Shivanandam Deeksha experience shared by a devotee

Oh my lord❤️. For some reason I developed sore throat..light cold and little bit of body aches…day before yesterday and I was getting restless due to the scare of covid. I know it was not covid as the faith on you is 100%. But still the mind was acting up sometimes. So yesterday night I sat down in front of your healing picture and meditated for 2 mins as per your instruction and chanted 7 or 8 times the healing mantra. I could feel something heavy on my crown chakra and surge of energy flowing in from the universe and there was tremendous peace within. My third eye and crown chakra..were heavy with energy and only after 7 or 8 times of mantra chant….I stopped because the peace was so blissful that I stopped the chant and started enjoying the thoughtless state of my being and went into complete silence. After few mins opened my eyes to see your picture and realized my sore throat and all body aches and cold went away instantly. Next day morning I woke up now and checked and there is no trace of sickness. Thank you so much for the healing…oh lord. Love you .

Shivanandam Deeksha experience

My salutaions to one and all present here. Sharing this experience with Babaji’s permission .

Almost two months back Babaji came in my dream and told me “take Deeksha “. I have never met Babaji in person though I’m connected to him through fb . So I was wondering how when and all.. I just shared this dream to my husband and one of my friends Mrs. Saraswathi . After a few days though her I came to know that Babaji is going to conduct a satsangh through zoom and also she shared me the meeting link directly. I attended that satsangh and I was so happy when Babaji out of his mercy and compassion, announced that He’s going to give healing Deeksha during Guru poornima. With His blessings I was also fortunate to receive the Deeksha on that day. I was also waiting for the English translation of Babaji’s message as I’m also not too good in Hindi.. But whenever I attend His satsangh before listening to Him I use to pray to him to make me understand his messge (irrespective of the communication language) and most of the time it’s happening, I’m understanding his mesages. So two days back after receiving His voice message on healing mantra and aumkar chanting, I too thought in the coming days sometimes I will also practise. I had some health issues for the past two days and suddenly severe abdominal pain started. Suddenly I thought of Healing mantra. I didn’t have a printout of Babaji’s photo also. So I just opened His photo in my computer , Sat infront of Him and did the procedure as taught by Babaji. I couldn’t experience any energey flow during that time.. But after that the result was amazing.

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Devotee experience from Lithuania

I would like to tell You how our Beloved Babaji saved my 10-year-old daughter. One time, she was playing on the children playground as it was raining heavily. Everything was wet, so she slipped and fell down from the height of 3 meters. I looked at her, as she was laying in an unusual position and moaning from pain. It was terrible, I took her into my arms, she was as white as a sheet. Suddenly, she started vomiting and I got very scared. My hands found the phone and I wrote a message to Babaji. He answered immediately and sent His Divine healing to Patricia. At that moment, we had arrived at the hospital: she was pale, still vomiting and feeling huge pain in her body. She fell asleep. I understood that Divine energy of Babaji has reached her. We had to wait until they made a radiograph for one hour, as it was Sunday and we were in a small hospital in the village. She opened up her eyes after 40 minutes of sleep. Her face was pink, full of life, and it turned out that she has broken her shoulder only. Believe me, there were way more injuries after falling down from the height of 3 meters, before Babaji has sent her His healing energy.

— Catherine from Lithuania

Meeting with Swamiji Shivananda

First meeting with Swamiji Sri Shivananda (Part 1) – shared by Sai Keshav

It was almost two years back when a very close brother of mine from the Sai Family shared about a Swamiji called Sri Shivananda from Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. He described how he was granted the experience of touching Swami’s form physically and conversing with Swami. I listened to him with great interest and later forgot about it with time.

Fast forward two years, one morning Swami told me – Pack your bag and book your tickets to Kangra. Suddenly I even had forgotten the word Kangra and I was confused where Swami was planning to take me suddenly. Swami then said – first pack, search for tickets then I will tell you everything. It was a different experience as I am packing my bag but do not know what experience i was heading to. I shared the details with my mother to which she said – Oh! I will also join you. I went and said the same to Swami and he said – You are going to experience me as Sri Shivananda, I will then initiate you into something deeper.

