June15, 2018 – Devotee Q&A session

The following are the translations of the devotee Q&A session that followed Babaji’s divine discourse on 15 June 2018.

Question from devotee on Prayers:
When we are in a difficult situation, we feel the support of an invisible force, helping us, guiding us.  And sometimes even after doing sincere prayers, and asking many times wishes are not fulfilled. Sometimes it feels, God is with us, knows everything about us, so should we request Him to fulfill our wishes? Should we pray? Or should we just keep quiet, not ask and go with the flow?

Babaji’s answer: The first thing is God knows everything. The other thing is what is your role in all this? Karm or work. You have to do your work(karm), you have to do your prayers. God has two accounts – there are times when you think of something and He grants it to you right away. At other times, it feels like God does not listen to you. This happens to everyone.

You go to a shopping complex and do some shopping for 10,000 rupees. You have 20,000 rupees with you, so you can easily shop for 10,000 rupees. When your bill comes to 30,000 rupees and you have only 20,000 rupees, what will you do? You can’t get the things.

So to buy or get something, you need to do ‘Savings’ in the first place.

When you don’t get what you want, don’t think God is angry with you or you have done something wrong. God is Param Pitha (first father), Paramatma, He does not live in your brain, He is beyond all thought!God does not ever get angry with you because you are His creation. You pray to Him every day, knock His doors till you get what you want and He is forced to give you what you want.

Why does He want your prayers? It is like asking for a Kaddu(pumpkin), when all you have is a Katori(a small vessel), the pumpkin will not fit into the tiny vessel. You need a saucepan big enough to cook the pumpkin. God gives you blows time and again to make you bigger. So don’t falter, keep the faith in yourself and in your prayers going strong. Don’t think only if others pray for you, it will fructify. This shows a lack of faith in yourself and a lack of faith in yourself is equivalent to a lack of faith in God. So, start believing in yourself first. When you believe in yourself, only then will you have faith in others including God. Keep your prayers going on, everyday. Never look down on prayers. Prayers are prayers and the only thing truly in your hands. And the fruits in His hands. And He will only bestow the fruits that are appropriate to your life.

Question on Dedication to God (Samarpan vs Sadhna):

Babaji’s answer: Samarpan (dedication) and Sadhna(spiritual practices) are two different concepts. When you engage in spiritual practices(meditation, Kriya etc), you may feel some special energies, have experiences, etc. If someone dedicated themselves completely(to God), there would be nothing left of them inside. And there really is or can be no proof of how completely they have dedicated themselves. A person who has dedicated himself completely, for him all the different people seated here (Babaji calls by names) are no longer different people, they are the same to him. Everything means the same – whether he gets food or goes hungry, whatever happens, he is always satisfied.

It is difficult to dedicate oneself completely even though people say they have. When I dedicate/offer myself to you completely, you can make me do any work, beat me, throw me out, because whatever happens, I am yours. Does it really happen this way? Is this true? We may say we have completely dedicated ourselves to God, yet when bad times come, we ask God how could you do this to me?

If you need to learn about dedication, learn it from a dog. Whatever you do, it stays with you. You keep it hungry, it still comes to you, you are his Master. DOG reversed is GOD. It is selfless love. Whoever has selfless love within them, only they can dedicate themselves completely.

Devotee question: How could we as devotees experience the bliss(unique ,mesmerizing leelas) in this avatar as Sathya Sai had given in the early years of the Avatar.

Babaji’s answer: Such experiences would also be revealed at a future time.

Devotee question on discriminating things that change and those that can’t:
Thinking a lot can lead to more pain or difficulty, so don’t think so much. Some things are difficult to change and those that can’t be changed, what is the use of thinking about it?
Imagine you are a 20 year old and your height is around 5 feet only and according to laws of nature, you stop growing by then. There is no way to change your height – even if you exercise, do this or that, whatever your height remains the same, you cannot change it. You cannot change from 5 feet to 6 feet whatever you do. This is a situation that cannot be changed.

But let’s say you are over-weight for your age, about 100 kilos. This is something in your hands and can be changed, you can diet etc and bring down the weight soon.

These are the two situations of life – life situations that you cannot change and those that you can.

Life situations that cannot be changed, accept them. And those life situations that can be changed and the changes will bring you happiness, change them. Happiness is in your hands. Don’t be stuck on the 6 feet height, thinking about it again and again, accept and move on! So any situation in your life that cannot be changed, accept and move on.

Based on your age and your time, chant God’s name, offer it at your Guru’s feet and this is all you need to do daily, every day. If you think when will God have time to do this, how will He do this? You just do this prayers and all your problems will end.

ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ

People who have debated and argued about God have not been ones who have experienced God. The one who is nothing and doesn’t have any form or colour, what debate or argument one can have about Him.

