June 15, 2018 – Main Discourse

There are some things which are better left unknown, for knowledge of this will make you unable to do work of any kind, e.g, if you were to know you are going to die in a couple of days, this knowledge can come in the way of the daily living.

What is God or who is God? God is a positive energy, God is a Vishwas or belief. And positive energy can never be negative. You go to a God’s temple and come back happy. However sad or despondent your mind was before you entered the temple, when you are in God’s temple, you find a Shanth or peace. God(temple) has so much positive energy that when you go there, even with all your sadness, gloom, you become Shanth or peaceful. Similarly, if God says it will be done, it will be done, move on..

God is only one, His energies are the same everywhere, but the way He executes things are different in different places because God comes down only for the welfare of the society(Lok Kalyan). When the work has to be done – be it schools, hospitals, lots of other good work, God gives people opportunity to do Seva in all these. But along with the work to be done in society(Seva), understanding oneself, knowing oneself is also very important.

There is a question now, when work belongs to God, when everything belongs to God, then what is mine? I never wanted to do anything bad, yet I do bad things sometimes. I don’t want to think bad, yet it happens sometimes. There are some people who search answers to these questions. And they ask these questions to Gurus. The answers of the Gurus depends on how far the Guru has come along in the path, some say there is a ‘Paap atma’ or ‘Bhoot Atma'(A Sin Atma, as opposed to a Paramatma), that forces you to do the bad, makes you fall morally.

If Sri Krishna had given a similar answer to Arjuna, what would Arjuna have done? Arjuna would have said “what is the use of this Paramatma, when there is another who is making me do bad things and is so big, why believe in Paramatma? This person bigger than the Paramatma, the one who can make me fall, make me do bad things, is bigger than Paramatma, so it is better that I follow Him.”

But Sri Krishna was a very intelligent being, He is God. So Krishna replied – “Why should I hit you or beat you? Beating you is a sin, how can I commit the sin? This world is run by 3 Shakthis, the human body is made of 3 gunas – Sato guna, Rajo guna and Tamo guna. Tamo guna creates Avarod or resistance(intertia). Rajo guna gives speed or impetus. And Sato guna is the one that balances. There is no external force that is making you do bad things, everything is but a interplay of these gunas“.

These were postulated at a time before modern Science as we know today existed. And today, modern Science has in its relentless search discovered that atoms are made of 3 elements too – the protons, neutrons and electrons.

When you say “I got angry, I committed a bad action, how did this happen? There is no ‘Bhoot Atma or Paap Atma”, there is nothing external that is making you commit these sinful acts, it is completely and solely you. How? The Tamo guna brings you down(resistance or inertia), the Rajo guna (its opposite) gives you impetus. You think of something in your brain, the impetus to do this is given by the Rajo guna. The bad things in your mind like anger – who is making you do this? There is an internal power in our body that is given by God and if you let anger dominate your thinking, even if you do a lot of good work, you will still go to hell. Instead you can make love the dominating force of your life.

Some people say I feel a lot of anger and how can I overcome this? They approach Gurus for ways to overcome anger. Let’s say it is a very hot day. It is the nature of Sun to give heat. If you pray to God saying the Sun is very hot today, can/will He change it to Moon? Instead, if you find a place of shade to stand, you have changed the situation. Similarly, you will need to change the situation of your life.

If you were to leave everything to God, then what are you? Why have you been sent to this world? What is your work? When you moved to the shade, the situation changed automatically, did God do this? The minute you changed, created resistance(Avarodh), you found shade and cool and became peaceful. You dealt with the situation and found peace.

So, when you feel angry what should you do? If you can become peaceful in your mind by quietly listening to music or chanting something, your chit will become peaceful. If you are feeling anger or if you are creating situations or karma in you, how is God to blame in these situations, especially when you don’t want to change your situation or will not do anything to change your situation.

People say I don’t believe in God, what is the proof for the existence of God? The proof is right in front of you. I ask you – What is the proof for your own existence or being? There is an ongoing fight between believers of God and atheists. The atheists have turned God into an argument. Believers are not doing the right thing by getting into arguments about God. It is a sign of weakness when you go around showing proof for the existence of God – God has created this Universe, this rivers. All arguments about the existence of God can easily be refuted or disproved. And in any argument between a believer and an atheist, the atheist is sure to win, for they have turned God into an argument. This Universe has been created by God, says the believer. And the atheist responds if the Universe has been created by God, then who created God? There is no end to arguments. And God is not ‘your’ argument. What do you understand of God, not much. All the arguments have no power. You have only faith and love and the atheists all the answers/arguments.