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Aug 16 Guru Diksha Devotee Experiences


Sairam to all my divine fellow beings.

After Babaji’s visit to Malagar, I have been getting calls from many who have attended the Gurudeeksha day, some of them to express their gratitude for inviting them and some sharing their experience after Babaji’s darshan. I am sharing here two such experiences.

One mother had come with her 6 year old son who had heart problem and he had to undergo open heart surgery on 19th of September and the Doctor had told them that the boy’s condition is very critical and they cannot even give a 30 percent success rate. Babaji blessed the child with vibhuti water and told his mother not to worry as nothing will happen to her child and he will be fine. On 20th September, the child’s mother called me to say the operation went on well and doctors had told that he will be back to his normal conscious state in 3 days but the boy recovered the very next day after the surgery and started talking normally. She has conveyed her heartfelt gratitude at Babaji’s lotus feet. Continue Reading

Shrikhand Mahadev – Shiva’s Darshan

Om Namah Shivaya!!

Babaji Shivananda Shrikhand Mahavdev

This is an experience shared by Vishal Sagar, the elder brother of Babaji Shivananda. The incident occurred during the recent Shrikhand Mahadev trek in July 2018.

The Shrikhand Mahadev peak is considered one of the abodes of Lord Shiva and opens up for pilgrimage  in the month of July. The peak is at an elevation of 5227 metres(17150 ft) and is generally considered one of the toughest treks in the Kullu district. (Source – wikipedia) Continue Reading

Guru sermon- Mahamrtyumjaya mantra

Experience sharing as received from a devotee from Zurich, Switzerland:

On this Gurupurnimaa day 27th July, I wished to come early from office and attend the bhajans at  our local Sai Center. I was chanting all the way on my return to home the mantra given by Babaji – the Mahamrutyamjaya mantram. Soon after I got into the elevator in my apartment, the elevator got stuck and the doors gave up opening, in fact this was first time in my life I got stuck inside a lift. I tried all tricks including the elevator alarm and screaming so that someone could hear me and call the servicing personnel. Nothing helped and as expected, I started to chant the Mahamrutyam Jaya Mantram and messaged Babaji. Soon after I messaged Babaji, I could get some instant relief the door gave a little gap enabling my voice to reach the apartment inmates. I had just that level of battery in my mobile to call my friend who immediately sent an email to Servicing Co. Normally unlike in India, people seldom come out of the apartment nor bother to attend to others, hence one can imagine the state of affairs being stuck inside the elevator with heavy heart beats and profuse sweating. All along I was praying to Babaji to somehow send someone and get the elevator repaired and let me out. Suddenly I heard some noise, the elevator dropped to the ground floor on its own and within 20 minutes a technician came and even spoke to me in English (seldom people speak in English in this country) and he managed to push the door and I jumped out of the elevator safely. Had I not continuously chanted the Mahamrutyam Jaya Mantram as directed by Babaji, it was sure I would have choked with the fear unable to open the iron doors of the elevator.

Ofcourse I learnt being Gurupurninmaa day the Guru and savior Babaji was always beside me to protect and lead me to safety.

Pranams to Pujya Guruji, thank you Babaji!!

A devotee sharing his first experience of Kangra

Om Sri Sairam… brothers and sisters, my humble pranams to our beloved Swami and our guru Sri Swami Shivananda…

Today, I would like to share the experience I had when I first stepped towards Kangra Sai Mandir. It was on 17th July 2012, when I first went to Kangra Sai Mandir. I was told by some devotees from Punjab about Kangra Sai Mandir and Swami’s divine leelas there. I too wanted to visit the temple but didn’t know the exact location of temple. One day i.e. 17th of July 2017, I was all prepared to go to Puttaparthi but due to some reason I was unable to go and I was very upset and sad about the cancellation of my trip to Puttaparthi. A few hours later on the same day, I received a call from some devotees from Punjab about their plan to visit  to Kangra Sai Mandir, asking me to come and meet them there in Old Kangra.

