Kathmandu Satsang discourse dated 07.June.2019

|| Om Namaha Shambhave || || Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha ||

Babaji‘s Discourse on 7th June 2019

A swan has this ability to separate milk from water. Similarly, there is a title that saints or Guru’s bestowed with – Paramahansa. Not everyone is bestowed with the title of Paramahansa – there are certain qualities that need to be reflected within the Guru.

A disciple knows knows what he really is, how he views his Guru, what he thinks and believes about his Guru. Some Gurus wish to change qualities of a disciple for their own selfish reasons. They may praise you, or say you are great devotee. They may add something to you which may not be correct. However, a Paramahansa is a Guru who accepts you as you are. He has the ability to separate your good qualities from your bad qualities and show both of them to you. Paramahansa is a Guru who accepts you as you are. He accepts his disciple as he or she is with good as well as bad qualities.

Many people ask me – Babaji, what do you see or what do you perceive when you look at us? My answer has been – as long as I am an ordinary human being I will also see you as another human being whether its Neha or Sunil or Banu. I will see you as individuals. But, once the title of Guru or Babaji or Swamiji or Bhagvan is bestowed upon me, then I don’t see you as separate from me. This is because I have brought about some changes in me and acquired that title as a Guru or Babaji. Once I see you from that perspective, I see myself in you. I see you as myself. Therefore, when I see you as myself I do not want to hurt myself. I do not want to think ill of myself, say anything bad about myself or create sorrow for myself. That is how I view you.

I see you all as myself. In the last 8 years (since 2011), whomsoever have been associated with me, there are some who criticized me,  some who view me differently but none of them can ever stand up in front of me and say that I have done any harm to them or I have hurt them in anyway. This is not my ego nor is this  my self-realisation, but it is my Dharma to not hurt anybody associated with me and to see myself in them.

When you have joy and sorrow in life, accept both as prasadam received from Him (the Creator). That is when you will have that sense of equipoise or equanimity in you. It is not easy to achieve, you cannot do it right away. It takes some time it takes some effort. However, what happens is that, when you truly accept pain or sorrow as His blessings that is when pain and sorrow will leave you. Then you will have eternal joy.

The question to Babaji is do you get angry with your disciples? Babaji’s answer is, yes. He does sometimes get angry but it is for a very short while. It may be for a few minutes and then the anger subsidies. Babaji goes on talking about anger. When you say ‘I have got over my anger’, I will say that you are a fool because it is not possible for you to complete what you have not started. You don’t know the origin of anger, therefore   you cannot finish it. When God says stay away from the six evil qualities of anger, jealousy, lust, greed etc., it means that you should have control over them. You cannot completely overcome them nor can completely stay away from them. However, you can control them. If anger were to beeliminated, how would you correct a child who is doing something wrong? Tomorrow, if your child utters obscene words and instead of reprimanding the child, you shower love, then the child’s future is completely spoiled. Anger has its uses in the right circumstance. If you correct your child by using anger as a tool, then that is the right use of anger. Similarly if you  want to  eliminate greed, then do not sit and talk to me as if you don’t have attachment or Moha as we call it. Without this quality how would you thirst for God? All these qualities have a certain use. The creator has made these qualities for proper use in the right circumstances and at the right time.

The next question to Babaji is about the use of these six qualities under the right circumstances and at the right time. Sometimes we are unable to exercise the total control over these qualities or use them only in the right situation. How do we go about attaining or achieving that control? Babaji answers it with the three gunas we all have, the Sathva, Rajo and Tamas. All the cells in our body have Protons, Electrons and Neutrons. The electron is the negative aspect, the Proton is a positive energy feed and the Neutron is the one which is neutral and maintains the balance. Similarly, we have the three gunas in us in which Sathva is the positive feed, Thamo guna is the negative energy feed and the Rajo guna is the one, which keeps a balance between the other two gunas. Many a times we say we do not want to lose our temper but we still do. It is not that the breeze has carried the temper and injected it to you. It is due to the (lack of) balance, which has to be maintained in the body. If we encounter this situation where we are not able to control some of these qualities, it means that there is an imbalance in the 3 gunas in our system. We need to work on to bring a right balance within us between these 3 gunas so that we can control our senses, so we will be able to get angry when we want to be angry. We will be able to show love when we want to show love. We will be able to use these qualities to the best of the circumstance.

How do we go about achieving this balance? In the previous section Babaji mentioned, once you achieve this balance, you become a sanyasi in spirit. Being a sanyasi does not mean you wear ochre Robes. One way to achieve this balance is by diet. Be conscious of your food intake. For example, when you see the rise of Tamo guna in you, then you can give up eating garlic, onion, masoor dal etc. Understand that God creates these too. . You can have as much as you want. However, when you are in a situation requiring you to overcome Tamo guna, then avoid these foods to bring back a balance.  When the gunas are not balanced, then your body and mind are not balanced. There are other mechanisms also for achieving this balance. When we feel that the rise of guna unexpectedly,we can control that with a good Sattvic diet. We ascribe it to some external factor but the truth is that it is because of an imbalance in our body.

Another mechanism for control of senses is Meditation. Babaji says pranayamam helps in this regard.

Another devotee questioned – When you say everything is within us, then how does the external objects such as mala, crystals, stones etc. help?  Babaji says, “Anything that exists in this creation which has a name is there for a purpose. These beads, Rudraksha, stones they have a certain energy value in them. They are like medicines for a phase that you may be going through. As per astrology, you are influenced by the position of the stars, planets and your birth sign. Any great mathematician can work that out for you and tell you what the problem is and what the solution is. In the form of a solution to help you come out of the problem these stones, crystals help because of the energy present in them. In addition, the faith you have in their efficacy also is important. That also plays an important. When you do not believe in them at all, then it will not work for you. One example is a Shivalinga in the temple. You go to a temple and worship a Shivalinga made of stone. With your belief and faith you are get what you pray for. Actually what you are doing is, imparting your faith on the Shivalinga. You are imparting the Pranic or Healing energy in that Lingam. So due to your faith, sincerity your prayers are answered. It is not just your prayer. In every temple, we have thousands and lakhs of people visiting these temples and praying in front of the same Shivalinga. Individuals imparts their Pranic or Healing energy. So the energy is multiplied many fold and it is coming back to you as an answer to your prayers. The same applies in the case of these stones; they have their purpose in creation as well as their energy. But once you impart your faith in them, they work for you. They may not permanently solve your problem, but they definitely help you in reducing the magnitude of the problem or helping you come out of it”.