My Father’s experience with Shivananda Swami

My Father’s experience with Shivananda Swami – 15 Dec 2017 – Sandhya Mehta

Sairam!  There can not be a better day than this to share this experience. It is my father’s birthday today (Mr. Gopal Mehta).

One of the very popular incidence or say miracle by Shri Satya Sai Baba is imparting life as a blessing to someone. This, has happened here in Kangra too on 5th of March 2016 by Shri Shivananda Swami.

Around 3rd or 4th of March there was a big occasion of Shiv-Parvati Kalyanam held at Kangra where people from across the nation came to attend. The occasion was of 3 days as a whole.

All these days my father was not well. On the next day of Shiv-Parvati Kalyanam his condition was worsening every hour which we could not understand as he has a huge tolerance level and he didn’t tell us much about what was happening to him.

That night at around 4 in the morning Vishal bhaiya (Shree Shivananda Swami’s elder brother)  was awakened by someone fiercely. He suddenly got up in a panic and  told it to his mother sleeping besides him. They both went to Papa and asked about how he was doing. On that my mother said he is not well. Aunty straight away awakened Shree Shrivananda Swami and told him that Mehta uncle is not well. At the spur of time he got up, along with him every body in the house was up. My father was not fully conscious at this time and his full body had got stiff. Every one there somehow held him and brought downstairs till the car, where Vipul and Baba (Mr. Shripad Kalyani) were waiting. They rushed him to the hospital.

At first doctor could seldom understand the case. Being his daughter I don’t have the courage to write the following words.

At first when doctors checked they refused to take him in stating that they are no chances by examining pulse and ECG but on persistent request from my mother they called up another senior Doctor( Dr. Sumegh Sharma) who took him in just to console my mother.

After taking him in Dr informed that he might not go beyond 6 hrs and the family needs to be informed and called. They diagnosed him with a low sodium level. His sodium level was 104 mEq/L, normal range being 135-145 mEq/L. Medically no human can SURVIVE at this sodium level (you can even Google this fact).

After the doctors started the treatment Titu bhaiya (Shri Shivananda Swami) were leaving from the hospital. My mother fell in his feet to touch them in order to get an akhand saubhagyawati blessing (a blessing for the long life of the husband). To her astonishment he refused to bless her and walked away saying “na, abhi nahi” (no, not now).

We didn’t know what was happening. Doctor had said 36 hours were very critical for him. Swami had gone home.

Shri Shivananda Swami returned to the hospital at around 3 in the noon. And, then he allowed her to touch his feet. All this time he was in the Mandir at their home. Rest everybody in the house were gathered outside the Mandir praying continuously for his life. Swami had told everybody to chant the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. It was indeed a tense situation for one and all.

I wish God be with everyone and be generous and merciful like He has been with our family.  Sri Shivananda is no less than God for me.

My father stayed in Kangra hospital for next 8 days. Inspite of his busy schedule, Each day Sri Shivananda called us in morning and in evening or he would visit us to enquire how my father was doing and what’s the progress of sodium level in his body.

Doctors finally said he is responding good to the sodium injections and can now hope for a speedy recovery.

We never felt we were not in our hometown. Entire family at Kangra supported us and took care of all our needs.

When I used to converse with Dr who was treating him, he was a senior Dr, Would always say he has never seen a case like this in his entire life, anything below 120 of sodium is dangerous and critical and have low chances of survival and below 110 people would go in coma but it was strange for him to find my father to have recovered completely even after 104 of sodium count. He used to tell me it was God who saved him he was just performing his duty.

He kept stating, it was miracle he had seen.  After 2-3 days when my father regained his full consciousness he shared his experience. He said, he saw a huge sized Swami’s face smiling at him wherein he wass blessing him with his both hands open and then he disappeared in a very bright flash of light.

So, what was it?  A medical condition which is not possible, at the same time Swami not blessing my mother. And after a while,  everything gets smooth. Are any more words needed to state this extremely big miracle. Isn’t Shree Shivananda Swami a God himself?

I thank him so much for because of him we are celebrating this day today. My sincere thanks to Auntyji (Swami’s mother), Uncle ji (Swami’s father), Vishal and Rishu Bhaiya, Baba Mr. Shripad Kalyani), Aayi (Mrs. Alka Kalyani), Anushankar Didi, Sathyam Uncle and Ranjani Akka, Vishnupriya Didi, Vipul, and everyone whose prayers were there at that time.

Everyone prayed so hard that the God had granted my father second Life.

I am thankful to be with Sri Shivananda and this wonderful Sai family.