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Manifestation of ring for a devotee in Delhi

Sairam brothers and sisters.. today I am going to share an experience when Babaji visited my home in Delhi…

It was 21st February, when I invited Babaji for dinner to my house. Babaji came home along with loving Sai brothers Ashish and Vipul and Sai sisters Divya and Poshna. We offered pooja to Swami along with Babaji, followed by dinner. After dinner we chatted for a while and after that Babaji was about to leave and as he was moving towards the door, he suddenly held my hand, started waving his hand and created a beautiful ring given by Swami.. I was amazed to see this unexpected happening… the ring was so beautiful… more beautiful than I could have ever imagined…

Experience shared by a devotee from Australia

Om Sri Sairam. A Humble offering to our beloved master – “The Master we have never seen before”.

Our connection with Babaji at Kangra happened through a friend, a friend with whom we were not even in touch with for more than 9 years. We traveled with no expectations but with a few jitters which I left with the Lord to take care. The humble Babaji and family, elegant altar of Swami, heart warming bhajans, most beautiful Maa and Aarthi set us up feeling so comfortable. It was astounding to feel part of a family on the very first day and little did I expect for my little one to really feel this Love so instantaneously. Continue Reading

Vibhuti Woes

Vibhuti Woes – An anecdote by Srinivas Kalyani Summer 2012, Panipat (Haryana, India)

As I was sitting doodling around in one of my free lectures in college, the heat wave that had engulfed the country was merrily scorching those who were brave enough to wander outside. True, I had decided to stay inside along with many others to feel safer under the roof of my classroom.

I had a very peculiar habit of drinking Vibhuti water (normal water with lots of Vibhuti mixed in it) because I had grown accustomed to the humongous amount of Vibhuti that I used to come back with from Kangra, with love from my Master, Sri Shivananda. I liked to tell myself that the supply of Vibhuti would always be unlimited for me. Hence, I used to drink Vibhuti water and be prodigal with it.

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My Father’s experience with Shivananda Swami

My Father’s experience with Shivananda Swami – 15 Dec 2017 – Sandhya Mehta

Sairam!  There can not be a better day than this to share this experience. It is my father’s birthday today (Mr. Gopal Mehta).

One of the very popular incidence or say miracle by Swami is imparting life as a blessing to someone. This, has happened here in Kangra too on 5th of March 2016 by Shri Shivananda Swami.

Around 3rd or 4th of March there was a big occasion of Shiv-Parvati Kalyanam held at Kangra where people from across the nation came to attend. The occasion was of 3 days as a whole.

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Akshay Patra Vibhuti

Sairam! Here I am making an effort to express one of my very special experiences with Babaji Shivananda (Shivswami). Although it would be impossible to write all the experiences with him; as his presence can be felt at every moment of life which is inexpressible. In this incident I clearly felt his omniscience.

I have always felt that the biggest and the most eternal blessing one can get from Swami is the “Vibhuti”. There are several incidences in past where the Swami has created Akshay Patra for devotees. Having read such incidences many times, it was quite obvious for me to have the fancy to possess one. Therefore, gradually it became a part of my regular prayers to ask for one.

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Experience shared by a devotee during Shrikhand Mahadev yatra

Om. Guru is the stairway to the ultimate destination of humanity. A patron chosen by God to guide the people in correct direction.

We as humans are full of ideas, thoughts, aspirations, desires, thirst & so on. But deep down we are directionless. All these worldly desires keep us away from what actually we are here for, i.e to do good & be good, to help ever hurt never. Guru is like a ray of light which enlightens the dark room of our hearts.

I would like to share one incident. Once we were on our yatra to Shrikhand Mahadev situated in Himalayan range. That was our third day on that pilgrimage. It was so tough that along with my body, my heart was also tired. I was not able to motivate myself to take even a single step forward. We were at an altitude of 19,000 ft above sea level. Ahead, was a huge glacier which was the toughest point in that whole yatra. It was horrifyingly sloppy. I gave up there & stood still.

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