Babaji then goes to explain the lines in connection to the topic from the poem he wrote: Khuda ke bande Khuda ko paate hai, apni asthi ko khud mitake”

Meaning : Men of God realise God by destroying their own existence ( it indicates ones identity or the ego self )

He goes onto talk about the story of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Sri Vivekananda In which Ramakrishna asks Vivekananda , Do you want to see God.. Swami Vivenakanda gets astonished with this question because whomever he had asked, they have only answered him saying God is like this and like that, giving different description of God.He used to win all the arguments as he was very good in winning debates. He was very good at it and if at all he feared anybody , it was only Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. If someone comes and tells , do you want to see God now, obviously you will fear right. Sri Ramakrishna said I can show you God right now but you must know that seeing God is very difficult because to see HIM you have to destroy yourself or ones identity itself should perish. Why did Swami Vivekanada leave  in such a short time because the one who sees, realises God, what more he needs or what remains with him. What would be his goal going forward? Nothing! He has to leave. When one reaches his/ her destination, the karma itself gets over. For the One , he was born for, for the one he was doing his karma and following the correct path ,once he has seen God then what remains, nothing at all. River merges with ocean and becomes ocean. The one who sees and realises God becomes one with God. Only Oneness remains. Those who don’t follow or believe God, Let them believe science. In Gita , Krishna told  arjuna that the universe has 3 Guna’s ( Entities ) and you are under the control of these 3 gunas ( 3 entities or particles of the atom ) and you work under the control of these 3 gunas. During that period, Science dint exist but today science and scientific reasons exists. They have found out that Atom consists of these 3 elements or Gunas which Krishna had told in Gita which means science too follows Gita.  Do not tell –  save me, I should not get the bad habits, I should not get anger etc  Do not tell that. What can guru do, whatever has to be done should be done by you.

How will the situation change? If you tell today sun is hot, it will be hot only ,how will sun be cold. Its law of nature for Sun to be hot. So change your situation, If you stand under the hot sun and tell bhagwan its very hot, nothing can be done, instead you stand under any shade you automatically escape heat. When you get angry, change your situation. Close your eyes or drink water to subdue anger, no mantra can stop your anger. No power can stop your anger. Nothing from outside will help change. Everything comes from inside only. To curb and control ones anger, one has to change the situation in one’s life. For eg: if you are sitting at x point and getting angry, change the position to Y. If you feel angry facing one direction, then change your direction to another. Give yourself 5 or 10 minutes time to your mind state. When you are controlled by anger or any bad thoughts, try giving it 5 minutes time , practise doing it ,think of something good and see if the anger or bad thought vanishes or not. But instead, you dive deep into the anger zone, how can it help, you will instead start blaming others for your anger. Do not do wrong things to yourself. You are living in the karma bhoomi.( earth where one has to do their work/karma ) and you only have to help and transform yourself as that is part of your karma. Who is guru / God.  He is one, who helps and supports in helping yourself perform your karma. He will grace your good work so that with the grace of God you can further progress in your life and walk in the right path. One must tell guru or god that whatever karma he is doing, he requires God’s grace to do the good work in his life. He should pray thus : God Give me that thought and understanding so that I can adhere to the laws of karma and do the right thing.

Transform me, kill my anger such statements to God is not going to help the individual as God will not do this. If he does for one, he has to do the same for lakhs. He has to kill the anger in every human beings. Anger too is God’s gift and how can he finish that Himself . Anger too which is within each has its own purpose and time. For eg a mother or father scold children when they do wrong. If they don’t then child will not correct its mistake or understand what is right or wrong. Failing this that is by not showing anger at the appropriate time, child may get ruined or spoilt. If God completely erases anger from you then what would happen to the child, it will do only wrong things and you will simply accept and not correct it. How can that be possible. If he drinks and comes, will you take him in the lap and cajole him? In that case you are only spoiling him. Then there is no place for anger, It is over and stopped. We can also say God finish Love too.

When one of the devotee told, a mother would feel guilty in scolding the child, Babaji says why should one feel guilty  Mother is doing her duty and its right to correct the child.  One has to check what is the intention or feeling behind the anger when used for good. Person who is exercising anger would know it. Answer is within the question. It’s not wrong at all. Doesn’t Jagatjannai ( Mother of the Universe ) get angry on you? She does get angry at times. Mother will tell “No” 1st time, again 2nd time and 3rd time and finally 4th time she would slap or slam if child doesn’t obey. This is rule. So will you tell God, erase my anger? So that whoever is there with you they all get disillusioned and get mad? And they don’t understand how to run life or be in the world and get destroyed? And to destroy it, erase the anger? You don’t know what to question, What to ask, what to tell. If you ask, what to ask or what to question and you question God in such a way that when God questions you, what will you answer. So we come to the same point where man says he needs to close the eyes too and also see the light also. It is simply not possible. So do not enforce things on yourself.

