Experience shared by a devotee from Australia

Om Sri Sairam. A Humble offering to our beloved master – “The Master we have never seen before”.

Our connection with Babaji at Kangra happened through a friend, a friend with whom we were not even in touch with for more than 9 years. We traveled with no expectations but with a few jitters which I left with the Lord to take care. The humble Babaji and family, elegant altar of Swami, heart warming bhajans, most beautiful Maa and Aarthi set us up feeling so comfortable. It was astounding to feel part of a family on the very first day and little did I expect for my little one to really feel this Love so instantaneously.

Our Day 2 was the last day of Navarathri. Post morning Pooja and bhajans, I was asked if I had any questions and honestly was blank but for one thing that was lingering on my mind. We’ve been with the Chinmaya mission for a little more than 4 years now and enjoy every bit of our learning there but always wondered why Swami had not chosen for us to be with the Saigroup. Babaji lovingly said “brush aside any thoughts around this” and still keeps re-iterating to me from time to time that “All are one“.

The evening was filled with bhajans and Aarthi, post which everyone took Babaji’s blessings. I also had an opportunity to see a devotee being cured from vitiligo too. I was called by Babaji to be seated next to him and to my utter surprise, was blessed with a Japa Maala and a mantra for japa.. After a bit, I was asked if I do Pooja every day and I was hesitant since I have been questioning myself on why I’ve lost the discipline of doing my daily prayers. I lovingly yet get blessed with a Shiva Lingam and the Lord makes it so easy for me by saying even if you are not able to do abhishekam all days, try to perform atleast 2 days. What could I say of this compassionate Lord and his friendly way of teaching his children the importance of sadhana. Our gratefulness for yet another memorable day!

Day 3 was not the best of days since we were slated to leave. I was craving to hear my last bhajan before I left but we had no bhajans the morning unfortunately. I quickly overcame it with being able to spend time with Babaji and family. It was getting closer to our departure time and Babaji said to me come back tomorrow and leave to Chennai from here. I least thought I would be able to do this as I surely did want to spend time at Swami Chinmayananda’s Maha samadhi and head off from there.

Before leaving, Babaji showed us the beautiful lingams in all different patterns and colours manifested at the Mandir. How beautiful they were and each of them were certainly one of a kind ! I thought to myself cheapishly wow, wish I had one of them even after being blessed with a beautiful Lingam. Such a shame!

Just as we were set to leave, Babaji to my surprise described the setting of our house at Melbourne and pointed out about a Lakshmi mukha at our house in Melbourne being placed at a place away from the altar. We were guided with where we should be placing Maa Lakshmi along with invoking Maa Lakshmi every Friday. Everything was told as if he were beside us constantly which reminded me of Swami watching his beloved children all the time! We finally left but with memories to cherish all our life.

Day 4 began with beautiful views at the MahaSamadhi of Swami Chinmayananda. Babaji arrived mid day and we went to the Maha Samadhi, after which was asked if bags were packed to leave. I was ready to get back to Kangra since we had 3 fulfilling dharshans at the maha samadhi, more than the two I wished for and also with the compassionate Lord himself. We were at lunch and was trying to finish up the over-salted food on my daughters plate, Babaji just mentioned to me “Leave it, its my Karma”.. By now I had so many timely reminders of what True Love is apart from feeling the Grace of Babaji. We returned to Babaji’s home and I cannot express the delight of being there on a Thursday, being very special day to me. It was made even more special with a beautiful bhajan “Humare Gurudev” sung by Babaji and me being asked to perform the Aarathi for Swami.

At dinner, Babaji mentioned to me “The Lingam that was given to you is the same Lingam you saw at Swami Chinmayananda’s Maha Samadhi”. My heart dropped in shame over my desire and this is yet another reminder that detachment is the key to realising the purpose of my Life.

Day 5, time to depart but yet another beautiful morning before we could leave. We had the opportunity to see Babaji clean the altar, put rangoli and set everything up for the Pooja with so much Devotion – The Lord himself has so much LOVE for the divine. Babaji sang bhajans, played the mridangam and the harmonium simultaneously. I urged for one more bhajan session when I was to leave to Sidhbari, however I was gifted with more than what I wanted, how else can the Lord offer his LOVE to his children?

I continue to bask in the Lords Love and soak in the affection from the beautiful family. This is such a precious gift that I would always treasure for life and wish for many more to have such experiences.

From the time we landed to our return, it was just an experience of PURE LOVE that we’ve never experienced before, not even with our own families. It’s for these reasons I say “The Master is one of a kind we’ve never seen before”.

At His feet,
Prem and Pranams