Shivanandam Deeksha experience

My salutaions to one and all present here. Sharing this experience with Babaji’s permission .

Almost two months back Babaji came in my dream and told me “take Deeksha “. I have never met Babaji in person though I’m connected to him through fb . So I was wondering how when and all.. I just shared this dream to my husband and one of my friends Mrs. Saraswathi . After a few days though her I came to know that Babaji is going to conduct a satsangh through zoom and also she shared me the meeting link directly. I attended that satsangh and I was so happy when Babaji out of his mercy and compassion, announced that He’s going to give healing Deeksha during Guru poornima. With His blessings I was also fortunate to receive the Deeksha on that day. I was also waiting for the English translation of Babaji’s message as I’m also not too good in Hindi.. But whenever I attend His satsangh before listening to Him I use to pray to him to make me understand his messge (irrespective of the communication language) and most of the time it’s happening, I’m understanding his mesages. So two days back after receiving His voice message on healing mantra and aumkar chanting, I too thought in the coming days sometimes I will also practise. I had some health issues for the past two days and suddenly severe abdominal pain started. Suddenly I thought of Healing mantra. I didn’t have a printout of Babaji’s photo also. So I just opened His photo in my computer , Sat infront of Him and did the procedure as taught by Babaji. I couldn’t experience any energey flow during that time.. But after that the result was amazing.

I was perfectly alright. I AM SO GRATEFUL to Babaji for sending His blessings and healing power and curing my health problem. Once again I experienced the power of His blessing yesterday. My mother was also not keeping well for the past few days and yesterday she was so tired.. I was a little hesitant to do healing on her due to many reasons. But after hearing Babaji’s yesterday’s message I too thought I will pray for her to Babaji.. So without telling her,I prayed for her and tried healing technique.. again Babaji and His healing mantra showered blessings on us. Today morning she’s perfectly alright.. I’m requesting everyone here, kindly follow Babaji’s instructions, practise His teachings, and give the rest to Him. He will do wonders .. Thank you so much Babaji ????????????

Sri Shivananda's Brahma Naadi Reading:

"Lord Brahma in the Naadi says that Sri Shivananda is an Avatar on this earth and He is the very beginning and the end too. He is the Light! Currently, Mother Earth is facing her darkest hours and that's why He has come to illuminate her. He has come to remove the darkness in people's lives and fill their voids with Light. He is the very source of Lord Shiva. It is His mission to eliminate the sufferings and miseries of the world and its people. He will be on the face of the planet during its encounter with Pralaya (total annihilation). After this period of destruction, the world will recognise Him as an Avatar or God and will acknowledge Him by being in His service. He too will serve the world reciprocally. Many spiritually elevated siddha purushas, enlightened beings and others will come and serve Him. He has descended on earth to protect and alleviate people and nature from destruction and chaos. Despite being the Lord Himself, He will be accompanied by his counterpart Shakthi or Parvathi in his journey on earth. Shiva and Shakthi cease to exist without each other. They are inseparable. Just like the transition from new moon to full moon, He has come to fill the darkness in this world with Light. He is the very origin of the primordial Kundalini Shakthi too. He would serve the world as a celibate, as a brahmachari. He has come to teach that- "All religions are essentially One".