August 16, 2018 – Main Discourse


Everyone is seeking  a God who does miracles, especially in these days. What we cannot really see, yet watch it happen, that is a miracle. And we are all seeking a God who will give us whatever we ask.

What is a miracle? When we think of miracles, we think of the miracles of Swami(Sathya Sai Baba), we all know about this, like the way Swami manifested statues etc, miracles that have happened till today and will continue.

Everyone has a limit to their intellectual capacity, a limit to their thinking process. Those experiences in life that are beyond what one can think or imagine, when one sees, hears, feels or experiences such  a thing,  it is a miracle. One can think until the limits of his thinking powers, what happens beyond one can never know or reach.

People come to me and ask me questions about their own self, questions like “Who am I?”, about their life , how their present and future life will unfold, why they have come to earth etc. If you were to ask me this question about who I am, the answer you will receive from me will be the right answer.

To seek ‘I’, to know ‘I’, one need not ask this question to others, to anyone else. People’s belief is such that if I were to tell – you are all God, you are all God’s forms and you are here only to do God’s work, people would accept this and stop their search for the self.  And this kind of answer can be given by anyone.

Because we want miracles, because we are in search of a miracle performing God, first of all it is important to understand who you truly are! Because without knowing oneself, without understanding one’s limits, when you set out to seek a miracle performing God, you will neither get miracles nor a miracle performing God!

First of all, it is important to understand that you yourself are a miracle. In life, the different people we encounter, meet, see, hear, all this itself is a miracle. How? Because every day, we see people, we get along with some and with some, we don’t,  we just walk away. But all those who are your enemies today, they were your friends yesterday. And those who are your friends today, will become your enemies tomorrow. This is the REAL TRUTH!

How? Why? Whatever you take – be it your relationships or spiritual path, your daily activities, it is being done without knowing what is really needed because we have made rituals one with spirituality. If you are doing rituals, please don’t make the mistake of thinking you are spiritual. These rituals, the principles you are following are used by the entire world to move ahead. You don’t know the real reason these were created.

Being spiritual is an entirely different matter.True spirituality does not have ‘show’,  a spiritual person has no need to tell/inform others about his spirituality. And he has no need to impose himself or his ideas on others. True spirituality has ‘Sarvathmakatha” or inclusiveness, a forbearance or Sahan Shakthi, this can only be understood or experienced only when one becomes truly spiritual.

I tell a lot of people to meditate, to do Dhyan and they ask me how much time they should spend on Dhyan. I ask them to do it either in the morning or in the evening, afternoons are not ideal as one is most likely to sleep.  And they tell me, they can’t do it in the morning as they have a lot of things to take care of and are tired. They need a Dhyan that has no tiredness!(Laughter follows..) Ponder this – if you can’t even sit, how can you do other things?

If you want to die, you really don’t need to do anything. But to live, you have to sacrifice your laziness or indolence. Dying is relaxation, living is Sangarsh or revolution! If a fist is closed, why is it so? Open it, let life in!

Whatever life has written on the slates of your mind, clean it first. Clean up thoughts like you have come here to do God’s work.  Such thoughts have been written by someone else, you asked someone and they wrote it for you.

Before you become a believer, it is important that you become a non-believer, because a believer and an atheist are not opposite or enemies. Atheism is a ladder or step,  a non-believer can turn a believer tomorrow.

In any argument between a believer and an atheist, the atheist will win the argument. A believer has no chance of winning at all. You become a believer because of the experiences you had. But God does not provide any proof-letter along with the experiences. When an atheist argues, he will ask – Who made this Universe? A believer will respond – God created all this. The atheist responds by asking – Who created God? A believer is forced to keep quiet, he has no answer for this. The atheists have reduced God to a topic of discussion/argument.  But God is not an argument, God is not thoughts (vichaar).

What or Who is GOD? No one can give you an answer to this question. The answer you usually receive is what the other person has known(according to his capacity). Gauthama Budha, Mahavir – who knew God, understood this from within themselves, became Avatars themselves. Their understanding/knowing does not mean you know or understand.

To know God, the first thing you need to know is understanding your true self. Follow/continue with the rules you already have and whatever you do, do this with full faith. And when the topic of God comes, stop arguing/discussing God.

God is an experiences/feeling. God is your faith. If you don’t have any faith, then how can you experience God?

Now we come to the main thing – how can I know myself? And what do I need to do to know myself? There is no need to do anything. In Vedas and Puranas, it has been said that the easiest/simplest way to reach God is through meditation or Dhyan.  If you are unable to do Dhyan, then do Japa. Those who can’t do Japa, can do Homa. Those can’t even do Homa, they can do Yoga. It is not easy to follow all these paths at the same time. Follow one of these paths, a path that appeals to you and one that you are comfortable with.

