Message dated 17.Aug.2016

Message on 17th Aug 2016:

I bless you with happiness, prosperity and everlasting grace. I address you for the first time since the renovation of the Mandir (temple). It makes me really happy to talk to all of you after such a long time.

While plucking soft roses, one does not always escape the sting of the thorns. Despite the risk, roses are liked by everyone. This is the absolute form of Maya (illusion). It contains both bliss and turmoil but even so, the attachment to Maya has stretched across the many births an individual takes. Maya, like an innocent infant attempting to move, assumes its own random course of action and is followed blindly by everyone. It attempts at enticement through various means of deception. Maya is as short lived and as imaginary as the various shapes depicted by clouds gathered over mountains. Once the mountains are no longer under cloud cover, their tranquility induces peace and bliss within oneself. When the Atma (soul/being) attains peace, it transcends to becoming Paramatma (the Supreme Being). Such kind of bliss is eternal and even in nature. The joy and sorrow wrought upon by Maya are brief and uneven in nature. Deep down inside, one knows that Maya is one of the many outcomes of the will of the Supreme Being. There is a very fine line between attaining the Supreme Conscience (reaching God), and going along with Maya. So long as one indulges in Maya, one is aware only of their self-existence. This delusion of having a body and a mind stays until the time when one realises that they are an integral part of the Supreme Being. This realisation drives Maya away and then if an individual were to look at their reflection in a clear river stream, they would see nothing. Instead, one would only hear the musical gamut of the Satsang (good company).

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