Message dated 26.Aug.2015


May you be happy my children, Swami’s blessings unto you will be eternal. Swami has addressed you you after a long time. I am constantly monitoring each and every movement of yours. Every single thing you do, doesn’t go unnoticed by Me. Time indicates a turn, leading towards upliftment in the circumstances. The good news is that everything will pan out well, with bliss and love. My children, all of you will continue receiving showers of love from Swami.

Children, with even the slightest rain, the seeds sowed deep inside the ground assume their full form. You’ll find greenery only where there is an abundance of good soil. Similarly, man too is an effigy made of soil. But his true essence lies in the infinitesimal part of the Supreme Being, which he carries with him. This makes man’s life priceless. Soil in any form is invaluable, be it an earthen pot, or the earthen idols of various deities. The light kindled in the lamp made of the purest of earth appears to be as pristine as ever. When devotion assumes the form of patriotism, it is in the name of the same soil that they hold sacred, do many sacrifice their lives. Soil never desires anything in return, but its true value is realised by all when they rely on it.

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