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda had many discussions regarding this. Swami Vivekananda asked Ramakrishna for proof of existence of God. “Do you really want to see God?” asked Ramakrishna. Swami Vivekananda had already asked this question to many other pundits/learned people before. Who is God? What is the proof for the existence of God? And now he asked the same questions to Ramakrishna. And when Ramakrishna replied “Do you really want to see God?”, Swami Vivekananda wondered “What is this? Is God sitting in the next room that he can open the room and show me?”. He felt oddly afraid. And he replied “I will think about this and come back”. Ramakrishna said “What kind of problem are you creating? You say I will think and come. But before you pose a question, shouldn’t you have thought a bit more about it (rather than now after asking it)?”. Swami Vivekananda felt a bit afraid. “I will show God to you today itself. You asked me about the existence of God and I am ready to show you the proof. Are you ready? If you are afraid, why did you ask?”, said Ramakrishna. Swami Vivekananda was not afraid of anyone, except one person and that was Ramakrishna. Ramakrishna said “To know God, proof of God – this is a very big question that you have asked. To understand God, the path you have to tread on is very very very tough. It is a very arduous path where you will receive a lot of blows(beatings), a very tough path. And if you want to know God, you will need to nullify yourself completely. Without this negation, no one has ever attained God. When you start to nullify here, simultaneously you begin to see God there.”

So while you are alive, you will see God. When you live in so much luxury, how will you see God, where will you see Him, how can you comprehend Him? It will not happen. So, stop thinking about this, give up the adamancy to see God. It is like saying – I want to close my eyes completely, yet see light! How can God do all this for you? Don’t do such ( Hindi Had word), such tricks with God, where you want to close your eyes and also see light. These situations – don’t play these jokes on yourself. You can open your external eyes but how do you open the eyes of the mind? You can’t compel it to open! Compulsion or force does not work with the internal eye.

I have written a few verses that I would like to share with you:

निकल के जन्नत से आए थे हम, वहां कोई हमसफ़र नहीं था।
चले हैं तेरी दुनिया से हे रब, यहां कोई हम नवा नहीं है।

यह सिलसिला मौत और जिंदगी का तो है ईश्वर,
ना कोई आया यहां कहीं से, यहां से कोई गया नहीं है ।

तन्हा से दरमियाँ मैं भटकता कहां फिरूंगा मेरे मसीहा ,
तेरी नजर के सिवा मेरे दर्द-ए-दिल की कोई दवा नहीं है।

तुम ही कहो मैं तुम्हारे द्वार से कहां चला जाऊं उठकर आखिर,
सिवा तुम्हारे मेरे जीवन में कोई आसरा भी तो नहीं है।

जब तू है तो मैं नहीं हूं पैदा,जब मैं हूं तो तू नहीं है जाहिर,
यहां तो बस बात एक ही है, यहां कोई दूसरा नहीं है।

खुदा के बंदे खुदा को पाते हैं,अपने हस्ती को खुद मिटा के,
खुद की तकनील करके देख लो,जो कह रहे हैं खुदा नहीं है।

एक ही रास्ता है उसे पाने और जानने का,
वह है खुद को मिटा देना।

तुम पूछते हो परमात्मा कहां है,
मैं कहता हूं परमात्मा कहा नहीं है?

तुम पूछते हो परमात्मा का प्रमाण क्या है,
मैं पूछता हूं तुम्हारा प्रमाण क्या है, कि तुम हो।।

English translation:
Out of Heaven have I emerged, for there was no companion(fellow-traveler) there.
Traversing your world now, O God, there is no like-minded friend here.

This chain is of death and birth, O God
Neither has anyone come here from anywhere, nor have they ever gone from here.

In the midst of this solitude, where will I stray in my wanderings, my Angel(God’s messenger)
Your glance is but the only balm to pain in my heart.

You tell me, where should I go when I leave your door
For there is no other sanctuary other than you in my life.

Without you, how will I be born and when ‘I’ come into existence, you are not evident.
Here there is only one, another does not exist.

God’s children attain God, by erasing their own existence
Search within yourself and discover the truth, O non-believers!

There is only one way to know and reach Him.
And that is to negate the ‘I’.

You ask Where is Paramathma?
And I answer ‘Where isn’t Paramathma’?
You ask ‘What is the proof of Pamathama’?
And I answer ‘What is the proof that Your being? (Your existence)

Those who have known themselves, those who have tried to understand their true self, when they looked inside of themselves, when they had a peek at their inner self, they found nothing there. What did they see inside – they saw emptiness or nothing. They understood there is nothing inside. Then why do people say – We have learnt something, we have got something, we have lost something? When I ask you to go on the quest of ‘I’, you will falter, you will wander here and there, and then you will lose yourself, in your search for ‘I’. But what will you attain? Something that has no ‘asthitva’ or existence. The ‘I’ has no astithava or existence and those who have truly understood ‘I’, have no arguments about God. God is beyond all arguments (Thark-heen). There is no argument about the existence of God. They realize – I will not hold any thoughts of God that will make me falter, for God is ‘Svasth’ or Tranquil.

