| Divine Meditation Satsang – 27th Dec 2020 |

Om Namah Shambhave !

Today I will be talking to you about how the journey of meditation started in my life. Om namah shivaya. When guru enters in our life, our responsibilities increase manifold. The responsibility lies in that whatever the Guru instructs, you need to be attentive listen to it carefully and also follow it very carefully. Guru is the one who takes you from ignorance to knowledge. Sadguru is the one who destroys every knowledge inside you and makes you a complete zero. The journey from Guru to Sadguru – is when whatever we learnt in life we ultimately realize that it was all an illusion. To recognize your own self you can know only from the teachings of a guru. In connection with this there are some matters and experiences which I will share with you today. I opened my eyes to the idea that I have to follow the spiritual path [which is not in one’s hands] Yes we can decide that we will become a doctor/ engineer etc but one cannot decide that he will become a guru or sadguru. That decision cannot come from within you. Just the guru’s single resolve or if the guru casts a glance on you , can change your life completely - beyond the stretch of your imagination. When guru graces your life, or decides to lead you, he takes charge of your life, the thousands of plans that you have made for your life will be pushed to one side and only what the guru wishes will happen in your life. The will of the guru and one step of your life can make a mountain of your path and a flat path into a mountain. Without the implicit will of the guru no decision in your life will be the way you want it to happen. At that stage, you may not have the knowledge of the alphabet and yet , the guru can use you as a tool to write volumes of scriptures. It then becomes irrelevant whether you can walk or not and if the guru decides to make you walk, he will make you scale the Himalayas even without you having feet. Despite you not having even a rupee the guru can make you serve lakhs of people. Whatever one received in this life - less , more or nothing at all , rich or poor , sorrow or happiness , there is no measure of the grace of the guru as to how much He would give , how much he would take , nevertheless whatever you received should be offered at the feet of the guru. It doesn’t matter that you do not know mantras, tantras or any sadhana or have any knowledge. Have only one prayer to your guru - let you always be there in my feelings and emotions, in my thoughts; however you wish to, use me as a tool. If I become your tool my life will be fulfilled. In your intentions, in your emotions, in your thoughts, having only the guru always, is also a form of devotion which helps you reach your inner being. Just to live and conduct oneself in this world and experience the world, there is need of sadhana, meditation, mantras and tantras. However, for one who has no desire to know your Inner being, or the world what is left of your life – it becomes futile!? In this life the reflection of the same Paramatma or God,is nothing but you – that you are! Of that Power, of that guru , of devotion, of the sadhana , or prayer –take each of them and , if all of them are churned together and made a juice – the resultant product is nothing but you ; because , if you are , there exists the power, the guru , the prayer , the meditation and devotion and God. If you are, all these exist. If you are not present, everything of these is futile. Long time ago I had written the following: The world asks “where is God?” I answer:” where is God not”? They ask “where is the proof of his existence?” I respond – “where is the proof of your existence?” It is because you exist, that you validate His existence. If you are non - existent, He is also not. Why did I mentioned all this to you – because, it is related to my personal journey which I will share now.

