Swami’s message dated 11-Feb-2017

Swami’s message from Kangra Sai Mandir on on 11.Feb.2017,on the occassion of 13th Year of Swami’s entry into Kangra Family:

Be happy children, Be comfortable and peaceful. Swami’s Blessings are always there on his children. Children today is 11th Feb and yesterday on the occassion of Swami’s entry in Kangra house,10th Feb, you all celebrated it with soulful Bhajan. On this Day, Swami’s 12th year of leela got completed. 13th year started and these 12 years of memories were both filled with moments of happiness as well as bad moments filled with difficulties too. But above all these were moments of God’s Grace and His presence in our lives.

I have never allowed you to stay alone, nor will I allow you to be alone. I am talking today after many days. But I still keep giving advice daily in the form of wisdom, test, happiness etc .Those who learn from books, their understanding or wisdom is limited while those who learn from life itself, they have unlimited understanding and wisdom, just like how this Universe does’nt have any limitations and nor are there are any limitations to the secrets of life. You will fail to understand what lessons the next moment in life is awaiting to teach in your life.Those who fail to learn, don’t pass the karma of life and fail miserably.. He does’nt experience happiness or peace anywhere!

Children, this is not leela but a game. It’s such a game and maya(Illusion) where this maya does’nt get you stuck but teaches you lessons!You pray to the Lord to keep you away from Maya but you don’t realise how much this maya shows and teaches you.Those who live in this maya and learn, he is the one who learns the complexities of Life.

What is understanding? What all you will understand – is it God or yourself, relationship or Love or Life?You cannot understand anything. Unless you learn to understand yourself, untill you see yourself in others, you will not get the Love you are seeking. Guru’s duty is to guide you to the divine path and to walk on that path is your duty. Till when you will walk, till when you will live, think on these lines. How much you have lost and how much remains, think on this!There is no end to the truth of Life but Life does end.

Therefore Life always teaches you to walk, move forward. You breathe from air and quench thirst from water, Fire helps keep away cold and likewise cold helps keep away fire. Everything becomes one and there is a need for each and everything in this life. In the same way, human beings need another human to live this life and need help from each other.  A devotee too, cannot walk without the help and association of God and God too wants the association of his devotee. Dont keep thinking. Live for others, keep courage and you will get everything. Do your Karma(Duty ) and you will be rewarded. Without Karma, one can’t even think, because nothing is possible without Karma.

Swami will now tell what will happen in this year. This year will give and take. Every action done in this year will be based on the fundamentals of Devotion and Strength.

Peoples faith in God will increase. People in high position in politics, will face life threatening incidents or experiences. Enemies from outside India will attack and there are many destructive incidents possible as this is 13th year too. Those in Godly path and sadhana will have peace too. Everyone says sarva loka sukhino bhavanthu but who wants to see their own kith and kin happy? No one. Those prayers done on the basis of untruth will be cause for restlessness and non peace. India will face financial crisis. Security borders in India will be weak.This year enemies will have chances to attack and take advantage of the situation. Therefore one must do constant chanting of ” Om Namah Shivay”. Do puja, Havan , meditate etc. Do anything  Swami knows you are all busy, but take out time for the protection of yourself and for others.Your prayers will come as the strength to protect you all.There will be Maha Pralay(Destruction ) in Shiva Dham(Place of Lord Shiva). There may be loss of nearly 1 Lakh people in this incidence. Reason for this are Untruth and Ego. You dont know anybody, but Swami knows everyone. Time and nature takes the revenge in this form. The very foundation of Hindu Dharma will shake but do not fret, everything will be fine. Reason for Hindu dharma foundation to shake is ostentatious behaviour, the immodest younger generations without much shame and an increasing assault on women folk and drugs.

But what is also good this year is, there is a coming of someone into this world who will be successful in putting an end to all these negative elements in this world and within India. Time will be difficult. There will be good health and no diseases. There will be miralces. God will manifest himself in many places to show His Love.This year ,Swami will give 12 Shiva Lingas during Shivarathri. It will be filled with happiness and Bliss and the celebration will end nicely.

Swami is with his Children and as regards other countries, there is no need to worry. There will be peace and Happiness. Leadership and political changes in the US will do good. Difficulties will befall within India because this country is running on falsehood and political injustice. People here are turning cunning and therefore this country will face a lot of difficulties this year. While Sun God still keeps shining, don’t worry.This year we will get the Sshram land too and Swami will tell the reason as to why there has been the delay in getting the ashram land. Don’t worry. I will protect all of you. But country’s political arena will face threats and difficulties. The one who protects you will be your faith and you just win Him.Everything will happen on its own. The message that has come today is not a happy message but a warning that has come for which, be prepared. There are very less people who supports Truth. Simplicity and Selfless work and feeling has reduced.

Those of whom in the name of Swami are trying to become Bhagwan, his activities and words etc will face pressure and will be hooked. Those whose karma activities are completed, those people will have to lead ordinary lives. Who is Swami, Where is He, Where is HE not, etc cannot be deciphered by the world, Swami Himself will show that. What I am not, do not try to make that of me. In this year I will assume the form of Chandi and will bring about transformation because I have already served the food and you have allready eaten the food too but have not realised the essence and taste of the food served.This year will be the beginning of Chandi Leela and the transformations awaited for years will be fulfilled this year. All the old file of karma will be closed because in 2018 in Kangra there is going to be very big activity.

Whether you beleive or not, there will be Ati Rudra Maha Yagna happening in April 2018 at Kangra. I will tell when and how it will happen because Shiv will realise he is Shiva.Curtains will open and Path will be smooth. Life in all directions will be in the forefront. The sankalp of Transformation will manifest with the start of Ati Rudra Maha Yagna at Kangra. This transformation will pull the world here like a breeze. Accept the Dharma of Humanity and prepare towards the ARMY in 2018.There is no time to waste.Time is only there for Unity. This Year is for Sai Chandi Leela. All old will be closed and new form will assume and new history will be created. I forgive all the old karmas and you all also forgive all those whom you are angry with.Come forward . Swami needs a bigger force for ARMY at Kangra.This year will see huge showers of rain and one would not have seen such showers in life.This will yield good farming results for farmers and will reap like gold and silver.every poor man will get good money which will be provided by the political leader.

2018 April will witness ARMY celebration at Kangra and this is not untruth. Get prepared and Kangra will resonate with the mantra of Veda and Rudram. Learn Rudram. Son Sachu, don’t worry, Swami does remember His Promise. Whatever I told you, remember that. Son, I will put an end to all your difficulties. You are my son and I will give immense happiness to you with all happiness. Why you had to get into this difficulty because all your old karma is completed with this. I will give you that Life that you would not have imagined.Your unflinching faith will give you Raj yog in your life.This is my promise.Son be happy.


Children, Continue Chanting Om Namah Shivaya. India has to live with Happiness and Love but whatever that has to happen is inevitable. You all just prepare for the ARMY and Swami will soon talk to you all.

With Love Baba