Message dated 10.Feb.2019

Divine Incarnation Day -10.Feb.2019 message manifested at Kangra,Himachal Pradesh, India.

About Year 2019

Upcoming Year 2020, a year of calamities and difficulties

About Year 2019

Be happy children. Be blissful. Swami’s love and blessings are always being showered on His children. I am giving this message after many many days. Swami’s Leela Swarupam(form) has been in Kangra for 14 years now. In the beginning of this 15th year, everything will be good, this is Swami’s benediction.

Children, there is no one in this world without name, work, Karma or Dharma. Bhagawan’s love and his blessings can sometime take his devotee into the darkness of pride, as a result the devotee forgets what he is doing and what all he plans to do in his life. Too much of love leads a man astray towards not doing any work. So it is better to follow the path of toughness (katortha) instead of love. Whenever a Guru teaches his student, the Guru does not bother about what the world thinks or what the disciple thinks. Because the Guru has that special skill, that path he himself has tread and come, he teaches the disciple in the same way.

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Shivaratri 2018 message

Shivratri 2018 Message at Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Be happy, stay blessed my children, Swami’s blessings are always with you all. Today Swami has completed 13 years since he came here at Kangra in his ‘Leela-swaroopam’. In the starting of this beautiful 14th year, Swami blesses you all. Today’s message is very important and unique as I have never given such a message ever before. Since Swami is both happy and unhappy by his children.

Always remember one thing, that is, the time(life) which is granted is granted for it’s proper use. Today’s message is an avowal, revealing the truth, an anandam, to give a complete view of the truth. From today onwards your ideology about life will change, your attitude towards life will change. The thought process will transform completely. Because your ‘Bal- Sai’ will accompany you in his full form. All the exams are completed now. From today onwards your responsibility towards yourself, your loved ones will begin. This message is for everyone, even for those who are not associated with Kangra.

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Transformation of the Yuga

Be happy children ! Be happy !Swami’s blessings will always be upon his children.

Children, why does it look that in this world ASATHYA( UNTRUTH) is on the rise? Nobody is looking at Truth. Lots of things that are being talked about are true and lots of things are false too. The reason being, there is no such vidwan (wise man) or any human who can realize the difference between Truth & Untruth. Man is totally involved in his own thoughts and moving ahead unguided and rudderless.

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Sapta Saundarya Padukas

Children, may you be happy and prosperous. Swami’s blessings are always with you. We talk after a long time. This joy is different. For Me, what is the need of talking? I am the rumination within you, I am bliss, I am the soul of the life, I am Supreme. For you, I am your God. You are not aware how proximate I am to you. May you all live in bliss. Children, cardinally I bless you for Durga Pooja. Every event will follow a very meticulous regularity. Swami’s blessings are with you. Listen children, this Durga Pooja will create history. Trust My word, I refrain from saying anything on this further.

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Message dated 21-Dec-2017

Be happy children. Don’t keep worrying. Swami’s grace is always on His children. I am talking to you after a long time. But from now, Swami will start giving you messages.

Be happy, Swami is happy. Children, the one who keeps experiencing God in everything, he becomes worry-less, like a infant with his mother. A world is built/created in the mind, but that keeps changing too. Sometimes, the world within the mind can become meaningless. On the other hand, the mind can become complete too when God starts residing in him because of his devotion and purity. When a breeze touches such a mind and comes back, it is laden with a divine aroma. It starts humming too and the humming makes another fellow traveller (on the same path) pause and he starts to fill up with joy as well.

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Message dated 11-Mar-2017

My blessings to you! So many things in life. So many things to accept and some things to change. I give you example. Say by 20 years your height increases, while after 21 years if you become overweight.

What is that you can control ? You have in your control to reduce the weight but not the height. Similarly only some things are in your hands and some not within your hands, just accept. Sometimes you are happy what is the real happiness. If you accept things your life automatically will be happy. Swami is with you, swami gives blessings to you. I give blessings for your happiness. That is what is not in your hands don’t think about it. Do prayers, prayers.

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Message dated 11-Feb-2017

Message on 11.Feb.2017,on the occasion of 13th divine advent year.

Be happy children, Be comfortable and peaceful. Swami’s Blessings are always there on his children. Children today is 11th Feb and yesterday on the occassion of Swami’s entry in Kangra house,10th Feb, you all celebrated it with soulful Bhajan. On this Day, Swami’s 12th year of leela got completed. 13th year started and these 12 years of memories were both filled with moments of happiness as well as bad moments filled with difficulties too. But above all these were moments of God’s Grace and His presence in our lives.

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Message dated 21 Jan 2017

Swami is blessing all , Swami is very happy. Swami is doing his Karma (duty) in this body and finding the land for the ashram. God knows everything what and how it should happen. Swami by doing this work, is talking and blessing many people to whomever it should reach, precisely this is what at the moment Swami is doing at Kangra. By performing this karma (duty) swami is blessing all of you.

During an earlier message on 24 th April 2011, Swami said large number of devotees came to see Swami, but now the time has come where Swami will come to you. Swami is doing the Karma to teach you that everything can be attained by doing the karma in this karma bhoomi. If you do good karma(action) you will get good result, Swami himself is performing this karma to give hapiness to many people. Swami is bestowing the bliss by doing his karma. Swami is the indweller in each of you and he is doing the duty residing within you. However, everybody has to do his own duty in this world.

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Message dated 24.Nov.2016

Divine Message on 24th November 2016 at Kangra.

Be happy always Children, Swami’s Blessings are always there on His children.

