Gurupurnima In Kangra 2011

The following message was given By Bhagawan Baba On Gurupurnima day in Kangra 2011:

Embodiments of love, may you be happy and blissful. Lead your life on new course. Select a new way of life today onwards. Consider that whatever happened yesterday, that time has passed when one was malignant towards another. The time has passed when you hurt someone in your oblivion. Shun those memories from your mind. Today is a day of joy. Jagatguru (The Master of the universe) is waiting in a magnificent ketch in this devout sea. Come with Me. I will make you cross this ocean (the ‘Bhavasagara’).

Why are you still attached to what is left behind? It was never yours. This means that you are here to attain bliss therefore you must truly seek it. Whatever mistakes you have made, whether intentionally or obliviously, forget them. I will not punish you. Tell yourself, “God, today onwards You are ours, we are Yours.” I am waiting to listen to these words. May you be happy. Bliss is the essence, the gist, the summary of your life. Happiness is the realism of life. Believing that whatever you do is assigned to you by God is a cause of celebration. Embodiments of love, who is guru (master/ teacher)? What is guru? Why there is a guru? Who is guru? Who is Jagatguru? Who is not a guru? Guru is a creation of God. An exotic creation! Guru acquires knowledge from his guru who in turn learns from his next guru.

Tell Me, from where does the knowledge in a guru originate? There must be an end to this chain. There must be a guru who must have been a disciple of Jagatguru Himself and must have acquired knowledge from Him. A guru amasses knowledge from Jagatguru and a guru learns from a guru. You also become a guru after learning from a guru. Then tell Me, if you learn from Jagatguru, is it possible to become Jagatguru? Yes, this is possible. When Jagatguru arrives on this earth, He arrives in a grand ship in which He can carry the world to cross the devout ocean. But a guru’s boat crosses the devout ocean all by itself. This is the difference between guru and Jagatguru. Guru leads you to the Jagatguru and becomes a guru. One cannot become a guru if they cannot realise the essence of a guru. The one who discourtesies a guru, can never hold the dignity of a guru. Guru is one of My forms. It is Me, who gives you all the knowledge, through your guru. This is My way of teaching.

Today this world is full of gurus but the one who criticises knowledge is not a guru. You must beware of those disguised as guru. The abode of a guru is the place where you can attain peace.

I opened the doors of knowledge not only to My devotees but for the whole world as long as I was here in My human form. People think that Swami has renounced His body, now from where can we get his exhortations? But remove all such suspicions from your mind. It is your job to recognise Me wherever and whatever I speak. That means you will read one of My exhortations, disregard its true meaning, praise it and store it. By the time when after a few days, you read it again all of a sudden, there will be some things in your life which may have happened and then you will vociferate,” Oh! Whatever Swami had said has already happened in my life.” You will attain peace after going through My messages for a second time and when you go through the same message for the third time, you will unravel yet another meaning. This implies that no matter how many times you read My exhortations, you will find a new meaning every time. Therefore everything is clear.

Where have I gone? I am here only, capable of deriving millions of denotations from a single alphabet. In today’s context, the one who believes in My pageants, will continue to derive bliss from Swami’s exhortations. I will continue to answer My each and every devotee’s questions. But for all those who think that all these pageants are fallacious, Swami has a reserve for them too. This means that the countless experiences, countless discourses, the river of knowledge . . . keep bathing in it and crud will keep eroding. You will continue to receive new knowledge.

Today, how much time has a person left to spare? I have provided you with enough discourses to last for a lifetime. Swami has got abyssal ocean. This means that God, the Jagatguru is the river of knowledge and guru is the stream of knowledge. This is the mere difference. But it is also true that guru is My form. Regard your guru with complete veneration. He will put an end to your purgatories. Only he will make your boat cross the ocean of life. After all, you will have to learn to travel in a boat before travelling in a ship. Listen children, it is a cause of delight that nobody forgot to contemplate Swami’s Samadhi (tomb).

Tell Me, how are you feeling now? It is a great thing to descry, that: At one side I am enwrapped in Samadhi, And at another side I am absorbed in pageants. For the world, Sathya Sai has become a Samadhi, But Sathya Sai has diffused in this world in abundance. There exist only three truths, Those who will keep veneration, trust and devotion, Only they will intensely feel My presence.

Ah! I feel blissful and happy. Swami has arrived in Puttaparthi to bestow you with a ‘darshan’. Sing of joy, celebrate. I say its Swami who has arrived. How does it create a difference whether you a see a Samadhi or get an interview? It makes no significant difference. The only difference is that Samadhi is confined only to the mind. What people say is true. Baba, Swami, Jagatguru. Only these three eponyms for Me . . .

See what have I become. When did people ever make any effort to keep Me intact in My body in this world? Children, this is the rule of the world to which I have adhered and that is to renounce this world. This is the sole truth. You are also racing from life to death. But you don’t want to acquiesce this palpability?

“Kamal nayan prabhu kamalaapate”(O Lord Vishnu! With eyes as beautiful as a lotus). This is God. I only desire of love. You too must desire of love. I consume only love. You too must consume only love. I speak only of love. You too must speak only of love. There is no adversary of yours in this world. You are your own foe. You criticise yourself rather than others.

Tell Me, that by criticising others, can you lacerate them? No. Your wrongdoings will make you debauched. Baseness will make you heinous. You will burn in your own anger. Your criticisms will be directed to you. This signifies, that who has ever criticised Me? Everyone is criticising themselves. There is a very facile actuality that God is within you, the negative is within you, the positive is within you, karma is your own. Whenever you do a wrong thing, it irreversibly corrodes you. You cannot attain bliss by criticising anyone. Deriving joy out of someone’s tears in inhumane. Meaning, such people forget their originality.

Criticising God is as same as criticising the God, the soul which are within you. And if self-esteem is penetrated, what else will remain in this world? This is why criticism never affects Me. When karma is your own, how can the consequence be someone else’s? Only fools waste their time in criticism.

Listen children, today is a blissful day. This rare moment had not made its presence in your life until now. Along with Swami and Guru, you have also received Mother’s (Goddess) love. You never know but She yearns for a reunion. Her arrival like this is quite acceptable. There is no equivalent or alternative to Mother’s love. Mother’s love is inimitable and wonderful. This love is even more intense than a guru’s love.

May you be happy, I wish you a Happy Guru Parv (festival)! I congratulate you for Samadhi, and Swami’s love. I am alive in your heart. Did you have enough room to imagine even this much? Arrival of Mother may signify good fortune for some, for others, it may just be an act of fraudulence. It really is insignificant to know what the others think. But what is important is, your love for God. I am happy. You will enjoy the same kind of bliss forever. Once again, congratulations on this Guru Parv, this Sai Parv.

With love, Baba