Kathmandu Satsang discourse dated 06.June.2019

|| Om Namah Shambhave |||| Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha ||

Babaji’s Discourse on 6 June 2019

What is Omkar? Omkar is a wordless sound. It is not a word; it is only a sound or dhwani. Omkar is the origin of every religion. Every religion has Omkar as its root. Omkar has a great importance in every religion. That is a wordless sound. Omkar is a sound that is resonating in the entire universe. It keeps resonating. One who can hear this Omkar resonating from within, he knows everything.

We are not referring to the Omkar we chant which is very easy to hear but to the Omkar which is constantly resonating from within. Omkar is the source of all positive vibrations. Once we hear this Omkar resonating from within, it marks the beginning of our spiritual journey. When you close your eyes and try to listen to the sound from within without any thoughts, without chanting, remaining blank or silent, then we will be able to hear the sound.

When we look at this mantra Om Namah Shambave, OM denotes that wordless dhwani or sound from within, Namaha refers to us bowing down to Shambave. Shambave is a combination of ‘Sha’, which stands for Shiva, and ‘Amba’, which stands for Shakti. Therefore, when we chant Om Namah Shambave, we salute Shiva and Shakthi.

From now, those who are associated with Babaji will greet each other with Om Namah Shambave.

We often think – how do we bring positive feeling and how do we become positive? The easiest and simplest way is to close our eyes and listen to this Omkar, which is resonating all across the universe. After 10 or 15 minutes, once we are able to feel the resonating Omkar that engulfs us completely, that is when we come to a positive frame of mind. Even then, we are not completely positive but we attain a balance between positive and negative.

Omkar rids you of any confusion that you may have. For example, there are followers of Swami, Mata or Shiva here. Now there is a new Babaji in the picture. There is a likelihood of confusion developing within us. There is no need to fall prey to any kind of confusion. You can make Omkar itself your guru and that will rid you of all confusions. There are many paths and many gurus. Each guru has his own way of teaching but the goal is the same. You may take any path, but the destination is the same. When you come across any confusion make Omkar your guru and get rid of your confusion.

What is the Goal? The goal is to bring us close to humanity, to be able to give love and receive love from each other. What happens in a classroom? The teacher teaches the same subject to 50 students. At the end of the year during exams, 20 of them achieve a first class, 10 of them get a second class and another 20 do not pass. Is that the fault of the teacher? No. The teacher has taught the same subject to all the 50 children. It depends on how these children have received and how well they have understood the teaching. The first 20 who have passed in first class have understood the teaching properly and interpreted it in the correct manner. Students who passed with second class, have not understood the subject completely, but added their own interpretation on it. Those who have failed have misinterpreted 50 to 60% of the teaching.

When we talk of Jnana or wisdom, if it was possible to disseminate this Jnana or wisdom through teachings from various gurus, by now everybody would have attained that wisdom. If one could understand life merely by walking or just going along, then everybody would have reached the goal.  In fact, people do not only walk, they run. Along with this moving or walking if we were to keep one word in mind, that word is ‘mindfulness’ or ‘awareness’. If we were to associate that word mindfulness with our walking then perhaps we would reach the goal. Once you are mindful, once you are aware then there is no need to walk any further. This is because that awareness itself is the goal. Along with our movements, we should be mindful and aware.

How do we develop this quality of mindfulness or awareness when we are moving along in life? In order to develop this quality, one needs to give up seeing and develop the quality of listening. You give up Darshan sashtra and develop Shravana. For example, if I were to tie your hands and tell you to close your eyes, you can close your eyes. If I say to keep your mouth shut, you can do it. However, if I ask you to stop listening, you cannot do so because your hands are tied. This is something, which is not in our control. It is in the control of the cosmos. When anything is presented, first listen to it and take it into your thought process. Then bring it to your sight. Do not see and directly take it to your brain. Any prayers, poojas, yagnas we undertake those are more for our protection and not for our self-realization.

In your life you have to make one important decision or choice – do you want to always remain positive or do you want to know yourself? You have choose either of these. You cannot get both. Because it is not easy to be always positive. God is the creator of everything and this includes the positive energies and the negative energies. For example, anger. If God did not have anger in him and only love, then why did He annihilate the asuras and demons? If you really want to attain self-realization you have to go away from your belief systems, you have to move away from the scriptures, you have to move away from any kind of religion because will not teach you self-realization. If I were to ask you does God exist, you would all say yes. If I ask is this your personal experience or is it just your acquired knowledge, all of you will say this is our acquired knowledge.

Once we are born, we are taught that we are also God and emanate from God. How do we know this? We teach the same to our children. Yet we keep questioning – who am I? We are taught that we are god but we still have this question of – who am I? If we talk of the vedas or any other scriptures, these are tools and aids for us to help and guide us. However, they cannot answer the question – who am I? This proves that it is a very different subject.

The answer to this question does not lie in the vedas or any other scriptures. If you were to come to me with choice that I want to be positive and happy always, which by the way is actually not possible. I can still help you by teaching you a particular mantra, referring to you a specific scripture or text, which can take you in that direction. If you come to me with the question ‘who am I?’, then I will ask you to keep away from these scriptures & texts because the answer does not lie in them. If you were to go on this journey of ‘who am I’, then it is like starting all over from the scratch. It is like getting back to the nursery where you have to be taught right from A,B,C…

If you come to that class searching for an answer for ‘who am I?’, bringing your knowledge from books & scriptures, then you will not move forward at all. One who is totally empty can understand emptiness. How can you understand emptiness when you bring a baggage of acquired worldly knowledge? It is very important that you come to this class with a totally clean slate. If you all have bookish knowledge then there can be nothing to be written on it. You have to wipe and give up all that, only then something can be written on that slate to lead you on that journey of ‘who am I?