To understand God, you need to know yourself, make yourself a zero(‘I’ becomes non-existent). You stand near God or approach God to know more about Him. And you say ‘I want to see God’. To see God, the journey starts with you. When you look into yourself, there will be nothing left of God, because you yourself are God’.

People are having quarrels these days. What are people doing? Everyone in this world is working towards one thing or another. They want to make this or that happen, for more money, a bigger job, vehicle, bungalow. I will establish myself, I will be the President of my country or the Prime Minister, I will become established. But that ‘I’ which has no existence, how will you ‘establish’ it?

So when you start the quest for ‘I’, you will know God and become God. So what happened to I, where is ‘I’, what is ‘I’? Who are ‘you’ all? You, yourself, each of you are God! I am this, I am that, I have done this, I have done that, understand ‘you’ have done nothing.

To understand God, live Him, experience Him, then He will himself come close to you. If you have chosen the path of anger, understand that the door to hell has already opened up for you. If you have embraced the path of love, your path is to Heaven(Swarg). And for those who have balanced both by means of their Sattva, their path is to Moksha.

Don’t be misled by the play of the three gunas – Sattva, Rajas and Tamas in your body as the play of God, but look at Science for answers. Science provides a lot of answers to the way you live, the work you do, whether it is right. Eg. How are you are held to Earth? Science tells us it is gravity. What is it within you that makes you move – What is that atom or element in you that provides you with impetus?

So there are these 3 things in your body and you understand about this, yet you say Paramatma, why has this happened to me, who is making me do this? Someone/something has attached itself to me and is making me doing these things. No, you are by yourself pushing yourself. All the bad things that you create within yourself, that originate from you, they are only from you, you are solely responsible for this. Don’t blame God, a God you have never seen.

You are yourself God. You are asking proof of God and I am asking you, What is your proof of ‘You’ (yourself, your being). Give me your proof, prove to me ‘you exist’ – what are you, where did you come from and where will you depart to? We don’t know. So going forward, do not argue about God. In front of an atheist, do not say God is this, God is that. The atheist will defeat your arguments. Just say, there is no argument about God. Those who ask you for proof, ask them for their proof first. What is your proof, tell me first. Understand life in a simple way. Life is not a game, those who are your foes today were your old, close friends yesterday and your friends today will become your foes in the future. Do not worry. This is your situation. This is what you have come to do. You don’t know about anything. You are just going through life, it’s motions. You have some thoughts and yours actions follow the thoughts. You don’t know yourself, you look at others. Those who are your enemies today, were your old friends sometime ago and those who are your friends today, could be your enemies in the future. So, do not live life this, in whatever currents life is flowing, you just flow with it, do not do this.

When God is asking you to destroy anger, bring patience over anger, what do you understand of God? God is saying don’t be angry, don’t do anger, yet you are still doing it. A life like this is not worth living, not enough. You can’t understand God until you know your true self. This quest for ‘I’ is the same as the search for God, there is no difference between the two. A person on the quest for ‘I’ says ‘There is nothing inside. It is empty inside. There is nothing going on inside. There is only tranquility or Shanth inside’.

Recall the situation where one wants to close his eyes shut yet see the light outside. Don’t create such situations in your life. Open your eyes, you can force them to open but with the mind’s eye, one can’t apply force, life isn’t so simple or easy.

These words of mine should remain with you through your life, not just for the next 10 minutes, else what I am saying is a waste of energy.

Do not quarrel about God or for God. Do not try to understand/comprehend God, God is a very big concept, do not get into arguments for God. God is beyond argument. Those who argue, they will lose everything, and they provide encouragement to atheists, they give proof for the non-existence of God. When you say – see how the world has been created by God, they say then who created God? You say – there is no need to create God, He created Himself. I (Babaji) am asking you – How can you say this – are you a Jnani, do you know anything about how God created Himself?

The three shakthis – what is the proof for these three – they are the same as Bramha, Vishnu and Maheshwar. The sub-atomic particle that is involved in destruction – negative or electron is Shiva, the God of destruction. Vishnu is the God who balances, Proton. Bramha is neutron. These three energies are the ones with which all the work is being done in this world and inside you also, it is the same three forces. But of the 3 forces, the one you give power to or identify with, that corresponding action will happen. There is no one forcing you to behave badly(from outside). And yet you question the person whom you have never seen? God is all pervading, you question God, yet you ask where is God? God is all pervading, yet you say I want to comprehend God. Where is God? You are confused, tying yourself in knots. The whole world is confused and it is very difficult to resolve this. So don’t worry about the whole world, focus on yourself.


