Aug 16, 2018 – Devotee Q&A

Devotee Question: During prayers, bhajans, the mind finds ekagratha(Oneness with God), Shanthi(peace), a happiness, how do we carry this over to other times? At other times, we don’t find this, why?

Babaji’s answer: Swami(Sathya Sai Baba) has given an easy 5 fold path – Sathya, Dharma, Prema, Shanthi, Ahimsa. It is not necessary that you follow all these 5 paths at the same time. Sometimes, you  do speak the untruth – like when someone calls on the phone and you may say tell them I am not here. Whatever is easier in this 5 fold path – Sathya, Dharma, Prema, Shanthi, Ahimsa, you follow one of these ardently. If it is easier for you to talk with love, work with love and be loving with others, then chose that. If it is easier for you to speak the truth, stick to this. When you follow one of these, the other four will come automatically.

Returning to your question on how the chit becomes one with God during bhajans, prayers and later disconnects. You charge your mobile, the battery becomes full. When you use the phone, the charge becomes less and less and you have to recharge again with the charger.  You understand, now?

Bhajan, Kirtan, Dhyan – when you do this, you experience a peace, a kind of joy, a bliss that cannot be expressed in words, but when you are back into worldly affairs, this is no longer there. So the question is how can you bring this bliss?

What is it that action that will being me joy every minute of my life? You need to search for an answer to this question. It can be all the things – prayers, Bhajan, Dhyan or bhakthi or other things. Lighting a lamp, chanting mantras – these are all for our peace, for our bliss, our Ananda and the mantras we chant are for protection – from negativity, bad things, for safety.

So, to be in joy every second, stick to one of these things. It can be bhajan. We do Bhajan for 1 hour, we sing loudly together. When you are upset, you can still sit in front of God and hum some bhajan quietly or you can sing bhajans quietly in your mind. Find that thing that brings peace to you and stick to it. And if this path is easy for you, this will take you all the way to the doors of Moksha. If you don’t find peace in this path, you can do Japa, Tapa, anything that works for you.


Devotee Question:  I don’t know how to do meditation, but I love doing Seva and enjoy it a lot. Is there any difference in the joy that one gets from doing Seva(service) and the joy one gets during Dhyan(meditation)?

Babaji’s answer:It is very nice to hear from you that you are happy doing seva and you find peace by doing it.

Why do we do dhyan? For happiness, satisfaction, bliss. It is not written anywhere that one has to only do dhyan for peace and satisfaction. All work is God’s work and man belongs to God, everyone belongs to God, so doing seva is God’s work. If you are finding happiness through service, then that is meditation for you.

What happens in dhyan? Concentrate, concentrate on one thing only, for example breath. Dhyan is done for happiness. If you are finding the same through seva, then that is wonderful.

When you do seva, you meet others, work with others and it is not necessary that you will be supported 100%, you can be criticised too. And then you will feel a loss of peace, a distress that you are doing such good work and why is this happening? While you are engaged in seva, while you are one with the work, you will find peace. But when other’s thoughts, words come, you can be distressed.

If you are seeking peace 100 percent of the time and don’t want to be affected by what other’s are saying, then dhyan helps. With regular practice of dhyan, you become like water – pure and clear – water takes the shape and colour of whatever it is poured into. What the world says makes no difference to you, the distress of the mind leaves you and you become peaceful whatever the situation and hence, spiritual in the true sense. When you experience bliss every second of your life, then know that you have the complete blessings of God.

So, the only difference is the happiness during seva stays with you until you are engaged in the seva activity. But with dhyan, the happiness that you find is forever with you – the power of forbearance that you get, gives you the ability to stay happy(Prasann) in any situation.

Sukh(Pleasure) and Dukh(distress), positive and negative are always present. The mind is a monkey mind – it will think one thing now, something else later, always wavering, it never lets one be steady. To steady the monkey mind, to make it happy, dhyan is done.


Devotee Question:  What happens to a child, a blemish free one, when he/she dies young?

Babaji’s reply: You go to a market, buy some cloth for a shirt, and after that you come home and keep it in your cupboard. You forget about it for some reason, it got mixed with other clothes or due to day to day routines, you forget about this cloth. A few years later, say 2 to 3 years later, as you are cleaning the cupboard, you come across the cloth. And you think – how did I forget about this cloth, and since you love the cloth, you get a shirt stitched out of it. And when you go to meet someone, you wear the shirt. As you bend, the shirt tears. And you wonder – this new shirt has torn, how can it tear? It is a new shirt. But you forget, the cloth is old.