Referring to our daily routines, we pray once in the morning & evening. In between we carry out some good deeds and activities or we go to work. Our entire day’s schedule is packed. We spend time for others without giving a second for us. If we had spent even a second on thinking about ourselves, then we would have been on the journey.  If we think I am a very devout Hindu, or a very knowledgeable Hindu or a Christian or a Sikh, and if we think that is our knowledge; then that is our first sign of ignorance. For example we went to the Pasupathinath Temple this evening, what was it all about? We witnessed a huge drama.

What is the outcome of this knowledge we speak about, what is the outcome of this Hindu dharma? Dharma is nothing but humanity, humankind but today we had two people who could not enter the temple because they were not Hindus. The people, who call themselves the protectors or followers of dharma, are the ones who actually follow Adharma. As long as we keep dividing ourselves based on religion, we will never be able to attain that knowledge. We will continue on this path that we think is dharma but is actually not. I do not accept this as any dharma at all.

If we want to remain positive always, want our family to remain happy, then we firmly believe that whatever rituals we carry out everything stops with that. However, if our mind is still restless if there are questions cropping from within then it is time for us to realize that we have to know ourselves. It is no longer a question of knowing God.

Talking about bhakti or devotion, a true devotee will not pray to God for the shore or the banks of a river. He will tell God – you can throw me right in the middle of the ocean or river, that itself is the shore for me. This is because there is no question of fear when he has true devotion. In the previous satsan, Babaji mentioned about the true devotion.

Similarly, in life, when you come across a situation where you have committed something wrong or where you have thought something wrong, do not be afraid of it. Babaji has told us about this previously as well. He shared the story of a 75-year-old man. His friends want to give him a special gift on his 75th birthday. They wanted to give him an experience, which he has not had in his life. They asked him what he would like to experience. He wanted to fly in an aircraft. They arrange for the flight and while it lands, the pilot asks him if he enjoyed the flight. He replies that he enjoyed it. However, fearing if he put the luggage on the floor or the top of the flight, the flight might crash, it was carried by him all along. With all this fear we set out to find God. There is no need of finding him, as God is not lost anywhere.

Talking about find God, if in your life you are doing good and bad, out of fear don’t hold the bad to yourself. Offer that to god as well. He will take care of it too. The analogy is how long you can keep eating potatoes. Can we continue eating potatoes all three meals of the day? Similarly allow it to let go and god to take over. God is responsible for everything at the end of the day. Whether you are filled with positivity or negativity, no matter where you go or run, finally you will collide with him. Even anything negative you do first have acceptance for it. One should also have the courage to accept, in public, the negativity in you. Do not say that we are making an effort but we are not able to do it. That is not the right attitude. In one form or the other, it is as if you are just saying but not trying to solve it. Once we have the total determination, it is possible to do. If we talk of the mind and the intellect, we are the master of the mind. Most the time it happens that, we happen to do things that the mind and intellect dictate rather than we dictating what they should do. Have we ever ordered our mind and said you cannot do this; I am the master of the mind.

One problem that we all are having is we have not surrendered completely to Babaji. We do not trust him completely. If you want to know yourself, you cannot come with your own thought process, as your purpose is defeated immediately. Here Babaji is very lenient and relaxed. There are gurus who jump from here to there and the shishyas blindly follow. I am not telling you to do that. All I am saying is you trust me completely and surrender.

When you are coming to Babaji be very clear that he can decide on how he handles you. Only then his work starts. Otherwise, you are wasting Babaji’s time also. After this yatra Babaji is going to be very strict about it. Only those who trust in what he is doing will be able to move forward. Others who are still doubtful will be in the general queue and not in the VIP queue. Even if some of his actions creates doubts, you should accept him as it is. Only with your acceptance, his work begins. We have to just follow, not think. Whatever we think is our thought process. He has nothing to do with it. Once you give it. You are giving it up for your mother and she will take care of it.

Babaji says do not stop any prayers or rituals you do regularly. It is for the protection of your near and dear ones. We are singing to praise God. HE feels happy on hearing that and you feel satisfied. As long as you are satisfied with that, continue prayer. If you want to go beyond, you need to accept the next level. Every religion tells you that enjoy the bliss of solitude. Solitude does not mean that you go away to a mountain or forest and live alone. Penance does not mean that you go stand in the burning sun outside. There are so many animals, which spend their entire day outside in the burning sun, but they do not attain self-realization. It also does not mean that you starve yourself by fasting because there are so many people and animals who do not get food every day. That does not mean that they attain self-realization.

When we start loving everyone spirituality begins in us. When we see happiness everywhere, we become spiritual. Take a deep breath, think of people confusing you, and people who make you happy. Just listen into your heart. We only make ourselves worry about everything. Leave it to God who is the creator of everything. The day you become happy, unhappiness will never touch you. Try what I say for 6 months. You do your regular activities along with what I said. Give more time to yourself. See how your body and mind is charged with positivity. This is the meaning of Art of living. All of you are blessed with a very good heart, family and friends. Give your everything to your gurus. You all are blessed with two gurus because you are pure at heart. Do not be afraid of anything. Only think about the present and not the future.