Experience shared by a devotee during Shrikhand Mahadev yatra

Om. Guru is the stairway to the ultimate destination of humanity. A patron chosen by God to guide the people in correct direction.

We as humans are full of ideas, thoughts, aspirations, desires, thirst & so on. But deep down we are directionless. All these worldly desires keep us away from what actually we are here for, i.e to do good & be good, to help ever hurt never. Guru is like a ray of light which enlightens the dark room of our hearts.

I would like to share one incident. Once we were on our yatra to Shrikhand Mahadev situated in Himalayan range. That was our third day on that pilgrimage. It was so tough that along with my body, my heart was also tired. I was not able to motivate myself to take even a single step forward. We were at an altitude of 19,000 ft above sea level. Ahead, was a huge glacier which was the toughest point in that whole yatra. It was horrifyingly sloppy. I gave up there & stood still.

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