Shivananda Kangra

Daily Inspirations – 18.Nov.2018

Om Namah Shivay…
My message for today(Dated 18.11.2018) is about the behaviour of humans because of which they are in constant fear. The fear of losing name & fame makes a man to do things quietly, without bringing it to anyone’s notice. For the sake of saving one’s development & progress he has forgotten the path of love. The man has even forgotten the teachings of god just to live life his own way. My message is for those people. Listen carefully.

Om Namah Shivay…
First of all you have to understand that why you want name & fame. The pride with which you are living has been developed by someone else, by the people around you. Because of people around you, because of their logics, your dignity is developed. You will be in constant fear that anytime, any moment people can change their minds. You must have seen people with big name & reputation losing everything they had, getting wasted. Once they were famous, they had big name & fame but all got spoilt in no time. You see this all happening around you again & again. Definitely it will scare you, but you need to understand the real cause that makes you what you are. Continue Reading

Bhagavan Shivananda Sharanam

।।  भगवान शिवानन्द शरणं ।।

शरणं शरणं तव शरणं शाश्वतमूर्ती तव शरणं ।
नागाभरणा भस्मविलेपा शिवानन्दा तव शरणं ।२।

शरणं शरणं तव शरणं करुणासागरा तव शरणं ।
वेदातीता बम्हस्वरुपा शिवानन्दा तव शरणं ।३।

शरणं शरणं तव शरणं विश्वमोहना तव शरणं ।
जगदोद्धारा विश्वेश्वरा शिवानन्दा तव शरणं ।४।

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Daily Inspirations – 12.Nov.2018

Half truth is dangerous. It is like there is still some sign of life in somebody as if the breathing is still on, the patient is alive yet, the blood is still flowing. This half truth is even worse than a lie because a lie sounds like a lie but these half truth are delusional. I want to collect all the unilateral truths at one place.

Ear is rather special than eyes because ear is more inclusive. Whenever you hear something you hear it omnidirectional. Ear is like a lamp, when illuminates enlightens its surroundings. Eyes are like a torch(flash light), inclusive only in one direction. Philosophy of visuals is unilateral. If you want to go deep in meditation close your eyes, it will take you in deep. This is the reason why one should close his eyes before practicing meditation. Continue Reading