Dhyan has been made into a ‘Big’ thing, a difficult or tough thing and when people hear about Dhyan they say they can’t do it, it is a very difficult thing. You have 24 hours in a day, in these 24 hours, how many minutes do you devote to yourself? You have time for your children, family, bazaar, kitchen and other activities, but no time for yourself. In these 24 hours, just give one hour to yourself and see what happens.

To know God,  to know yourself, I am not asking you to go and sit in an Himalayan cave. Your home is  the best(Sarva Sresht), the most ideal because none of us want to go far from own family. And why should one go away? There is no necessity of leaving and going away. Why is you home the ideal place for Dhyan – because it has all the facilities you need. 23 hours you look after it, but one hour you look at yourself.

When you first start with this practice of Dhyan, i.e. seeing yourself,  the one hour is for you, at first you will not see anything. You will be bored. You will have thoughts like – there is so much work to do, what is this, why am I sitting here. Don’t be bored and stop ‘doing’. Leave the thoughts that you have to do something. Just sit there quietly.

All the people assembled here have some problem or the other, no one is completely happy. Everyone has some affliction. It is not like one person’s problem is big, the other’s is small. Because Dukh or distress is neither big nor small, big or small – the pain is very much the same.

You, me and everyone sitting here, we are not separate. There is no such thing that I(Babaji) am special. What can one do to bring about this experience of Oneness? I am now going to teach you a simple path or marg by which you can be happy.

You think if not today, then tomorrow or sometime in future, you will be happy. As the time keeps passing by, that future date never seems to arrive. You like living in the future more than in the present; for the dreams of future/tomorrow seem to give more pleasure. You enjoy thinking of the future rather than living in the present, because the ‘Present’ has many difficulties, some tension or the other. That is why I am telling this LIFE TRUTH – start setting aside sometime for yourself, for dhyan from now, at least 10 minutes in the beginning and then gradually increase the time.

I speak about Truth in the method or way it should be spoken. And how do I know that the things I am telling you are verily the truth? Because I have proof for this. No one comes on this Sathya Marg by mistake or by force/coercion. So, if you want to tread on this ‘True path’ or ‘Sathya Marg’, start by giving at least 10 minutes of the day to yourself,  then gradually increase to 15 minutes, 20 minutes and so on. Whatever time you keep aside for yourself, it should be only for you, not for anyone else because only you are there for yourself. Your family, spouse etc – these are all responsibilities given to you by God.

Doing Dhyan is also not such an easy task; when you sit down, after a while the knees start aching etc. Find a place to sit where you feel comfortable, at ease and at peace, a place you like and for 10 minutes, do nothing. For 10 minutes, there is nothing for you to do at all, just sit down.

In meditation, one is usually told to focus here, focus there etc . But I(Babaji) am saying “Do nothing”! Do this practice every day, sit down,  do nothing. Your body, atma, intellect have to develop the steadiness and become still. If you sit down and your mind wanders all over the place, then you are not still. And when you initially sit down for the practice, too many thoughts may come and you may not want to continue with the practice.

Why are so many thoughts coming when you sit down in Dhyan? Whatever you have previously seen, heard, thoughts, people you have met, whatever you did – all these get stored. And the minute you sit quietly and close your eyes, all these start replaying.

When I just mention your home, in your mind you have already reached there, and you can see all the things there – the kitchen, your belongings etc. But if I were to mention Kailash Parbat, all your thoughts stop. Your mind does not wander to Kailash mountain. Why? Until the things are stored in the memory card of the mind, you cannot think of these. And when you delete something from the memory card, you can no longer think about it, it becomes empty.

Why did all the great saints, yogis who have come until now, choose to go to the solitary abodes of the Himalayas? What did they do there? There is no one to see, no one to talk to and no work at all. As a child, someone goes to the Himalayas and spent time there, and becomes a Yogi. Who is guiding this person? No one, he has no Guru to guide him. He does nothing, just sits there and gradually after a day, 2 days, few days, what happens to this person? When his brain/intellect becomes steady or still, his eyes close automatically.

So, don’t get confused. All you have to do is -take 15 minutes for yourself and just sit, if you like a particular God’s picture or watching the rain or water, just keep looking at it, don’t think about anything, just keep looking. After 10-15 days, you will definitely have some experience.

Spirituality should not cause confusion, it should be simple/easy. There is no other easier/simpler path other than spirituality. There is no ‘you’ and ‘me’ in spirituality, everyone, everything is me. There will be no difference between you and others, the  ‘I’ is no longer separate from others. No one is alien, there are no enemies. Whatever is there is mine, all of you are mine. And when you and I are one, why will I fight with myself?