| Babaji's Darshan Message dated 06th December 2022 |


Om Namho Shambahvaye !

This keeps a special place in my life, when I started my journey of my life means my spiritual journey from that time onwards till now the the presence of Devi( goddesses) her establishment and presence  in my life is one of the most beautiful happening because whenever we do some work in society or when we do any thing in our normal life we always need the energy to execute any action, of course we need energy to carry on the actions of life but having energy to do the work does not guarantee that we will not have to face obstacles.It is not true that when you have the presence energy you may still have to face obstacles and challenges but once the energy awakens in you then you are somehow capable of achieving everything meaning you will have the energy and capability to fulfill the task at hand and every work becomes a game 

When you realize the presence of Shkati (energy) in you and it’s various forms within 

Your own self then you start experiencing some sort of joy and contentment in both states of gain or loss and some sort of equanimity sets in .The Shkati within you guides and motivates you to move forward with solid  faith and convection.

When my this divine metaphysical Journey started that time Bhagwan Baba did lots of miracle home in 2005.I will definitely share all those with you soon , you may get a very beautiful book on Devi, it is indeed a very beautiful journey with Devi  mother.

There are several miraculous incidences with me and with several others who were there with me during those years and I will express and share all those beautiful happenings with you all through my upcoming book.This is very beautiful experience with Goddess.

My journey started from 2005,  I was very much attracted towards one statue of Goddess, though I was very much fascinated by that image of goddess but then I was informed that this particular form of Goddess is not possible for me to get.

To get any work achieved you need to be qualified, let it be any thing or any work or to say any sewa( volunteering).

Good first gives us birth then he gives us thinking power and then he gives us vision or power to see, sometimes what we perceive through our thoughts and visions becomes the desire to achieve somethings which we are still not capable to achieve.

We also realize that somehow they can not materialize but still we have a wish but if you have a strong faith regarding something or you want to reach any specific destination what is more important here is that instead of having faith on any other things you have to have full faith in your own self first.If you really want to go to some destination or achieve anything then there should be no two thoughts about that manifestation, you need to keep it in front of you like an image in front of your eyes till you achieve it keep recreating it and keep calling for it because I am not saying this life is some where and somehow created through our thoughts alone but you need to have a strong faith and belief for achieving what you want.That’s why my journey where Bhagwan created an attraction in me towards one specific statue and I wanted to get that particular statue for the temple in home.Because When the miracles of Bhagwan were happening in home he has told that In home there will be Devi temple established in the courtyard.The preparation of temple started in 2005 and got accomplished by 2006 and in between this time I was attracted by one specific statue and I prayed  to Bhagwan that I need this specific statue for my temple.what all gameplay then Swami created I want to write down all that and will share with you in all details.It is in fact a long journey and when I share all with you very peacefully and you will be able to understand.Long story short it took five years for the specific statue to arrive but in those five years Bhagwan really tested me very nicely.

He showed me the destination and he even showed that I have already reached the destination it was more like showing results before writing the exam.It is very difficult to walk when you know how much you need to walk, normally man walks with eyes closed.

Normally test is taken before the result comes and here he showed me the result before writing the exam. Swami has told that this statue will come and I had faith, strong faith in him but though he said that statue will come and I even trusted fully that it will come but somehow the circumstances were not supporting my faith.I had strong faith and I knew I have asked mother and for her nothing is impossible.

I went for my examination for almost 5 years step by step and somehow I passed the exam and mother came home .In the whole process the most important thing what I want to share is whatever Bhagwan was writing in the Diary as the sermon, I used to read it out to everyone in the home, he said I am sending Durga Maa and  I announced ii publicly, whatever Bhagwan used to write in the dairy I used to read out to all those who were present in the home.Swami used to announce but somehow I used to feel that it is not happening .He used to tell me that she is not coming but used to write in the diary that she is coming and start preparing for her arrival.

He write when she will come time will change .When she will arrive in the home by that time the work mission of my this life will be over, these words are still there written in that diary.What happens sometimes that we understand the meaning only later.

On 25 th dec 2010 the statue of Goddess arrived at home, those artisans who have chiseled the statue they only brought her along with them.Swami gave the time of temple establishment in May 2011 and along with that he wrote that though it was not the right time of this Goddess to come but I am establishing her before time.Bhagwan is all about patience , Sharadha and Subri knows whatever is to be done when and where.

Man is absolutely opposite of God, in whatever circumstance he is in he just wants to get whatever he needs at the blink of his eyes , for him to wait for anything and mediate for 2-6 months is something too much .

Bhagwan is not like that he gives us whatever we need at just right time when we need it then only we realize it’s importance.If we get something without effort or any sacrifice, learning or practice we can not understand the value of that thing.That’s why when you ask Bhagwan something and then the time between you get your asked thing is the time period of your test and Practice(sadhana) and Bhagwan will give you only at the right time only.It isGod alone who knows and keep the value of everything and man does not even know the value of life, God shows you the value of everything.See you have not brought here anything and  can not take anything from here and whatever you get here in this world whether it is food , relationship or things everything has some value .

Bhagwan says that goddess has come before time and she has not come just for she us here for everyone, it is good for us not to understand why she has come because if we spend our time understanding the reason for her arrival this life time will not be sufficient to understand, all we need to understand is that we should be prepared to welcome her.

