Message dated 21 Jan 2017

Swami is blessing all , Swami is very happy. Swami is doing his Karma (duty) in this body and finding the land for the ashram. God knows everything what and how it should happen. Swami by doing this work, is talking and blessing many people to whomever it should reach, precisely this is what at the moment Swami is doing at Kangra. By performing this karma (duty) swami is blessing all of you.

During an earlier message on 24 th April 2011, Swami said large number of devotees came to see Swami, but now the time has come where Swami will come to you. Swami is doing the Karma to teach you that everything can be attained by doing the karma in this karma bhoomi. If you do good karma(action) you will get good result, Swami himself is performing this karma to give hapiness to many people. Swami is bestowing the bliss by doing his karma. Swami is the indweller in each of you and he is doing the duty residing within you. However, everybody has to do his own duty in this world.

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