A question from devotee on how to lead practically a life with God.
Babaji’s answer: We have the Ocean and fishes in it. If the fishes says I want to see the ocean or I want to know the ocean then it will turn wrong as they are living in the same ocean, they may go around the whole ocean and still not find what they are looking for. What should they do to find what they are seeking? In whatever condition and wherever they are , they find happiness. Questions that can never be comprehended or identified or that can trouble you, those questions can be changed and contemplate on questions that can make you happy or satisfied. What is God, who is God, such questions when asked to various Guru’s, we will get different answers from each of them and we only get confused. Therefore stop thinking who is God and what is He.

Babaji then reads that particular line from the poem. Jo tu hai , tho mein nahi hoon paida, jo mein hoon, tho tu nahi hai zahir meaning: when you are there I am not even born and when I am there, it’s never possible that you are not present. You are not in front of me and thus am unable to see or understand you. Therefore when you are there, then HE (God  is also there , so understand this one simple thing that when you are there , God is also there and understanding this is to live in God and when you start understanding these things, the very Atmic peace ,principle and happiness in you will come to light and understanding in you.

Devotee Question: On a question from a devotee on the results of good deed one can reach heaven and hell due to bad deed, and in comparision some people lead a good standard of living does it mean heaven and hell are experienced in the place where we live.

Whatever you see is what is Truth. People say one has gone to heaven, one has gone to hell etc. How is that possible? Now in Hindu dharma ( religion ), when we belong to this Hindu dharma (Religion), we embrace and respect every other religion too. This is the biggest Unique concept and practice of Hindu religion because Hindu religion has given birth to all other religions and it serves as mother of all religion.

In Purana (Ancient scripture) its written that Mother Parvathy created Ganesha with her body dirt. Does it mean that she has not bathed for years and it was that much dirt on her body ? So much so that she could create Ganesh out of it which means has she not bathed for years?. Its something to be pondered as there are so many such things that are told in Hindu Dharma. But do we have the answer for this? What will you tell for this? It’s generally told these are God’s Maya (Illusion), Gods Creation, Gods play etc. Actually none knows the Truth.

God has given the world a platform. Bhagawan says Life is a game play it. In that platform on both ends God is there and the human being has travelled the whole timeline from 1 end of the platform to another end and becomes a complete entity in the human form and you do not know how many cycles you have broke open to reach the point or level you are now in. And after the cycle of birth gets over, what you need to get? You need to meet God.

How are you complete? You can express your feeling and talk about it. Animals don’t get to express. They do make us feel that they are in difficulty but they can’t talk about it like how we can do. When God also takes birth in the world, He takes the human form, why? because this body that we get and the human form that we have right now is complete in its entirety and this cycle of journey needs to be broken to become human being only .Not that we do misdeeds and be born as a cat or a dog or a buffalo. It’s not like that. Even after doing misdeeds too, we are born as humans only.

Guruda Purana(one of the  Ancient scriptures) talks about souls journey in hell where it gets boiled in hot oil and many crude descriptions of suffering that it undertakes. How is it possible? Atma ( Soul) has no birth or death. Atma doesn’t have any karma, it is the body that has the karma.Then how can atma have difficulty and get boiled in oil etc as per scriptures. Atma doesn’t have any form. It is Light. Will they saute light in the pan with oil and make a halwa out of it? Does it need to take this much difficulty? Has god become so vicious to have the atma suffer in such a way? For all you know atma wouldn’t have done that much bad karma too as much it suffers . So it’s not like that. Nobody is going to pull and exhaust your atma. Whatever happens, we need to experience and complete everything here in this world only and until we are unable to break this cycle of the game , we keep coming back. When we break this cycle we get Moksh ( Liberation ). What is liberation?  We start at one end of the platform and travel the whole journey of the length to the other end of the platform, meet and become one with God and that’s it the game gets over.

