| Chanting and Kirtan |

| Rudram & Lingashtakam from 22.Jun.2020 |

Dear all, om Namah Shambavé
Please note that since last Monday i.e.22.Jun.2020 the Ganapati Prarthana, the Lingashtakam as well as the Rudram have been chanted every day. From this Sunday on and, so on every Sunday until the end of August 2020, we will get that session integrated into the Hanuman Chalisa session.

| Babaji’s Divine Message on 21.06.2020 evening |

Babaji’s Message on 21.06.2020 Evening
All of you prayed from your hearts and today was indeed a very good day. Almost the entire day was rife with prayers and it was a unique experience that we all had. I am very happy that you all got together, to pray from the bottom of your hearts.
Some of you could not participate in chanting the Mantra ‘live’ on the zoom meet, but that is not a cause for concern. It is not something to feel disappointed or sad about. Listening to the chant and repeating it is also as important as chanting it and it is equally one’s good fortune to listen, as it is, to chant. Those of you who listened to the chanting of the sacred mantra and perhaps repeated it in your minds and hearts must understand that doing so is as effective as chanting it ‘live’ on the virtual platform. What is really of great importance or significance is the Bhava, the feeling and intent with which the chanting or listening or repetition of the Mantra is undertaken. It is the purity of purpose that matters.

| SANKIRTANAM : Divine declaration, 16.Jun.2020 |

“मै भोले बाबा हूँ” ! मै कोई भी हूँ या कुछ भी नही हूँ।मैं सिर्फ दर्पण की तरह हूँ।जहाँ तुम खूद को देखोगे।मैं सिर्फ एक आग की तरह हूँ।बहुत दूर भी न रहें ताकी गर्मी न मिलें।लेकिन इतना पास भी न पहुंचे की आप खूद को ही जला लें।जानें तो केवल दिल से।मेरा नाम भोले बाबा है।

| Babaji’s Divine Message, 09.Jun.2020 |

Om Namah Shambave

My blessings and my love are present with you always.

All your prayers and all those of you who are engaging in prayers; your prayers are important. The purpose of my talk today rather, what I am going to speak today is about the current times that we are experiencing. Why are the present times like this and what is to be expected? What preparations do we need to make for the coming times and what are the steps we can take to face the approaching times? Why are we having to face these times and what is the reason or significance behind them? What does time want and what is it that time is expecting of us? What these times are asking of us is ‘Samarpan’ – complete Surrender. So much has already transpired in the last few months and so much is still happening. Mankind is in such great difficulty and yet, why is it that Nature is not taking a decision? By decision what I mean is why is Nature not indicating what it desires and what its final decision will be with respect to all that is happening to mankind? The problem lies with mankind actually because mankind is not able to understand what is required of it, and that is Surrender. Mankind is unable to understand the importance of Surrender.

| Babaji’s talk on 02nd June 2020 |

Om Namah Shambave …

Om Namah Shivaya …

My Love and Blessings are there with all of you and will be there for you always. What I wish to speak today pertains to the situation and circumstances prevailing today, all around us. Why and how have these circumstances come to what they are today? And what is to come yet, over the next 2 – 3 months or for that matter for the rest of this year? What should you pay attention to, what have you got to stay safe from and what we can do under the prevailing circumstances and the ones that will follow in the next 2 months or later down the year? This is my first ever video talk of this kind where I am coming online to speak thus and it is a matter of satisfaction that I am able to do so despite the prevailing circumstances.