On Maya

It is pre-decided, everything is decided by God like when will the birth happen, what will be his lifestyle, every single thing is decided before itself. Karma in the sense, what will he do as a child, what are the different Lilas he will do. For example can we can take the example of Krishna who was very simple. Being a God, he was self-realized, so he knew everything right from his birth. Yet the games he played with his friends as a child, they were all gentle, subtle. His Avatar declaration did not happen all of a sudden. But gradually he started doing miracles, continued his miracles. Only after this, the world was awakened to his true identity. The truth is, Bhagawan Krishna revealed his true identity only at the right time. The thing is, He did not reveal this to everyone for the simple reason that every person’s capacity to accept things is different. God does not give the full dose at one time. The experiences are gradual, first one experience, then another, another, another and then the time to truly understand Him dawns.

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Message dated 21-Dec-2017

Be happy children. Don’t keep worrying. Swami’s grace is always on His children. I am talking to you after a long time. But from now, Swami will start giving you messages.

Be happy, Swami is happy. Children, the one who keeps experiencing God in everything, he becomes worry-less, like a infant with his mother. A world is built/created in the mind, but that keeps changing too. Sometimes, the world within the mind can become meaningless. On the other hand, the mind can become complete too when God starts residing in him because of his devotion and purity. When a breeze touches such a mind and comes back, it is laden with a divine aroma. It starts humming too and the humming makes another fellow traveller (on the same path) pause and he starts to fill up with joy as well.

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Kriya to steady(sthir) the mind

The mind is always on the move/working, it is not that easy to steady /calm it, even with meditation. I ask you to do meditation, the minute you close your eyes, you become even more disturbed – whatever is really positive or negative, these enter your thoughts and you become even more confused, and it becomes more worse.

Then what do we do, we do meditation, so you close your eyes and your mind goes for a wander, a spin and then we stop the meditation saying I really don’t have the time for this. I can’t do this anymore. This is not how it should be, do not fight with your mind. When you close your eyes, if thoughts come, let them in. Continue Reading

Samanatha or Equanimity

Imagine there is a wealthy person, and a poor person meets him. The poor person will definitely respect the wealthy person. Similarly, when one meets a person with great knowledge, one shrinks before this knowledge and accepts the other person is bigger. But when one sees someone smaller or lower than himself, the same person will become arrogant and say – you know nothing, I know more than you.

For equanimity, for Oneness, one can always try and work. It is difficult in these times for even Avatars to attain equanimity because one needs to first surrender(Juhkna). For equanimity, the ‘ego’ needs to be killed. For a person to become a hero, he needs to become a zero first. I.e. he needs to remove his ‘ego’ completely. If he can become a zero, then he will definitely become a zero. And this does not happen all of a sudden. So, to become balanced, it is absolutely necessary to sacrifice your ego.

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Accepting mistakes

Imagine you are standing and I am sitting down. Imagine you did something wrong and the person in front of you is aware of what you did. Many a time, we ourselves do not know what we are doing. Only someone who knows more than you, will know whether you are doing something right or wrong. Take parents for example, who stop their children from doing wrong things – the children do feel bad, when their parents stop them. The parents have seen the world, the society, they have experienced these things and therefore they tell the children – don’t do these bad things. The child might think – I am not like that, I will never do anything wrong. Continue Reading

Meeting a Guru

These days, times are such that people come, they ask questions- some simple, some doubts and the answers are simple. Everyone has problems, we mostly talk about problems, this difficulty, that difficulty, this that.

There is a need to understand one thing though – how fortunate one is that one can ask simple questions to a ‘great power’, and how simply, gently, easily one is able to converse with a great Guru. Bhagawan keeps creating maya about the Guru or great power masking His true identity in simplicity (the Guru is simple, don’t get fooled by the Guru’s simplicity). And there are many things that only God knows – be it worldly matters or spiritual matters or be it about Maya. These are topics that need to be talked about too (not just mundane problems).

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