My Father’s experience with Shivananda Swami

My Father’s experience with Shivananda Swami – 15 Dec 2017 – Sandhya Mehta

Sairam!  There can not be a better day than this to share this experience. It is my father’s birthday today (Mr. Gopal Mehta).

One of the very popular incidence or say miracle by Swami is imparting life as a blessing to someone. This, has happened here in Kangra too on 5th of March 2016 by Shri Shivananda Swami.

Around 3rd or 4th of March there was a big occasion of Shiv-Parvati Kalyanam held at Kangra where people from across the nation came to attend. The occasion was of 3 days as a whole.

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“चक्रव्यूह”  Babaji, 2009

दामन जो तुमने अपना छुड़ा लिया,
एक दर्द की हुअन ने-
जख्म न जाने कितने कुरेद दिए,
तुम्हारा भी आज भ्रम टुटा-
तो पाया जीवन एक मिथ्या सपना है,

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चलना ही जीवन है, 2014

‘सड़क के किनारे पड़े-
पत्थर से मैंने पूछा’
‘तुम पाषाण क्यों हो गये।
क्यों रुक गये ये जीवन में
‘चलते रहते तो तुम्हारे भीतर लहराता जीवन,
पाषाण न बनता ।।

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Akshay Patra Vibhuti

Sairam! Here I am making an effort to express one of my very special experiences with Babaji Shivananda (Shivswami). Although it would be impossible to write all the experiences with him; as his presence can be felt at every moment of life which is inexpressible. In this incident I clearly felt his omniscience.

I have always felt that the biggest and the most eternal blessing one can get from Swami is the “Vibhuti”. There are several incidences in past where the Swami has created Akshay Patra for devotees. Having read such incidences many times, it was quite obvious for me to have the fancy to possess one. Therefore, gradually it became a part of my regular prayers to ask for one.

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Every moment belongs to God. Everything has God in it. In every breath and body, God resides. You are yourself God. This is the Truth.

Man performs actions to suit his own convenience.  First we have to understand  and realise ourself within.  Only after we realise ourselves do we see God in us and in all others too. Only then all these truth appear meaningful and as we proceed to understand the essence.

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Message of Love

Please wait for the right time. This pain is not my pain. This pain is for an enormous change. For making any new thing, first there is difficulty(effort). When every Avatar’ comes, the Avatar himself knows his own true nature only at a specific time. An Avatar understands/recognises his Shakthi only at a specific time. 12 years ago, I totally understood who I am, what I am, what is my work. To understand me (Pehachan), identify me is not very easy because of my simplicity, my easy interactions with everyone. I work like a Friend, love like a Mother. You have waited a long time, with my being there for you, no difficulties can come into your life.

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Divine wisdom

Everyone that has taken birth in this world, will have to suffer pangs of pain or grief. But the person who has the knowledge of self or atman or who is self-realized, will not be sad, when he is suffering. There is a difference between suffering pain and being sad in that pain. A rock may get drenched in rain water, but it will be dry after some time, the only difference is that it will lose all the dirt and filth which is on it. Similarly a realized person, will be in the same state whether he is sad or happy. An ignorant person, is like an ink paper who soaks up all good and bad experiences in his life and will keep on suffering throughout his lifetime.

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Faith is like a flower. If we gently touch the flower and feel the fragrance it is more beautiful – a feeling of both the flower and its fragrance and it remains soft too but when we hold it tight both the beauty of flower and the its fragrance gets spoilt. Faith is also like the given example. When we add the pressure of our desires and selfishness to faith, its beauty and fragrance also gets spoilt like the flower. Faith can never be based on arguments.

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Transformation of the Yuga

Be happy children ! Be happy !Swami’s blessings will always be upon his children.

Children, why does it look that in this world ASATHYA( UNTRUTH) is on the rise? Nobody is looking at Truth. Lots of things that are being talked about are true and lots of things are false too. The reason being, there is no such vidwan (wise man) or any human who can realize the difference between Truth & Untruth. Man is totally involved in his own thoughts and moving ahead unguided and rudderless.

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Sapta Saundarya Padukas

Children, may you be happy and prosperous. Swami’s blessings are always with you. We talk after a long time. This joy is different. For Me, what is the need of talking? I am the rumination within you, I am bliss, I am the soul of the life, I am Supreme. For you, I am your God. You are not aware how proximate I am to you. May you all live in bliss. Children, cardinally I bless you for Durga Pooja. Every event will follow a very meticulous regularity. Swami’s blessings are with you. Listen children, this Durga Pooja will create history. Trust My word, I refrain from saying anything on this further.

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