Where is the Avatar? Very soon, devotees will come to know where is the Avatar. Many Avatars have an open mission like Swami, people know Sathya Sai Baba all over the world, But some Avatars have a  very secret mission. They just come, do their duty and go. At a time, many Avatars and Ansh Avatars come,  When Swami was alive in Prashanthi, there were 9 avatars all over the world. Why does Swami say his number  is ‘9’ ? The number ‘9’ stands for power, the 9 types of devotion.

Some people are good at singing, that singing is also devotion. Some people are good at dancing, that dance is also devotion. Some people are doing chanting, Veda, that is also devotion. Some people are writing, this is also devotion. Whatever duty that Bhagawan has given you, do it from your heart(dil se karo). Only that is yours! Only that is your Bhakthi! There is no need to light incense sticks or ring bells before God. Whatever you have received as work, do it well.

Bhagawan is not easy, don’t think of Bhagawan as a joke. You have to live with Him, work with Him, and you need to heed every word, every action of His!  When He does not do your work, then think ‘Have you taken His word as seriously as you want Him to listen to you?” This is important. First you see yourself, then blame God.

Now is the time to be strict, to think and think deeply  because very soon there will be wars against India, lots of threats from China, Pakistan. So we have to be ready. You are all protected by Swami, don’t worry. Bhagawan will protect you. Chant ‘Om Namah Sivaya’ and ‘Sairam’ regularly!