Message dated 25-Apr-2011

Message in Kangra on April 25, 2011 :

My blessings to you My children, may you be happy and prosperous. Swami is always with you. Swami’s grace will be maintained upon His each and every devotee. Swami’s blessings will not be abated from anyone. Today everyone knows that Swami has left His body. Satyam Raju Sathya Sai of Puttaparthi has renounced His body. The anticipations of the world- devotees, earthly creatures, little pigeons of Kulwant Hall have culminated. Everyone is thinking that Swami’s form has faded from Puttaparthi. Everyone has grown pensive, or in fact, is becoming nonsensical. Nobody knows what Swami has decided. One can never know Swami’s decision beforehand.

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