| Babaji on Meditation- 13 Dec 2020 |

First, I will be giving you which meditation techniques I will run you through along with their names. Primarily , you need to know what is meditation and what are the types of meditation. There are two types of meditation. In one type – in which the person takes out all the negative energies inside him and fills it with positivity. All the play in our body and the environment around us, flows in two energies positive and negative. Take a light or a tube; the bulb has two filaments, one connects to positive and one connects to the negative. If both are connected to positive or both to negative , you can get a blast. When a person sits for meditation a lot of negative thoughts enter in his mind because of which he is unable to meditate. Our body does not want to think anything negative ; but after thinking or doing something negative , we repent about it and feel that we should not have done that. We surmise that there is some energy within us that makes us do whatever is negative or whatever is positive. We wonder what could this be . We pray to God – please help us meditate ; however , when we pray and try to meditate by force , we will never be able to meditate as it is a different technique all together . Meditation is apart from prayers, other sadhanas like chanting or any other.

That some energies are in your body that made you think or perform certain acts is a misconception. There is nothing of that kind – I am telling you. There are three gunas or three energies - Rajo guna , Tamo guna and Satwa guna. If you observe – these three energies flow like a triangle. Look at Bhagwan Buddha sit in meditation – On top at the head is one guna , on one knee is one guna and on the other knee is another guna; so it is in the form of a triangle. So when you too sit for meditation , these gunas are in the form of a triangle. So when you get negative thoughts or you get positive thoughts it does not mean that some energy from outside is making you do this or any energy from outside has influenced you. This energy is inside you and it is due to the imbalance of the three gunas within your body that influence your thoughts or actions. So before you do any meditation, if you look at it in a scientific way , you will see that the atoms in all things on earth, is made of three particles - protons, electrons and neutrons . All these are present inside us and they too form a triangle. They also flow with rajo guna , satwa and tamo guna . In these , tamo guna embraces the negative energies; the satwa guna contains the positive energies. Rajo guna potentiates either of the two; meaning , if you are involved in a negative thought or work , Rajo guna will reinforce it till such time that your three energies within you are not balanced. When you see an idol of Gautam Buddha you will find Him in stillness. If you were able to see him actually taking yourself back in time , you would have felt that He is an idol and not a living entity. That silence , that stillness that you see in an idol was as much in His physical reality when He was alive ; so that you cannot perceive the difference between the two. So with meditation you can obtain that silence and stillness within you – and if you control the energies and balance the energies within you , one cannot make out whether it is your murti or whether you are sitting live – such stillness can be obtained with meditation. You too can reach that level. However, any technique you follow you have to do it wholeheartedly. The other technique is where doing meditation you will meet your true self. In this technique you can experience different types of energies. You will be in a different world – in that you will experience peace , silence and happiness and will experience it on all your four sides. There are many little methods that I have imparted to different people at different times. What we are starting now, many things will be different when you begin practice , which you will because you have been chosen for it . There are many people in this group listening to me now who don’t get proper sleep. Sometimes there is a break in their sleep, or they need to sleep more hours and even after waking up they don’t feel rejuvenated. There are others who need to take drugs to put them to sleep.

First and foremost , with this technique you will be taught , you will see that you sleep in twenty minutes in such a manner that you haven’t slept for a number of years. With this technique , your atma your body , your energies and thoughts that were restless will feel that a lot of burden has unleashed from within you and you will feel a hundred kilos lighter. This is called Yog Nidra . After Yog Nidra , the 2nd technique will be on the seven chakras – the chakra meditation. The third meditation is called Shakti Yog , That is the meditation technique took me from ‘Titu’ as what my parents called me and later I became Shiv Sagar and further on Babaji .

Today we will discuss very specifically Yog Nidra. What is Yog Nidra? It is a form of sleep – it is a way of making you sleep , -depending on how long you sleep say - for twenty minutes or an hour. I am taking you through this technique because though you sleep , and may sleep for 6-8 hours you don’t feel rejuvenated , and still feel restless ; this is not because of lack of sleep ; it is because of the energies within you are that not balanced ; so that though you may be sitting in silence you feel sleepy – as your mind , body and your energies within are not relaxed . So it is difficult to go into any meditation technique . The triangle of the three gunas inside your body right now running amock needs to brought to balance and for that you need yog nidra. People in this group understand Hindi or English or Spanish or other languages. So it will not be possible for me to make you do the technique right now , due to communication issues. I will send an audio of simple procedures. I will record it in English and you can take your attention to what I am imparting and most certainly you will benefit out of it. It is both very easy and beautiful so that you will wish to be in Yog Nidra . It is important that you find a place in your home where there are no extraneous noises. Yog Nidra will control your thoughts, will control your blood pressure and will improve your concentration or single minded focus on any thing. Some people have the habit of thinking a lot on small issues pertaining to their lives. Yog Nidra will control many unnecessary thoughts that abound. It will bring balance within you which is most important. Why do you get angry? You sleep but your thinking process continues . If you really sleep you wouldn’t dream. Many people get dreams that are untoward , that cause fear , resulting in mental distress and anxiety. Why does all this happen to us because the triangle of gunas are not balanced despite chants , or sadhana that you practice. Yog nidra is very common and you can procure knowledge about it from a variety of sources ; however the technique for which you have sought me out , you need to follow that , not because you have to follow only me – no!! It is very important that when you are learning techniques , it is better to follow one path. Tomorrow I will record an audio and send you ; it would have been nice if we were together as there are many aspects like the environment , how we sit , what we eat , the kind of clothes we are in - in order to get an optimum experience . When we meet for the three day festival , we will do all these techniques together . When we do Yoga Nidra , have light food – you need not avoid any item but it is advisable to partake light food. Secondly the clothes you wear should be light and comfortable. You need to sleep separately and not 2/3 people together because there is a way to sleep which will be mentioned in the audio. You will see that the energies rise from your feet and going upwards reach the top of your head. At one moment you will feel that you are separate from your body . A very good experience commonly found is that either you weep or become very peaceful; you don’t have to fear this because it is a cleansing system and the negative energies are getting washed off with the tears. I give all of you very many blessings as in this journey I am taking you along and I am very happy about it . It is a golden opportunity for you as much , that you are going forward with Babaji and I too promise you that In this life you will get so many experiences that you could not have imagined. After doing these techniques for some time , say for months or a year , I promise you that a day will come when you will by yourself reach out to those around you to touch their lives with these techniques so that their lives are lighted . In this life it is very important that a guru gives you a hand and why he holds you - is so that you lend the same support to others. You will see that it is very easy to hear your own voice . That voice is not with words that you will hear. You will experience a deep peace so that with the experience of that peace , it will be an experience through which everything that you need to know will be conveyed to you.

You must have heard a word Shaktipat. In this , the guru places his thumb on your forehead – between the eyebrows and passes his energies to you . With this your kundalini gets activated. Some time earlier I had said that I would be choosing twelve people for secret meditation. After that I kept quiet for some time. Then I suddenly said that there is no secret technique. The reason was to ignite your interest and a desire gets born in you to learn the technique. When your prayers for this became complete , I decided that I will teach you. I also mentioned that these techniques will be taught for three months; while starting the meditation I had also said that we will meet for the bhakti festival in March . I told you about Shaktipat.

All these have a confluence ; so these three months are very special ;I first tell you I will teach for three months ; then there will be a festival ; and guru will bless you meaning the practice of aligning the energies that you would have done for three months , the guru places his thumb on your forehead and through his Shakti will activate your kundalini . All this is Babaji’s plans. I send you all my love and blessings and from tomorrow and all of you have to practice Yog Nidra