| Divine Meditation Satsang – 20th December 2020 |

Om Namah Shambave

My Love and Blessings to every one of you. Om Namah Shivaya Om , Om Namah shivaya Om Om Namah Shivaya ! Om Hara Hara Om! First and foremost as I had mentioned on Yoga Nidra , I have recorded the audio and you should be getting it today or by tomorrow morning. As I was a little extra busy, I wasn’t able to give it to you earlier. Whatever I have instructed in the audio you will need to follow - diligently step by step. Someone asked me two beautiful questions. I wish to give you answers to those questions one after another.

The first one: “What exactly is meditation”?

The answer to the question lies in the word itself! Meditation is - getting full control of one’s attention and focusing it and having focused one pointedly , getting to know the truth –“ who I am ”? In the sense, putting your whole attention on a focal point, and having done that, realizing ‘who I am’ is meditation. The name you now hold on to, that gives you -your identity is that bestowed on you - by your parents. The name that you call yourself and the other’s address you by - is not what you truly are. Knowing the truth of your own self is meditation. In reality, recognizing – ‘who I am, why am I here what is the purpose of one’s life and meaning of my existence ‘is the very essence of meditation. Truly speaking 90 % of people have varying individualities – with their employer, servant, friends, parents, family etc. With each of these relationships, there are different individualities that arise in the same person. However, in a nutshell –every person has three individualities..

1. The one who he thinks he is.
2. The one he projects to others and what he would like them to see.
3. In reality what he really is but is unaware of, even to himself.

Realizing the third facet which he himself doesn’t know is meditation. The second question is: ” Why should I do meditation and what would be the benefits that would accrue to me finally , by doing meditation”? If you have an impression that meditation will fetch you wealth, fame honor, glory and reputation , you are completely mistaken. Meditation is wholly and completely related to your inner being or atma alone; it has nothing to do with any material world and its’ benefits . Meditation is only related to your inner being and its’ relationship to your body. It has nothing to do with the external world and all that it brings around you. The diet for your atma is not food; its’ only diet is meditation. Meditation alone will give you the awareness of your atma. With this alone as you progress, you will experience many wondrous experiences. If you look at it scientifically, science accepts that only ten percent of one’s brain is utilized routinely. Ninety percent of the brain is unutilized and you are unable to utilize it. If you consider that somehow if this part can be availed of and put to use , then your full brain would get utilized , and its’ impact is beyond the scope of your imagination. . Your brain will begin to decipher those things which are beyond your capability and understanding right now. In simple words – with an example, if you were to take the toughest book to read, you will be able to understand and remember it in one reading. Just consider that with the process of meditation if the remaining ninety percent of the brain gets activated, you will gain control on your senses and get to recognize your Inner Being. You will become the Master of yourself. After that, you don’t need to ask anybody anything. You will get to know whatever you wish to know from within yourself. In this world why are people in pursuit of wealth, luxuries, cars, name property etc ? It is only for comfort, pleasure and happiness. However these material sources as related to comfort and pleasure are not related to happiness. It is a very big illusion that any object can give you happiness. There is no connection between happiness and material comforts; for example, if you feel hot you will put on the air conditioner. Air conditioner can give you comfort; if you leave the room, you will feel hot again. You will enjoy the comfort of the AC as long as you are in that room. However, in another state, which is the true state, derived from meditation, the power that can be tapped from within, the outer environment be it summer or winter or any type of heat or cold does not affect you. Focusing oneself means - while sitting in heat, you get aligned with the coolness from within and no more are you affected by the outer environment and you no more need an air conditioner or breeze from outside. So do not misconstrue the difference between comfort and happiness. With happiness there is sorrow; because they come in opposite pairs; where there is comfort there is discomfort with good comes bad with truth there is falsehood; have you ever realized that there is no opposite for bliss. Bliss is all by itself. Meditation is one such path by which you can attain bliss. People presume that enjoying alcohol, hoarding wealth, fame, glory will get them happiness. The other name of bliss is meditation. Till now you have not even understood - what is bliss; because people mistake pieces of glass for diamonds. The day you get the real diamond, your mind will be blown off. If I were to tell you that what you have with you is glass and not diamond, how will you accept it as you do not know what is diamond; you will look upon the glass pieces as diamond. So it is very necessary for you to have a guru who will show you the real diamond. When the guru shows you the diamond, the glass which you have held so far gets dropped and at that state you can say that you have discarded the glass. Therefore I will show you the real diamond through the path of meditation seeing which - a thirst will be born inside you and when the thirst arises, you will go in search for the water that will quench your thirst.