Swami used to say she is arriving before her time and you people are not ready for her, not just me but all of us.we are not prepared to receive her with devotion and faith and prayers because we are not realizing her value, once we will realize the value of our life will understand how precious it is and we will feel confident from inside otherwise we are wasting life uselessly.We waste life in useless politics, worthless gossips and useless things and one day we realize that life was so valuable and we asked it on useless things and then man stops out of fear why because now he realizes that he has lost so much .one can not take anything with him or her whatever you can take with you is just a thought and that is how you wear and what you did.

2010 dec Mothers statue  arrived till then for almost 5 years I just cried with big tear drops in my eyes.I used to wonder when she will come I see her I will go crazy as Gid made me long to see her for so long but nothing of that sort happened .I went around 2 am to see mother when she arrived, I saw mother she was covered in Saree , whatever feelings I had for her and I used to feel that I will go mad after looking at her nothing happened, all became normal for me. No feelings at all, just normal .it was very weird situation for me that I was looking at something for which I have longed for several years and now it is just in front of me but I am very normal, no emotions at all almost zero.

Next day we kept mothers statue in the temple.

We kept the date 17 th may 2011 for the Puja and establishment of temple , it was five day program .Swami has explained how will be the program because he told that this Statue will be worshipped on full moon day only, it was his command and the artesian who has made the statue also expressed the same that Goddess should we giving Darshini only on full moon day only once a month.Why we can see her only once a month there is a full story about it which I will tell you later sometime all of the story .

Now what happens that Swami has told his mission on the earth will get fulfilled after arrival of goddess in this home and in march 2011 Swami left his physical body and then I realized four years back Swami has already expressed it in his massage, the 8 realized somewhere everything was linked.

In the month of may she was consecrated and the priest who was supposed to come for it  called me on phone and told me he was now not coming and I didn’t wanted to hear anything as everything was prepared for the function and then one priest from Shimla came for the temple Puja and he celebrated it more like Saptami, Ashtami etc.

When we consecrated the idol we do not immerse it like Durga Puja , I was just observing but was not able to comprehend much.What I observed the face of Mother has darkened much and could feel the rise I her energies.When mother arrived initially her energies were more like a young girl.After 7-8 years the statue of mother has become little bigger to say little fat , you can observe the change in phots also.Then he did the immersion of the statue it was very hot in may in Kangra, Swami was telling when mothers first Arti will happen that time it will rain profusely and that  happened.There we’re several people who were standing out in open for Mothers first Arti at night witnessed the heavy downpour that night.After the rainfall the weather was very nice, in next five day Swami kept showing miracles, 20 th may was very wonderful and full of miracles about which I will talk later some other time.Then onwards mothers temple was open from morning to night on full moon day and during Navratras.After 4-5 years my heart started telling me that this temple is small for Mother, there was not much space inside, I wanted to make a bigger temple for mother.

Bhagwan has told to make the temple for Mother but the temple was small for the Mothers statue. I used to tell Mother, I need to make a bigger temple for you so that we can take care of you nicely. We pray like that to god fro several things.

Nanjingurd Dixit ji, who has done Rudra abhishakum at Puttaparti and he has done even now at other places has come to Kangra to do Padua Puja of Swami .

He saw the temple and asked you have kept such a big statue but you have done its Prashisthan then I realized that other priest has done  her visarjan and then he said if Swam8 will allow I will do it’s Prashisthan.

Whatever I always had I my mind that I have to make new temple and when I talked to two three  priests they said once you have done Prashisthan then we can not do it again.

On new year day 2017 I went to Mothers temple and I told mother that in my heart says to build an new temple It is not that I want to do for myself to make a bigger temple , but my heart says your temple should be done nicely, then we have to move you from here and according to Shastry’s and scriptures it is not allowed.One priest says it is not consecrated and need to be consecrated.What shall I do.Swami says I am bringing her before time, all things are messed up, I need to know it from you what is that you will like me to do.

Whatever you want you  speak through my heart and it says to change but scriptures says not it needs evidence , every body needs evidence but my heart said one thing to me where there is love no rituals are required 

In front of love all Scriptures fail.

The scripture without love is incomplete 

If we read the scriptures with intention of understanding and not mere reading we will understand love is most important aspect .Geeta is also based on unconditional love.

I want you to show some signs so that we can move you from here in a new temple.The one who is full of love will never ask for evidence, love has no language, words are used only to over power each other, if one needs to express love to others love itself is enough as it is a feeling, with this intention I prayed to Mother and came, then within one year the temple started showing cracks and then during rainy season rain started pouring in .

I was happy from inside and because of cracks the water was getting in and everybody around got concerned about and then I went to mother and asked her to go and rest in some other place and whenever you want and wish you can come.

Then in 2018 the temple was broken and then temple was recreated in 2021 and people came from Chenni and lot of miracles keep happening.

Now in 2023 feb will consecrate the Statue of mother as in March month we are planning to start the construction of Ashram for which we have already procured the land.

So whether it is Seva or any work for Ashram we need Shkati.

So on 10 th feb, which is an important day for change in my life as in 2005 is the day kept for mother.

From 8 th feb -13 th feb there will be various pujas for Mothers Prashisthan and Havans and various activities like evening Bhajan and all other things,I will add all details in the Smaj.

8-14 th feb days are very auspicious and What Swami has told that time has come now , mother is going to show all of us her miraculous presence.

For your Babaji mothers Prashisthan is very important and I want to celebrate with all of you and I invite you from the bottom of my heart.