Continuation of the divine discourse (Part 4 of YouTube video after devotee Q&A session.)

When I become something, I will do this, that. When I become the President, I will do this. I want to become an officer, I want to be this ,that.  Why do you want to become something, achieve something?  So that ‘I’ can establish that ‘I’ am something,  ‘I’ have achieved something as well. But the ‘I’ that you want to establish, it has no existence. When people started searching for ‘I’, they found emptiness or nothing, they realized ‘I’ was not there, does not exist at all. There was only God. So where am ‘I’? Who am ‘I’? Why does God ask you to search for ‘I’?  Because when you find yourself(true self), there is no further need to search for God anymore.

Have you seen an individual who has searched for ‘I’ having any arrogance(Ahankar)?  Those who walk with God, talk about God and still have arrogance , they have neither searched for anything or know anything about God or about themselves. They are zero. They will receive nothing despite all their Seva.  Despite all their treasures, they are zero because of their arrogance. The meaning of Ahankar or arrogance is Anth or end. No one has ever achieved progress because of arrogance.  People say I am this or that or want to be this or that, but what happens when you die? There will be nothing left of you. People may remember you for some time that you were(past tense) something.  Those who search for ‘I’ do not have any arrogance and those who have arrogance, know nothing of God or of life at all. And a life of arrogance is not a life(worthy) at all. So when you are with God, sacrifice ‘I’, forget ‘I’.  Before God, one need not prove himself.  People may say I am from America, Switzerland etc, but when you are with God, you have never ever gone anywhere.

Swami used to ask devotees in Puttaparthi – Where are you from? And the devotee would say I am from Delhi, Himachal and Swami used to reply “You are mad. You don’t even know you have come from God”.  A place has been given only for you to work (for livelihood).

The truth is we have all come from One, we are all One. We have created separations ourselves and see ourselves as different because of ‘I’.  ‘I’ is not easy to destroy.

In April when we had the previous Deeksha session, I had told a lot of things (Om Namah Shivaya chanting everydaymeditation practice etc). When I call people now and ask them  who among you are doing the practice? No one is! No one is taking the words of God seriously, it is a joke. Then they ask – Why isn’t God doing this for me, doing that for me? How can you ask “Why aren’t you doing this?” Why should He, when you don’t take His words seriously? When you don’t put into practice what He has said, these sessions become a joke, a drama, a waste of time!

When you don’t take these words  of mine seriously, one day when you are at the last door (reach the end of your life) and God asks you – You attended all these sessions, did you do this practice? When you don’t study, you are sure to fail. The teacher teaches the whole year and if the student does not study, he will get zero marks. Similarly, if you don’t practice what I say, you will also fail, get zero. Students who work hard, study day in and day out, they are the ones who pass the exam. If you don’t take these words seriously, whose mistake is it?

Whatever I said last time in April, no one has practised it. They spend a lot and come here, yet no one is doing the practice. When I ask, they say they are busy and will do it from tomorrow. But they were busy yesterday, they are busy today and will be busy tomorrow. All I have asked is to take 2 minutes or 5 minutes for just yourself and do the practice.  You don’t even have 5 minutes for yourself and  then say God is not giving me this or not doing this for me! What are you giving God in return? You are conducting business with God. So let me also talk in business terms, what will you give me? And then you, the devotee reply “Babaji, what can I give you?(You are God, there is really nothing I can give you)”.

But I need nothing from you, except that you follow what I am telling you. Everyone assembled here love me, you are all good people, and you are tied up with me, and this relationship between you and me will continue because of your love for me. And because of your love, I will also remain like this – easily meeting you, talking to you and more and more people will approach me, and the crowds will keep on coming, keep on coming, just because of this love. This relationship is but only love!

My work is to explain to you, tell you, if anyone has confusion then to clear it and show the path. This is my duty. We are all members of one family and instead of discussing unnecessary things, let us focus on the serious topics of our lives – knowing yourself and knowing God!

Knowing yourself is not difficult, I am not asking you to climb a mountain like Everest. I am only asking you to put your efforts on knowing yourself. When you make an effort, you will begin to feel  the Grace of the Guru (Guru Kripa). What is Guru Kripa? When you start doing the practice, day 1, day 2, day 3… let’s say 10 days, on the 10th day you will have an experience, some experience. Once you get one experience, you will automatically seek the second and when you have the second, you will seek the third, then the fourth. Without your effort, how will you see God? So, to experience God’s grace, start making an effort!

God is with you and you all have my blessings. You are all children of God and God is with you and will always be with you and there is no need to be afraid of anything in your lives. Sairam

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