Those who understand the principles of Karma and Self and those who get Self Realisation, they become Avtaar and such atma  who transcend karma becomes special enough to come back on earth as Ansh Avtaar (Ansh = Fragment of the source ) to run the universe. You are also a part or fragment of God. You have also come from one of the powers and thus each have the liking or attraction to either Divine Mother, Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesh etc. God is one only but He has different forms. Whichever power you belong to, you will reach that source only. Nobody can choose Guru on their own. Your soul will automatically draw you to your Guru. If you consider Sunflower for example, the flower always faces sun. As sun moves, sunflower face also turns in the same direction. Can you stop it? No you can’t. As sun travels from one direction to another, sunflower face too changes accordingly and so are you. Whichever source you belong to, you will automatically join the same power of source. Your atma will feel good and you will start following automatically and so its not even in your hands too that you follow Divine Mother or Shiva. Its not in your hands. When you transcend beyond this mortal world you will get moksh ( liberation ). Living in this world itself we are seeing so many people doing good job and working with good people and there is happiness, prosperity etc. That is heaven, They have come back doing good karma. On the contrary there are many downtrodden people living in huts sitting near the railway track  and eating on the stone. We see their difficulty and feel sad and we need to serve them and help them and these kind of people struggling to have even a morsel of food may have thrown plates of food in their previous births and hence suffering this way in this birth. Everything is here in this world ( He is referring to both hell and heaven ). One should understand the Truth. At one end we die and other end we are reborn again. The very game of Atma is like this. Some people write  when their guru dies, he would get cycle, vehicle etc  how can this happen? who know what he will get .Its like telling you are all my devotee, you take the guru diksha today and I shall come in my Audi car to take you all tomorrow and you will become happy thinking once guru leaves the body, we will be going in his Audi car? Whoever has died, has died and where he has gone who knows. So these are the ways of understanding few things and rest of the information inferring from somewhere is all a waste.

People tell we should not debate about God, Don’t try to  understand Him, let one perform the  actions as conceived by our own thoughts and understanding ; however this requires Self Confidence and how do we know and have the confidence that what we are doing is right or wrong. We need to understand and live and even to understand our own self , we need to have that self confidence.. You tell us as a Guru to know yourself and go ahead ..so how much we should know and have the confidence to go ahead. To what extent we should proceed and understand our actions are right.

How do we know about Self Confidence because some times self confidence can turn into Ego too. There is none who have known His Self and he has been pointed to have Ego. There is nobody who have known Himself and has ego too. No. None. If he has told that he has known himself but still having Ego, then he is lying. He doesn’t know at all. There is only one way that is Dhyan ( Meditation ). Confidence comes from Dhyan. The power that is in the imbalance state, the 3 elements that constitutes the power in the body is very important to contribute to the balance in the mind and body. When these 3 components of power looses its balance, we also fail.

When electron in the atom propels the motion of anger, ego etc then it becomes the state of Rajoguna and thereby this will deteriorate the self-confidence level in us. Why? Because whatever incidents or situations that repeats in your life which can also be called failure, you are doing something and there is a counter effect of the action in the opposite manner and that leads to breaking down your self-confidence. When electron propels Rajoguna inside you, your self confidence lowers. So what happens, when you are wrong 1sttime, 2nd time and 3rd time too you face failure, 4th time you will say it will be wrong only whatever happens. And you believe 100 % in that feeling that it has to fail. Why it happened this way? because situations turned you that way. So what will you do? Despite having self-confidence, you will consider or use only 10 % or 0 % of the confidence you have. This situation becomes critical and serious. So much so that you will consciously be doing wrong things, because you know that it is going to fail or only wrong thing is going to happen. Though you may know 100% , you may end up doing 0 due to this state of belief inside you. How to improve this? Something to be pondered. You will decipher that every situation right from job, to marriage to everything in life is going to go wrong or fail. But it is not the case. To correct this situation there are many ways too but its important to know if you will do it or not. As a Guru, I will give you the solution but whether you will do it or not is in your hands. I will give you solution so that the situation can turn favourable because your situation has turned into the opposite way. It’s not going in the favourable direction and therefore you are repeatedly facing failure and thereby unhappiness. Because your thoughts, karma etc instead of going in the favourable direction, is going in the opposite direction.

Before doing something or putting efforts, accepting failure beforehand is not right or correct. Don’t consider failure. For e.g when I Say, yes you will become ( whatever one aspires to ) , it will come to you even by breaking the roof, meaning once told it will come or happen. Now it’s also important to know what you must do in such a situation, For e.g if BP increases the Physician  will prescribe medicine for you and it’s not that if once you have the medicine it’s over and you should not have it lifetime. You definitely continue having it. Sometimes situations also happens in a way where we can manage it well and many a times situation goes beyond repair by oneself and there you have to take the support and if this support doesn’t come thru your situation may worsen. So don’t worry, Here is where Guru’s job comes. When  from all phases of life one is cornered and gropes In dark, it is Guru who lights the matches and gives guidance. Guru will show you the path and you just need to walk the path.

Devotee Question: Does Guru show wrong path sometimes to make us learn?
Babaji’s answer: Yes ! God does fall down to uplift you. Many a times God falls down to help you evolve.

How will we understand that? How will we know that God is falling down to help us evolve or improve?

When you get up then you will understand. Most of the time you are not able to understand this fact. When God is silent, wait for Him to talk. Don’t lose your courage especially when you have considered Him as your God. God also becomes silent when there is nobody to listen or adhere to his teachings.