Guru sermon- Mahamrtyumjaya mantra

Experience sharing as received from a devotee from Zurich, Switzerland:

On this Gurupurnimaa day 27th July, I wished to come early from office and attend the bhajans at  our local Sai Center. I was chanting all the way on my return to home the mantra given by Babaji – the Mahamrutyamjaya mantram. Soon after I got into the elevator in my apartment, the elevator got stuck and the doors gave up opening, in fact this was first time in my life I got stuck inside a lift. I tried all tricks including the elevator alarm and screaming so that someone could hear me and call the servicing personnel. Nothing helped and as expected, I started to chant the Mahamrutyam Jaya Mantram and messaged Babaji. Soon after I messaged Babaji, I could get some instant relief the door gave a little gap enabling my voice to reach the apartment inmates. I had just that level of battery in my mobile to call my friend who immediately sent an email to Servicing Co. Normally unlike in India, people seldom come out of the apartment nor bother to attend to others, hence one can imagine the state of affairs being stuck inside the elevator with heavy heart beats and profuse sweating. All along I was praying to Babaji to somehow send someone and get the elevator repaired and let me out. Suddenly I heard some noise, the elevator dropped to the ground floor on its own and within 20 minutes a technician came and even spoke to me in English (seldom people speak in English in this country) and he managed to push the door and I jumped out of the elevator safely. Had I not continuously chanted the Mahamrutyam Jaya Mantram as directed by Babaji, it was sure I would have choked with the fear unable to open the iron doors of the elevator.

Ofcourse I learnt being Gurupurninmaa day the Guru and savior Babaji was always beside me to protect and lead me to safety.

Pranams to Pujya Guruji, thank you Babaji!!