My spiritual journey began in 2005. It went the same way as I mentioned to you earlier that when the guru decides to favor you and grace your life , from the very next moment your whole life gets transformed ; nothing after that remains in your hands ; the same situation was what happened in my journey . Here now I have a question for those here who are listening to me and those who will listen to my talk later, that a time arrives when I tell you – that enough now - all that you had planned, your decisions and actions that you performed; now leave the decisions of your life with Me as to what should happen with your life as I decide to take you forward through my path. Let me be the Master of your life forward and the charioteer of your destiny - in the sense that I am choosing you for a spiritual path, you leave everything. With this command of mine how many of you will be ready to forsake everything saying –“OK Babaji – we will give up everything and do exactly what You wish us to do”? It is a very big truth of life that when we need to choose something things to collect for ourselves , then we can take our time to decide on the matter and do it in stages be it name fame , wealth, position and other possessions. However when you have to forsake it all, if you have to think in order to decide to renounce one thing today and another tomorrow, in that you will exhaust your lifetime and there will be many things you will not be able to detach from. Though you take your time to gather all that you wish to, when you have to renounce them, it has to be done all together in a split second and in one go! As I mentioned earlier, when guru graces your life you need to be very careful in life because anytime, the guru can tell you to renounce everything and move forward. For an exalted student, for a true devotee, anger, jealousy hatred fights, good and bad, less or more, caste and creed, righteousness and falsehood have no meaning for him. He knows only one truth – the call of his life – the purpose of his life as he realizes that life is very evanescent and as he wishes to live every moment in love, service and devotion. Your life force only demands and wishes for renunciation from you ; those who go behind the many gurus and avatars if you watch them , you will see that there will be some who are very rich , some who are famous , some who are highly educated ; however , when they have to renounce , they will have done it in a split second! When you look at their limits or the lives of such devotees, they are walking close to the guru and behind His heels step after step and you will see that they gave up everything in a split second- one’s knowledge, one’s position, one’ s wealth and then was able to get their guru. When you are before your guru you are a complete zero. The worldly acquisitions – be it knowledge, name, each thing of the world and you yourself too [which your guru may say], for all times stand as a wall between you and your guru; the time when you cross this wall, you will see that your life has become enriched and complete. I told you that life demands renunciation from you. What is this truly about? It means halting! It translates to the idea that “Whatever I

received, whatever I have, I am content with it. I don’t chase a rat race for more; looking at those having much more, I don’t entertain the desire that I need to gather such as him. No! Whatever has been earned or received by you - you are content with it, then you need to find happiness in that alone. You will receive love from your guru. You may be with your guru , you can learn every knowledge and technique that your guru imparts be it meditation , sadhana ,tantra or mantra but you can earn the guru’s grace or be one with the guru when you renounce everything in life and wish to belong to your guru alone. When you came from your Creator into this world, you came empty handed and when you have to return, you will have to meet Him empty handed. Always bear one thing in your mind always – n this life whatever you received , whatever you learnt , what you secured, what you earned , gathered and accrued , a day will come when you will have to return every bit of it to the creator. Whatever you earned with great effort through your lifetime, [ though the Grace is His ] make sure that during your lifetime whatever is yours’, goes back to your Creator as whatever God bestowed on you for living your life , He alone has the right on it and it has to go back to Him alone or else all your life earnings if not gone to the right direction , go wasted! The day you go forward with the prayer – “whatever given by You being offered back to you” from that day onwards you will be showered in abundance.

In 2005 it was the guru’s – Bhagwan Satya Sai Baba command that I have to go forward. I was sixteen years old when I began the true journey and I had no knowledge of anything spiritual. It was guru’s command that I have to realize myself but the way to reach there was through meditation. For me the idea of meditation was to simply close my eyes and sit down. It was difficult for me as I was schooling then and studying and when would I meditate? Guru said that for the beginning ,in your daily routine comprising 24hrs sit for 5mins or 10mins in meditation and I promise you that there will come a time when all the 24 hours will be your very own. For one and a half years, I sat with my eyes closed, but beyond that I knew nothing. After that I told Bhagwan that I don’t find any progress, no experience and I don’t understand the meaning of sitting this way. Perhaps I am not in the right direction. One day the guru said “OK! I will come to meet you tomorrow and will talk to you, give you some indication, knowledge etc,. You sit I am coming. One day I sat in the morning around 10AM and kept sitting till 9PM. Sitting for eleven to twelve hours all at once felt commonplace; well I had to wait expectantly and I did it without much ado since I had done it for one and a half years. After twelve hours I got up; nothing happened ; however I realized that I could sit patiently for twelve hours. After that, one day I received the technique of meditation – Shambhavi Mudra. This has two techniques in it – “The Shambhavi mudra and Unmani mudra”. Shambhavi Mudra means when the position or the mudra of your eyes become like that of Shambo or Shiva, it is called Shambhavi Mudra. How is Shambo mudra? Half from below turned upwards and from above –turned downwards; and shambhavi meaning Shiva and Amba – that is Shiva and Shakti to be focused on a central point within you - at the meeting point of the two eyes , as you concentrate , if at any time you try and focus , you feel something there. In my life , my meditation began with the Shambhavi mudra and so when I come across anyone or those whom I will meet in the future , all get united into one family with this basic root and so when I meet someone we all greet with this ‘Om Namah Shambhave!’. The mudra has many difficulties because if it is not done in the right manner, you may start feeling giddy or start vomiting when you do this. However, the mudra is swift in controlling the negativities and thoughts. I learnt about the mudra and began its’ practice and as a side effect I lost both hunger and thirst as it affected my digestive system. So people who knew me then in 2005, noted that I consume only a bowl of dal or one Indian bread [chapatti]. When one does any technique which is tough it leads to one or the other side effects on the body , however I had to continue ,both Shambhavi and Unmani mudra. About Unmani mudra I will elaborate next Sunday. Today I will talk on Shambhave mudra. However I don’t suggest that you practice it now. You will definitely do it when Babaji tells. I will definitely tell you about it.

