Maha Shivaratri Celebrations 13 Feb 2018

Shivaratri is the most unique time to rise above the mundane and bask in the supreme glory of the infinite, innocent and blissful Shiva tattva. The festival commemorates God’s descent on earth to end the unlimited ratri(night) of ignorance and suffering and to usher in the golden dawn of peace, harmony, and happiness.

Celebrating the Shiva tattva in oneself is real Shivaratri. Like every year, the night was celebrated with continuous bhajans and devotion at our Mandir in Shivanandam Nivas.  In the morning, the Mandir was blissfully decorated and many offerings in the  form of milk, ghee, sandal paste abhisekam were performed to the various Shiv Lingams that have materialised  in this mandir, over the years.

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Shivaratri 2018 message

Shivratri 2018 Message at Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Be happy, stay blessed my children, Swami’s blessings are always with you all. Today Swami has completed 13 years since he came here at Kangra in his ‘Leela-swaroopam’. In the starting of this beautiful 14th year, Swami blesses you all. Today’s message is very important and unique as I have never given such a message ever before. Since Swami is both happy and unhappy by his children.

Always remember one thing, that is, the time(life) which is granted is granted for it’s proper use. Today’s message is an avowal, revealing the truth, an anandam, to give a complete view of the truth. From today onwards your ideology about life will change, your attitude towards life will change. The thought process will transform completely. Because your ‘Bal- Sai’ will accompany you in his full form. All the exams are completed now. From today onwards your responsibility towards yourself, your loved ones will begin. This message is for everyone, even for those who are not associated with Kangra.

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On Karma

Being a pious and good person, if a devotee prays to God and primarily due to his engagement in good deeds and positive balance that stays with him due to his good actions, God takes his bad karma and removes it. In fact God removes the bad karma and sometimes God takes it upon Himself. Take for instance, you have accrued bad actions (karma), however due to your strong , unflinching faith and prayers, God takes this bad karma upon Himself or He makes it alright.

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Regarding Questions

Om Sairam.
No question is too big. Any question, be it big or small, is a question. And the answer to a question is always an answer. Whether the question is big or small depends on the answer that you get. There are some answers that add more confusion to a lot of people and there are some answers that are simply complete and one gets a complete satisfaction out of this answer.

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Vibhuti Woes

Vibhuti Woes – An anecdote by Srinivas Kalyani Summer 2012, Panipat (Haryana, India)

As I was sitting doodling around in one of my free lectures in college, the heat wave that had engulfed the country was merrily scorching those who were brave enough to wander outside. True, I had decided to stay inside along with many others to feel safer under the roof of my classroom.

I had a very peculiar habit of drinking Vibhuti water (normal water with lots of Vibhuti mixed in it) because I had grown accustomed to the humongous amount of Vibhuti that I used to come back with from Kangra, with love from my Master, Sri Shivananda. I liked to tell myself that the supply of Vibhuti would always be unlimited for me. Hence, I used to drink Vibhuti water and be prodigal with it.

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