Divine Message 20 Jan 2016

Why do we need Shakthi Yog ?

Purpose of taking birth as man: People see life in different perspectives. God has made man as his own image and bestowed humans with the faculties of brain and mind. Similar to himself, God has given the mind to human however each one uses the mind differently. God created man and sent him to earth. Man is contained within god. When the Atma seeds in man it takes the form of mind. Thinking, understanding faculty is developed including discrimination of good and bad. Performing good or bad deeds results in certain actions. All these actions are understood by the brain. The Spirit (Atma) when it takes the form of Man or animal there is something that is not all complete in all respects , like animals cannot talk, however man has all faculties in total, and this is the reason god takes the form of man again and again as Avathar.

With the power of mind man has constructed everything. By using the faculty of thinking and understanding man has created lot of things like medicine, internet, electronic(this is time of electronics). Man has used his mind to create everything. Why did god create education, because with good education man can create a job, living that enables you to earn and you can offer service to anybody in any form. Education can instill you the confidence and self sustenance, education makes you self dependent. The education has taken the form of seva like if you study medicine then you become a Doctor or Veterinary doctor to serve animals,or a scientist for invention like telephone, internet for the betterment. To protect oneself God has created the mind to think and decipher everything. Earlier in Sathya Yug, the saints used to meditate for thousands of years and attain the darshan of God and therefore seek some powers as a result of penance like to create or even destroy. Even the weapons used during Mahabarat or Puspak Vimaan during Ramayana was also a result of science. With change of yug every power has been renamed like Brahma Astra(weapon) was used for ultimate destruction. Today the brahma astra is called the nuclear bomb, similar is Pushpak viman which is today’s aeroplane. Everything remains the same and is obtained from the nature. In earlier times saints did penance, now we study for few years to create something. After you study science you invent certain things similar one who studies Sanskrit can learn the vedas or create mantras. Name has only changed from Pushpak viman, Brahma Astra to Aeroplanes, Nuclear bombs.

Though we may have advanced in the field of science, still man cannot attain the power to travel into the future. How and when will the sun rise, water flow this is all under the control of God. Science also has a end, however god has no end. Even after obtaining many things man cannot conclude that he has attained everything. One who has attained everything ultimate becomes god. You might have encountered many sages or holy people who can foretell the future. Even science can predict but with limitations, thus only spiritual power can fill the gap. Science does not believe in God, and science cannot stop death or what is store in the future. How can man become secure, this is very difficult. The world we live today is called Kaal Yug (kali yug) , if man has to live safely he has to travel towards attaining spiritual knowledge. However love is the path that leads you to understand the power of god and it is not easy to love all, even anger is required in some quantity today. How can you be safe from the hands of terror, bombs this is not possible since we are living in Kaal Yug(kali yug) which is nature of this yug. Even children are victims of the intolerance, what is this; it is the real nature of Kaal. During the times of Satya Yug everybody was practising love, however even then saints and sages were killed by demons and thus the god took human form Avathar at that time to protect the good and put an end to evil.

Why is science unable to win over illusion? Maya(Illusion) and Science are two different aspects. Science is also an illusion, that what is created by scientists due to the power of mind, however even science is controlled by an unseen force, To say that ?I? is the biggest problem , one can know illusion through spirituality, hence to mix illusion with Science is not the right thing. The science has created many things and on the other hand also has brought destruction to the mother nature . The evil demons were responsible for the end of Satya yuga , god took human form only to put an end to evil forces in Satya Yug. Today Science has the form of both creative and destructive nature, science has made many things easy as well as difficult. Science is a creation of God and both the positive and negative powers are contained within God. When negativity raises to the maximum , positivity puts an end to it. The advancement of science will come to an end one day with nature playing a lead role. The cycle of nature will begin again the same purity, a new era(yug) will dawn until then we will witness this negativity, war and mishap.

Shakthi Yog, the mission of Shivananda will provide a platform to control oneself , however this does not mean the whole world will be corrected.