Aug 16, 2018 – Devotee Q&A

Devotee Question: During prayers, bhajans, the mind finds ekagratha(Oneness with God), Shanthi(peace), a happiness, how do we carry this over to other times? At other times, we don’t find this, why?

Babaji’s answer: Swami(Sathya Sai Baba) has given an easy 5 fold path – Sathya, Dharma, Prema, Shanthi, Ahimsa. It is not necessary that you follow all these 5 paths at the same time. Sometimes, you  do speak the untruth – like when someone calls on the phone and you may say tell them I am not here. Whatever is easier in this 5 fold path – Sathya, Dharma, Prema, Shanthi, Ahimsa, you follow one of these ardently. If it is easier for you to talk with love, work with love and be loving with others, then chose that. If it is easier for you to speak the truth, stick to this. When you follow one of these, the other four will come automatically. Continue Reading

August 16, 2018 – Main Discourse


Everyone is seeking  a God who does miracles, especially in these days. What we cannot really see, yet watch it happen, that is a miracle. And we are all seeking a God who will give us whatever we ask.

What is a miracle? When we think of miracles, we think of the miracles of Swami(Sathya Sai Baba), we all know about this, like the way Swami manifested statues etc, miracles that have happened till today and will continue.

Everyone has a limit to their intellectual capacity, a limit to their thinking process. Those experiences in life that are beyond what one can think or imagine, when one sees, hears, feels or experiences such  a thing,  it is a miracle. One can think until the limits of his thinking powers, what happens beyond one can never know or reach. Continue Reading

June 15, 2018 – Main Discourse

There are some things which are better left unknown, for knowledge of this will make you unable to do work of any kind, e.g, if you were to know you are going to die in a couple of days, this knowledge can come in the way of the daily living.

What is God or who is God? God is a positive energy, God is a Vishwas or belief. And positive energy can never be negative. You go to a God’s temple and come back happy. However sad or despondent your mind was before you entered the temple, when you are in God’s temple, you find a Shanth or peace. God(temple) has so much positive energy that when you go there, even with all your sadness, gloom, you become Shanth or peaceful. Similarly, if God says it will be done, it will be done, move on..

God is only one, His energies are the same everywhere, but the way He executes things are different in different places because God comes down only for the welfare of the society(Lok Kalyan). When the work has to be done – be it schools, hospitals, lots of other good work, God gives people opportunity to do Seva in all these. But along with the work to be done in society(Seva), understanding oneself, knowing oneself is also very important. Continue Reading

June15, 2018 – Devotee Q&A session

The following are the translations of the devotee Q&A session that followed Babaji’s divine discourse on 15 June 2018.

Question from devotee on Prayers:
When we are in a difficult situation, we feel the support of an invisible force, helping us, guiding us.  And sometimes even after doing sincere prayers, and asking many times wishes are not fulfilled. Sometimes it feels, God is with us, knows everything about us, so should we request Him to fulfill our wishes? Should we pray? Or should we just keep quiet, not ask and go with the flow?

Babaji’s answer: The first thing is God knows everything. The other thing is what is your role in all this? Karm or work. You have to do your work(karm), you have to do your prayers. God has two accounts – there are times when you think of something and He grants it to you right away. At other times, it feels like God does not listen to you. This happens to everyone. Continue Reading

April 14, 2018 – Discourse on Prema Sai

Many people ask about Prema Sai, some say Prema Sai is coming, some say he has already come. He is here, he is there.

Swami (Sathya Sai Baba) said He will leave His physical body when he turns 96 years old. But Swami shed His physical body at the age of 86. Bhagawan’s intention(sankalp) can neither be known in advance nor can be changed.  People will keep speculating ‘That Prema Sai Baba has already come or he is already born’, this is not the truth. Bhagawan did not reveal his intention of when He would leave his physical body, He used Maya to conceal his intentions. In the same way, Bhagawan can do anything in any way to test devotees. Let us say If Swami had mentioned a date for Prema Sai’s birth, and two children were born at the same time that day, identical looking, who of you present here can say, which of these children is Prema Sai? Continue Reading

April 14, 2018 – Main Discourse

How does one become a Yogi? The Yogis – their birth happened just like everyone else, they are born in the exact same way as all other organisms. But to understand Who am I, to understand this, what does the Yogi do? He sacrifices. What does he sacrifice?  ‘All this is mine’ – he sacrifices this and says nothing is mine. Until you think, ‘everything is mine’, until then you will not be able to truly understand your true self. ‘Mera/Mine’ means greed. This is mine – is greed but when you reach the stage where you say ‘Everyone is mine’, that is Love, that is beyond Ego. You understand nothing is beyond you or  different from you. Without this understanding, when you say this is mine, that is mine, that is your greed. You are trapped in those things. Continue Reading

14 April, 2018 – Discourse on Trust

How does one develop Trust or Faith in a Guru or God? 

First of all, what is Faith? (Faith or Belief or Trust)  Imagine two people having a conversation about Swami, you and someone else. You both know about Swami, you are talking about Swami. A third person, who does not know anything about Swami, he is listening to this conversation. You are saying – I went to Bhagawan’s door(seeking Bhagawan) and my prayers were fulfilled by Bhagawan and my faith has bonded with Him (jud gaya)..So what happens, the third person who is listening to this, he thinks ok, I will also go visit this Baba, he develops some faith based on hearing this conversation. After a while, say next day or the next week – he hears two people criticizing Bhagawan, they are saying this Baba is fake, there is no Love etc. And he thinks – I am glad I did not visit this Baba and I have been saved from this Baba. Continue Reading

April 14, 2018 – Discourse on bad things happening

Question by a devotee – regarding the tragic death of many children when a bus fell into a gorge in Nurpur, Himachal Pradesh, how can such incidents be prevented in future?

Babaji’s answer: Niyati or Fate cannot be changed. The first question is – was this the age for the children to die? The children were too young to die, they were small children. We feel when ‘man’ takes birth, the time of death is always when the person becomes old. I will give you an example, you go to a market, buy some cloth for a shirt, and after that you come home and keep it in your almirah. You forget about it for some reason, it got mixed with other clothes or due to day to day routines, you forget about this cloth. A few years later, say 2 to 3 years later, as you are cleaning the almirah, you come across the cloth. And you think – how did I forget about this cloth, and since you love the cloth, you get a shirt stitched out of it. And when you go to meet someone, you wear the shirt. As you bend, the shirt tears. And you wonder – this new shirt has torn, how can it tear? It is a new shirt. But you forget, the cloth is old. Continue Reading

April 14, 2018 – Discourse on Meditation

What is meditation? Tell me, what is meditation. There is no need to close your eyes and then sit. In other words, closing the eyes and sitting down is not necessarily meditation. When you think about God all the time, talk about God, some people keep talking about God all the time. Talking about God is also a kind of meditation. But how is it possible to think about God all the time? And you talk about God, speak about Him and let’s say when you talk about God or your experiences of God, it is not necessary that others believe what you say. And when someone does not believe in what you say or says something bad, how do you deal with this situation? Continue Reading