In the same way, every Atma is allotted some time to perform its Karma and the time allotted is based on the Karma.  Let us take the case of a man who dies at age 60. Until 40 years of his life, he could have done a lot of good Karma and he has a remainder(residue) of a very good Karma. On the other hand, until 40 years he could have done a lot of bad Karma and in his 41st year, he realizes he has been doing bad wok and he now has only 20 years to do good Karma. In both cases, the residue of the good or bad karma has to be finished in the remaining 20 years only. And what takes 40 years cannot be done in 1 year. Let us assume the person who passed away had a residue of good Karma. But he still has a residue – it can be 2 years, 20 years, 3 years. And for this he has come back in a human form only and not by taking a birth as a cat or dog. Human Karma can be undergone only in a human form.

The body was new, the Atma was old. The shirt was newly made, but the cloth was old. The Atma took on a new life and as soon as the Karma is over, it leaves the body.

Some children die as soon as they are born, some in 2 days, some in 10 days, they don’t have any balance/residue of Karma or Nisvarth and so they go to God. The boulders that are found in river beds, have no Karma at all, be it floods or whatever, has no effect on them. This is Nisvarth.

This way, without any Karma balance and those who love God, go to God directly.


Devotee Question:  How can one feel and see God, who is invisible?

Babaji’s reply:  When this world and universe were created, God’s essence was established. Creation happened and human race followed. And from human race, Dharm(religion) came. And from Dharm came, Dharm gurus or religious Gurus. And from Dhram Gurus, came a lot of ideas about God, Dhyan and what followed were arguments and fights.

These are practical times. When we tell children something, they want to know ‘WHY’. Today’s world demands practical answers. In olden times, people followed whatever was told to them without any questions.

Jathis(castes) came Dharm/religion came, religious Gurus came teaching and whatever teaching appealed to a a person, he started following it. Some believe in Shiva, some in Jesus. The Bible says God is formless. And was say God has some form. People who say God has no form, their God also had to take a form when He came down.

The Hindu Dharm is considered the most ancient of all religions because there is proof for the existence of Hindu religion, The proof is in the form of Vedas and other religious texts of Hinduism. And based on this, we began to follow a form – like Mathaji(Durga), Shivji, different different forms.

We cannot say that God is formless. When two people argue about whether God has a form or not, a third person listening to this argument gets confused, he gets into a difficult dilemma. What is the truth? Why is it that these two people are following two different concepts? These two people follow the concepts based on their own experience. Before an experience happens, they had faith. And from faith came experience. And what the experience showed, the person started accepting it and following it.

So, who is God? First and foremost, God is our Vishwas(faith) or belief.. When there is faith, there is God.

Now the question – Where is God? And how do we see God, how do we accept God? A lot of people have put in many efforts to find God. And before finding God, one has to find himself/his true self.

How do we experience God? The entire creation – Sun, Moon, starts follow the rules of the Universe, we can forget our Pooja time, our lunch time but in creation/Nature things always happen at the right time. The Sun does not rise at 8 a.m. because it feels like it, but it rises everyday at the appointed time. These are laws of the Universe and these give glimpses/darshan of God. You are meeting me now, you meet so many people – this is the will of God.  And now you are talking to me, asking me questions – these are experiences and these experiences are glimpses of God. To see His form though, you will have to sacrifice a lot. Without sacrifice, you will not be able to see God.

First of all, look at yourself. Don’t look at the world, it is confusing. If you seek many Gurus, you will get even more confused. Everyone has their own teachings. Follow whatever is near you or with you and what is it that which is with you? Your practical life, that from morning to evening, with both good and bad experiences, shows and teaches you, begin to focus on this and you will automatically have Darshan of God.

To see His form, you will have to do a lot of things, He will ask you to sacrifice everything. When you go to God, the first question will be – you come to me and ask me for many things, but what have you sacrificed for me? Your family, your loved ones, your home – what can you ‘leave’ for me? These are not really possible. It is better to focus and do what we can rather than things that we cannot.

Follow your practical life – that is your Guru, that is your everything and it will provide answers to your questions. To truly see God, to truly know Him, the work/effort has to be put in by you only. To feel His presence, focus on each and everything in your life, like  the distress you experienced, why did it happen; and the joys in your life, why did it happen. When you start focusing on this why, you don’t need to ask others for answers but will find the answers yourself.

That God who has created everything in the Universe including the Saints and Avatars, created ‘you’ as well. But what is the difference between the saints and you? The Saints got hold of this knowledge, understood it and taught this to the world. Why are you still in  a state of confusion – because you think of all these things, but you do not direct any efforts towards this. Please try, and you will find a bliss, which is unimaginable.