So now what I will be imparting to you is not from scriptures nor from any guru; this procedure is so simple you will realize that meditation is very easy and simple. When in my life I began practicing meditation , after learning meditation , the technique that Swami instructed me , is what I will impart now ; in the beginning you may find it difficult but you should negate this idea of it being difficult and you need to go forward with it. When the guru has come forward to teach you, and after you learn the techniques and the sadhana , there is one path which will open out from within you and will be your own find . The technique about which I will be talking now is one that I got to know from within , all by myself after learning several other techniques , with this body of mine what I found and received .

Despite doing so many sadhanas ,chantings and meditations , why is it that you don’t find any progress or how is it that you are not in bliss or don’t feel complete ? Why is it that despite following guru after guru , doing several techniques, doing service ,good deeds, rituals – why does the ‘I’ inside you or your mental complexities and mental attitudes remain the same ? You will see that after following this process – not that you need to sit in one place ; you just have to follow a process in life , after which for any type of meditation – be it Om kar naad or Vipassana , Yoga Nidra , or chakra meditation , your body and your awareness will get ready to do any kind of practices for their rewards.

Now I am imparting to you - the procedure which you need to do. The coming three months are very important for your sadhana. First and foremost, from morn to night , whatever you are doing in your life , focus your attention. While having a shower in the morning - your body is getting bathed but your thoughts are elsewhere and keep dancing in many directions. Now do this – while bathing, pay full attention and focus on the different aspects like applying soap, pouring water on your body. When you prepare food or have food, be focused on the act – so that you are fully present and you are completely aware of the act of having food. After that , if you are going to office , or sitting at home and reading a book , or whatever you are doing , try and remain in that state , not allowing other thoughts to invade and focus completely on being present . Going for a walk or to the temple, or watching nature, or singing bhajans ,try and remain one with whatever you are doing at every moment. If you try to remain in the state of being in the now in whatever situation you are, you will find - in that you will lose anger from within you, and the state of being focused will be born within you. You will see – it is not a process where you have to sit in one place and meditate ; this is that process which , when you try , you might first consider it irksome and might surmise it to be nonsense , but later those moments that you detested , those very moments will give you joy ! This is that state where you are meditating every moment; every moment you will be focused in your life’s journey – while on the go , or whatever you may be doing , you will remain focused and getting concentrated and staying focused is what meditation is all about. While you are on the go, you are in meditation. I am telling you this because, in my life’s journey when I realized myself, this was the result of my search in my life. So in whatever situation I am, I try to live in that state, remain focused in that state and I make that state , a state of meditativeness so that it becomes very easy and simple. In the beginning this might seem to be difficult and you might wonder what it is all about ; however , later , it becomes very easy! It becomes so simple so that every second becomes a moment of bliss and joy. This what I have told you now , you will have to take it seriously and earnestly , listen to it attentively and grasp what I am trying to tell you as I wish to take you through very simple techniques for you to be the recipients of the true diamonds. We didn’t even care thus far to get it! We kept waiting for someone to arrive on the scene and teach us meditation ; we thought that meditation will walk its’ way into us ; we kept thinking that in life , some day , some way , we would get the right technique of meditation. We kept thinking that some day , some guru will take us to true happiness. We forget one thing that we ourselves are the meditation that we are yearning for. Seeking out, and trying to learn and attain , we keep following and touching the feet of so many , forgetting that one day , we have to search our own beings. The truth of the whole matter is just this – that the God that we are searching in others, that very God resides within ourselves! . In your life’s journey I will definitely bring that moment to you when you will experience the God of all Gods – that is Love , within you. You will see that light within you and will lead to a moment when you will need to go to no one, and can touch your own feet. You and Me in this journey is for you to meet your own true Self. With My Life I will make every possible effort, the toughest of the toughest effort will I make with which I will most definitely reach you to meet your own Self!!!