An Ashram is being planned in the Malagar Valley of Karnataka – “Sai Shiv DHAM” Ashram, to launch the Oneness movement of Sai Shivananda. Malagar valley in Chikmangaluru, Karnataka is a serene valley of exquisite greenery, forests, streams and hills. A one-of-a-kind Ashram of Shiva energies by Vishwaguru Sai Shivananda is being planned to be constructed in this serene valley by the Sri Sai Mangalam Trust, Kangra.

The Ashram will unite seekers all over the world in the quest for being one with nature, realise the self, being self confident, seekers who avoid 4 major wastes by being conscious   Life being precious, so is our thoughts. Here is an initiative for making one aware of 4 major wastes i.e 1.)  Waste of Time, 2.) Waste in performing bad/wrong work(Karma), 3.) Waste of unnecessary thoughts 4.) Waste of excessive talk. 

The project involves construction of an Ashram at Malagar valley and the re-construction of the Durga Maa temple at Shivanandam Nivas, Kangra.

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