Daily Inspirations – 12.Nov.2018

Half truth is dangerous. It is like there is still some sign of life in somebody as if the breathing is still on, the patient is alive yet, the blood is still flowing. This half truth is even worse than a lie because a lie sounds like a lie but these half truth are delusional. I want to collect all the unilateral truths at one place.

Ear is rather special than eyes because ear is more inclusive. Whenever you hear something you hear it omnidirectional. Ear is like a lamp, when illuminates enlightens its surroundings. Eyes are like a torch(flash light), inclusive only in one direction. Philosophy of visuals is unilateral. If you want to go deep in meditation close your eyes, it will take you in deep. This is the reason why one should close his eyes before practicing meditation.

It is to be observed that the Almighty has designed eyes in such a way that you can keep the eyes closed when you want to and open when you wish to. But the ear is not like that. It will be open always, there is no way to close it. Eyes are in your control but ears are in control of the Almighty. It is open even in your darkest sleep, only your eyes are shut.

If someone is standing near a sleeping man he won’t be able to see him. But if you call that man he will be awake. You all are asleep. Listening will give you a way. Your eyes are closed, even if they are open, they’ll only show you the half truth. Complete truth is out of the scope for eyes!

If I give you a small stone in your hand and ask you to see it completely would you be able to do that? You will not be able to see it completely because eyes are so less capable that they will show you only one side of it. Because the other half of the stone is hidden. If you can’t see a small stone properly then how can you see the truth and Almighty completely? Which is why whenever you tried to see, the Almighty promoted the philosophy of incomplete vision. You don’t have to see the truth, you have to hear it! Truth is not like any material which you can see by yourself. Truth is the experience of a person. If that person shares his experience with you you will listen to it.

Even if God stands in front of you, you will not be able to see anything. Lot of people tried and criticized. Why that criticism had to be tolerated? Because people never saw the complete truth, they only saw half truth. This is why I ask you to master the art of listening. The art of listening is the first step in the world of religion. What is this art of listening and how will you master it?

Whenever you listen don’t think of anything else because if you are thinking while listening then you will not be able to hear completely that is being said there. Don’t carry any preconceived thoughts with you before listening. Otherwise those preconceived thoughts will act as a filter. They will colour the thoughts that are being delivered. If you have your own beliefs, your own doubts then you will hear something else which is not what really has been said. You will mould the truth as per your preference. You will yourself convert that truth into a lie.

The fault is when people heard something else which was not what was actually told. The listener had his mind with him which was quite strong. He heard through his mind. If you really want to hear what the almighty wants to tell you then take your mind away. Keep your mind aside. Keep your mind exactly where you keep your footwear before entering the temple. For a moment it is not objectionable to carry footwear inside the temple but the mind is strictly not allowed. Don’t bring your mind inside the temple otherwise the real YOU won’t be able to go inside.

Through the means of listening only the path of welfare and prosperity can be known! Through the art of listening you can separate water out of milk. Because conscience is born! You become Hans (swan)! That is why the intellectuals are known as Paramhans – the ones that can segregate the truth and lie then and there. Their vision is clear. Because they can see the things as they are. They don’t add anything to it then there is no place for doubts.

They say that is your destination but I have already crossed it thousand times. You have also crossed it. We are beating the bush around the temple. We are circling around it. Wherever you go you will be circling around God only. Whatever, wherever you see you see Him only. Whatever you hear you’ve heard Him only. In waterfalls, chirping of birds, whistling of winds there is God. But you don’t recognise him.

They say there is your destination but I have already crossed it thousand times. But the real destination is within you. It won’t be justified to say you have crossed it. Wherever you are the destination is there only. But you don’t have a milestone. Gold is everywhere but you lack the stone to polish it. There are diamonds and pearls around but you lack the vision of a Goldsmith.

।।।। — शिवानंद, 12.Nov.2018