| Divine Meditation Satsang 3rd January 2021 |

Om Namah Shambhave.

Today I will be telling you about the Feminine Power within me that has been a part of my life. That same Power is inside all of us. Right from early childhood I was attached to the Durga form of Devi – the form that killed the Mahishasur demon. I would be filled with joy and bliss whenever I saw that form of Devi and often pleaded in the home for permission to make the durga idol by myself. In 2006, I made it for the first time! With that - the love of Devi Maa and her darshan I received many times in my life. It used to be powerful and very blissful. With Devis darshan is meant – that God gives love like a mother. That is, God giving you love the way a mother gives you love. Take the relationship with God or guru or your parents, siblings or anyone - only where there is the emotion of love, mothering and endearment – the way a mother cares for you, there alone there is a true relationship. In my life’s journey, I always received the power and energy to move forward with Mother’s Darshan and love. There are many types of rituals prayers and sadhanas which help us appreciate - the love and power of the goddess within us and experience them around us. However, with Mother’s love comes along Her anger or resentment. When Mother is angry, resentful or is upset with you, the underlying reason is your welfare, your good, and she wants to confer on you the power to move forward in your life. Influenced by mothering, she may chastise you but she will never desert you. This is so as Mother is synonymous with Shakti or the Feminine Power. It is only with that power inside you that you become competent to do anything.

Why do we see the Gods and Goddesses, gurus and saints in a meditative posture in photographs? Look at Lord Shiva. He is deeply engrossed in meditation. Look at Lord Brahma or lord Vishnu or any other form – their very faces, their symbolisms and gestures are of meditation. When they are Gods why ever do they need to meditate? Everyone meditates to reach god. What does God want –from meditation ? Why is God – ‘God’? Within God is His Power – to control the whole Universe and run the Universe. It is with His Power alone that the world goes on. Only if you have power can you meditate. It means that if you have power or when God has power, that any activity can be done. Without meditation , only being a simple mendicant [sadhu] or a being a god or a world teacher doesn’t make the undertaking of any work easy . Just reaching a level isn’t everything ; after that too, one has to continuously concentrate or meditate on the power inside. Once the power inside gets activated , it has to be kept harnessed for which one needs to be always focused on the Inner Power. That is why, when a god or goddess or saint is meditating, it is on their inner power, their inner Shakti . In order to control and keep it charged, they sit perennially in meditation with their eyes closed. In the same manner, you are able to witness the Devi or the Shakti or the Feminine Principle all the time in the Nature that is spread out before you. The Divine Nature is your Mother. The way you are being carried forth , the way every single minute detail is being carried forth with Her Divine Power , it is now the time to receive power from this Power – the Jaganmata or the Universal Mother! When you do meditation, not only the powers inside you , but the powers spread around you in Nature , also begin to enter inside you and it is necessary that both have to be assimilated. Many people have experiences with meditation; however along with the experiences and after the energies enter your body, there can be many difficulties too such as blocking of energies, body related issues .

Why does all this happen? Some people cannot sit for too long. Some fall asleep. Some people get a lot of problems after concentrating on the seven chakras. Some have problems after concentrating on the Kundalini and have to face many such issues. All these are varied problems related to meditation. When the kundalini is awakened, it travels upwards to reach the crown chakra or Sahasrara and resides there. When kundalini is awakenned , as it travels upwards , it pierces your seven chakras and reaching the Crown – resides in the Sahasrara Chakra. When you expect a visitor in your home, you always clean up the entrance area as well as the house for welcoming the visitor. Youtake care that the entry point is tidy. In the same manner when Kundalini is to be taken to the Sahasrara , it is very important to know whether we have taken control of the seven chakras or no. You need to learn the techniques before awakening the kundalini . Through Beej mantras we gain control of them and then we awaken the kundalini . You can only do these techniques in the presence of a master. Similarly those who are unable to sit long for meditation have to practice Yoga in order to circumvent this issue. Yoga helps you to gain flexibility so that you can sit long in meditation. Many here , know yoga very well. I gave you a few techniques earlier and you are doing them well. For about five minutes, all of you close your eyes; if you are alone, it is okay; however, if others are around you, sit comfortably and hold each other’s hands meaning clasp each other’s hand. All of you please close your eyes.

Take three deep breaths within and exhale in the same manner. Now we will say Omkar eleven times. Repeat after Me. Feel happiness. Let your face be full of smiles and happiness. Oooooooom!! [Eleven times] In this manner, if we or any person near you has difficulties or if anyone has physical distress, we can hold his hand and chant this way – eleven / twenty one times or innumerably , you will realize that it has the role of a medicine and you can do it in groups . If we talk about positive energy or positive power, what is its’ shape, what is its’ note and what is its’ frequency and vibration? Whatever there is , it is all in Omkar.

About the New Year 2021 that has just begun, I will tell you a few things. First and foremost I shower on all of you plentiful blessings for the new year 2021. The year has brought with it happiness and blessings for all of you. It will be a year of peace for everyone. Whatever were the hitherto concerns regarding diseases which you may have traversed , will all settle down very soon so that you will live fearlessly as of before; however , one thing you need to bear in mind always that situations can change anytime. What we learnt in the last year - praying for others, praying for the welfare of others , harboring good will for others , loving nature , all these should be kept in focus all the time. Whatever you imbibed in the year 2020, you will have to bear in mind through your whole life, until the last breath. This that you have received - is a new life for you. This life that the lord has gifted you now, every thought , every penny – in terms of the good and the bad that you gave out to the world , your emotions of all kinds - anger , jealousy , resentment – offer it all to the Lord. What man had taken for granted – about Life itself , he recognized now that life too is not his and it belongs to God. During such times of adversities God spared you your life. This , your life - belongs to God alone. Choose now, a path of righteousness and truth. In the journey of all your lives , I remain eternally with you. Whenever you remember me , at that very moment I will be in present before you in one form or the other as your friend and will walk with you always. The new year is like an open book for each of you. The pages are empty ; You have a pen in your hand . Begin to write – your journey of your life ahead. My love to everyone of you. Greetings for the new year. All of you free yourselves of [the ownership of] karma and dharma. Leave every burden at the feet of your guru. Guru has the power in his hands to ferry you across the sea of life. Next week , I will meet you for a very important topic on meditation.

You can ask two questions Gaurav Bharadwaj : Can the technique of Omkar healing be done for anyone or only our own family members?. Babaji: Most definitely as there is no one who is either ours or alien to us. Everyone is ours . You can do it for flowers, plants , animals and birds or all things animate and inanimate. The first healing I had taught – needs that you have to purify yourself first. However this omkar healing is a direct procedure since this is a vibration present in everybody. Dr Sai Kausthubh : I enjoyed your satsang and happy to receive your Omkar healing. I find it difficult to meditate as when I sit for meditation I fall asleep and so am unable to experience the effects of meditation.

Babaji : What time do you meditate / and before or after food ? You need to start with basics. Start late – just before sleep , for half an hour do meditate. You will receive the link for Yog Nidra – through which your body will begin to relax. This technique is one of deep sleep by which when you sit in meditation, you will not fall asleep unless you wish to. When your body is not relaxed you fall asleep ; but when your body is relaxed, you will not fall asleep unless you wish to and you can meditate. Do it continuously for a week after which you can perform any meditation technique that you have been following and you will see that you are no more troubled by this difficulty. Swami is always with you and blesses you always, and will definitely move forward in meditation –so I bless you !!