Children, Swami’s Birthday arrangements and celebrations were done very nicely and was an auspicious event. Swami is very happy. Every one world wide celebrated very beautifully. Whatever activities that we do for God without self interest and with love, that is also a part of one’s Devotion ( Bhakti ).

I Bless the entire world with my Love. Swami in his blessing mode and form states that , next year in this very place, he would give His Divine Darshan and make every one feel blissful .

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Message dated 17.Aug.2016

Message on 17th Aug 2016:

I bless you with happiness, prosperity and everlasting grace. I address you for the first time since the renovation of the Mandir (temple). It makes me really happy to talk to all of you after such a long time.

While plucking soft roses, one does not always escape the sting of the thorns. Despite the risk, roses are liked by everyone. This is the absolute form of Maya (illusion). It contains both bliss and turmoil but even so, the attachment to Maya has stretched across the many births an individual takes. Maya, like an innocent infant attempting to move, assumes its own random course of action and is followed blindly by everyone. It attempts at enticement through various means of deception. Maya is as short lived and as imaginary as the various shapes depicted by clouds gathered over mountains. Once the mountains are no longer under cloud cover, their tranquility induces peace and bliss within oneself. When the Atma (soul/being) attains peace, it transcends to becoming Paramatma (the Supreme Being). Such kind of bliss is eternal and even in nature. The joy and sorrow wrought upon by Maya are brief and uneven in nature. Deep down inside, one knows that Maya is one of the many outcomes of the will of the Supreme Being. There is a very fine line between attaining the Supreme Conscience (reaching God), and going along with Maya. So long as one indulges in Maya, one is aware only of their self-existence. This delusion of having a body and a mind stays until the time when one realises that they are an integral part of the Supreme Being. This realisation drives Maya away and then if an individual were to look at their reflection in a clear river stream, they would see nothing. Instead, one would only hear the musical gamut of the Satsang (good company).

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Message dated 26.Aug.2015


May you be happy my children, Swami’s blessings unto you will be eternal. Swami has addressed you you after a long time. I am constantly monitoring each and every movement of yours. Every single thing you do, doesn’t go unnoticed by Me. Time indicates a turn, leading towards upliftment in the circumstances. The good news is that everything will pan out well, with bliss and love. My children, all of you will continue receiving showers of love from Swami.

Children, with even the slightest rain, the seeds sowed deep inside the ground assume their full form. You’ll find greenery only where there is an abundance of good soil. Similarly, man too is an effigy made of soil. But his true essence lies in the infinitesimal part of the Supreme Being, which he carries with him. This makes man’s life priceless. Soil in any form is invaluable, be it an earthen pot, or the earthen idols of various deities. The light kindled in the lamp made of the purest of earth appears to be as pristine as ever. When devotion assumes the form of patriotism, it is in the name of the same soil that they hold sacred, do many sacrifice their lives. Soil never desires anything in return, but its true value is realised by all when they rely on it.

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Gurupurnima In Kangra 2011

Message on Gurupurnima day in Kangra 2011:

Embodiments of love, may you be happy and blissful. Lead your life on new course. Select a new way of life today onwards. Consider that whatever happened yesterday, that time has passed when one was malignant towards another. The time has passed when you hurt someone in your oblivion. Shun those memories from your mind. Today is a day of joy. Jagatguru (The Master of the universe) is waiting in a magnificent ketch in this devout sea. Come with Me. I will make you cross this ocean (the ‘Bhavasagara’).

Why are you still attached to what is left behind? It was never yours. This means that you are here to attain bliss therefore you must truly seek it. Whatever mistakes you have made, whether intentionally or obliviously, forget them. I will not punish you. Tell yourself, “God, today onwards You are ours, we are Yours.” I am waiting to listen to these words. May you be happy. Bliss is the essence, the gist, the summary of your life. Happiness is the realism of life. Believing that whatever you do is assigned to you by God is a cause of celebration. Embodiments of love, who is guru (master/ teacher)? What is guru? Why there is a guru? Who is guru? Who is Jagatguru? Who is not a guru? Guru is a creation of God. An exotic creation! Guru acquires knowledge from his guru who in turn learns from his next guru.

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Message dated 05-Jun-2011

Message in Kangra on 5/6/2011:

My blessings to you My children. May you be happy and prosperous. Swami is happy and well.

Children, the world is vividly colourful. ‘Colourful’ signifies that the world consists of many colours. The most beautiful colour of them is the colour of love. One who realises the essence of this colour, the one who embeds this colour into their life, their life is colourful in every aspect. They always remain happy. Whenever you get an opportunity to hear from ‘Paramatma: The Master of all souls’, you must focus on whatever the Paramatma says, not on any other thing. Never wait and think to start a good task. Just do it. Dedicate it to God. The consequences- both good and bad will be clear to you. The bad is always associated with good for the sake of ease of differentiation between them.

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Message dated 25-Apr-2011

Message in Kangra on April 25, 2011 :

My blessings to you My children, may you be happy and prosperous. Swami is always with you. Swami’s grace will be maintained upon His each and every devotee. Swami’s blessings will not be abated from anyone. Today everyone knows that Swami has left His body. Satyam Raju Sathya Sai of Puttaparthi has renounced His body. The anticipations of the world- devotees, earthly creatures, little pigeons of Kulwant Hall have culminated. Everyone is thinking that Swami’s form has faded from Puttaparthi. Everyone has grown pensive, or in fact, is becoming nonsensical. Nobody knows what Swami has decided. One can never know Swami’s decision beforehand.

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