In meditation there are three stages and in them are included totally 51 techniques or mudras or doors after cracking them alone will you reach your inner self. From 2007 to 2011 was a strict and tough time for me when I learnt did much did sadhana , meditation . When you do meditation, in between this period , a moment arises when you develop detachment – you feel everything futile; life too will seem an illusion and you feel like – just renouncing. In 2011 I had a severe test as I was reaching close to myself. I will not mention that test, however I got to know myself in 2011. It can be explained such that when a river starts at it source, it is called a river and as it merges with the sea it becomes the sea. After that merging you cannot separate the river from the sea. The taste of the water of the river is different from that of the sea however after their confluence the taste becomes one. The behavior also becomes one; the river has ups and downs of its’ waves, becomes calm when it becomes the sea. It is a river when it is in motion and becomes the sea when it is in stillness. So when you are still your profile , your image, your knowledge your glory in all this you become enlarged like a sea. When I got to know myself what it was cannot be described; no words; truth remains the truth as long as it is within you. When it is uttered out, truth becomes falsehood. Truth can never be written nor can be told. Truth is only an experience, it is a light; it is an effulgence inside you which burns only inside you and you alone can understand. Say you write a book of your experiences and two people read your book. The first who has faith believes what you have written. The second who makes no meaning of it and asks how he should accept what has been written and he opines that this is completely false and thus your Truth gets converted into a lie if it is poured forth into words. For truth, the is only proof and that is you -your own self. So whenever you come across any experiences it is better that you keep them within you. Disclose them only where they can be understood. Experiences are so many for which you would need much time to listen to and I need much time to narrate them.

Very soon by roundabout April 21 you will all get my book about my life titled ‘Dhong’. It is such a book that will give you joy, raise questions in you, and will give you many guidelines for your life. I am well aware that after that book is released, there would be very many controversies which I am prepared to face. In a nutshell I am compelled to say it in a manner that truth which is about the world and about spirituality. I do not wish to keep you in any untruth. I know that only selected people will come into my fold – there is only selection, no election. Only selected people will come in my life; I will transform them , and they will get to know the Truth , what Truth is about. Spirituality is very simple but it has been contorted with futile and pointless teachings by man himself so that the Truth has been dumped and it got hidden somewhere and ostentation came to the fore. People display matters like whom they believe in or what service activities they undertake. The book Dhong will reveal to you the realty and you will be compelled to reflect upon it. Whoever reads this book will never name any person Fake. In my life, I will take you through a simple journey. I have selected all of you and will keep you with me all along. I will take you to a beautiful world and a beautiful time where there would be no place for fake , political machinations or unrighteousness. Are you all ready to come along? I do know how much you all love me and I do love all of you as much and as to how the journey of life should be , going forward we will all together go through a very beautiful journey , a beautiful world where however much one lives this life , for only one name , one tune – that of Love. I love you all and I bless you all!

Most importantly – whatever messages I give you , listen carefully and follow that as they are very simple; knowledge can be imparted soon in a day ; however, this love and relationship has no end . Many many many lives we repeat; you come then guru comes then you come then guru comes like a wheel we come again and again because of this love and faith. All that I speak is only for you; everything is for you. I have a big bag and I want to give this bag to everyone, to everyone’s life. My mission is nothing; my mission is only you. You are my family and you are my life. If you all are happy, I am happy; if you all are sad, I am sad. So don’t make me sad.

Om Namah Shambhave!!