Daily Inspirations – 18.Nov.2018

Om Namah Shivay…
My message for today(Dated 18.11.2018) is about the behaviour of humans because of which they are in constant fear. The fear of losing name & fame makes a man to do things quietly, without bringing it to anyone’s notice. For the sake of saving one’s development & progress he has forgotten the path of love. The man has even forgotten the teachings of god just to live life his own way. My message is for those people. Listen carefully.

Om Namah Shivay…
First of all you have to understand that why you want name & fame. The pride with which you are living has been developed by someone else, by the people around you. Because of people around you, because of their logics, your dignity is developed. You will be in constant fear that anytime, any moment people can change their minds. You must have seen people with big name & reputation losing everything they had, getting wasted. Once they were famous, they had big name & fame but all got spoilt in no time. You see this all happening around you again & again. Definitely it will scare you, but you need to understand the real cause that makes you what you are.

Your pride, ego is dependent on others, when the people tag you as a good person you start acting like that. But when they curse you or use bad mouth against you, you start feeling inferior. They call you beautiful, you feel beautiful. They call you ugly you feel ugly. Because you are no one to yourself. You don’t know yourself. You have given the authority of running your life to others. Your self- unknowingness is the reason for your ego. Try to catch hold of that. Because you don’t know yourself. This is why you consider the opinions given by others as your own. Whatever people say about you, you become that. You are really unaware of your reality. What people think is of utmost importance to you. You live in constant fear of what people will think about you. People are what they are; it doesn’t take much of time for them to change. If people are praising someone then parallely that same person is getting criticised by some other group of people. A person cannot be famous always. He is always part of a game. That game continues forever. A competition keeps taking place because parallely thousand others want to be famous.

The opposition will try all the tricks to defame you; they’ll spread rumours about you. When you will be able to defame the opposition then only you will be famous because in these times of cut throat competition someone has to loose. Only few can be famous, not all. So that fear will be always be there. The image that you’ve created of you is very brittle. You’ve held the image with forces from all directions. If at all any of the forces gets weaken then your image will be bent in a direction. Imagine if all the forces gets weaken at same time then who will save you? You, your kingdom will fall down. Everything will be spoilt. You need to understand that the people who have helped you to make this egoist image of yours, those same people will create cracks in it or they can even demolish it. It’s a big problem. The fear will always be there. Whoever are famous, deep inside they are scared and it is obvious because they have this constant fear of losing their name & fame.

A politician, in the morning, will look for his newspaper at first place. He will not even have his tea at first. The first thing he will do is to read the newspaper in a fear of something being written against him. Because he has this fear losing his name & fame. The people who have earned lot of respect & name are scared deep within. Now a days even while helping someone, just because of the ego of name & fame the path of path of love is ignored. Because he is thinking that whatever he is doing only he can do it. All his efforts & manners lead to the development of ego. And the person does all the wrongs even while working on the path of religion & truth.

People who are assigned at positions to help & serve people somehow misused their positions. People forgot that when god appoints you to do something you actually become god’s slave. You become the employee of god. You become the employee of all those people to whom you have to love & serve. But you take advantage of your position & look down others.

Everyone respects someone who is superior to him & he enjoys being proudy to see someone inferior to him. You don’t have to justify the “I” in you. Until & unless you get to know yourself, you get the self realisation, till then this fear will haunt you. The ones who have recognized themselves have nothing to be afraid of. He will not be bothered by what people talk about him. People will keep telling stories about him but he will be least interested in them because he achieved self realisation.

Are you even completely aware of the image that you have created upon the words of other people? Don’t you know who you are? You can get rid of the fear only when you recognise yourself.

So from today onwards instead of living on people’s ideology, start living your life on your own. Shed off the fear that what people will say about you. This tendency of believing others is self unknowingness. This unknowingness develops only when you don’t respect yourself, when you leave your decisions on others. This self unknowingness can only be eradicated by Meditation. Only by doing meditations you can get rid of this self unknowingness.
Om Namah Shivay.
Sri Shivananda, Kangra, 18.Nov.2018