Thus spake Shivananda(Babaji)

'Life Lessons' by the Mystic 

Sage, simple, serene words for everyday living by Sri Shivananda on various topics like Karma, Maya, Equanimity, Reality, Faith, Love etc. Many of these are answers to questions posed by his devotees.


Swami's messages

Sai Leelas @ Shivanandam Nivas

Sai Leelas started in the year 2005, in Shivanandam Nivas, Kangra. Swami, since then, has shown His presence in innumerable ways in this divine abode. Swami's messages in Hindi appear in a diary kept inside the Sai Mandir. 

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Poems by Sri Shivananda

Poetry by the Mystic

Vishwaguru Sri Shivananda is a prolific writer, especially in Hindi. Presented are some hand-picked poems on life lessons - simple, serene, sage words of wisdom.

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Daily Inspiration Series

Daily insights by the Mystic

A compilation of daily messages from Vishwaguru Sri Shivananda in Hindi, followed by the English translation.