| Meditation Healing Discourse |

| Guru Purnima, 2020 special – Babaji’s Divine Discourse on 04.07.2020 – Healing Deeksha Program |

Om Namah Shambave

Yoga is like an infusion of Shakti or power in our lives, a source of energy that enthuses us with a fresh impetus and longevity. One phrase that is oft repeated in Yoga is the term “Praan Shakti” or life-giving force, which we refer to as Healing in English. Praan Shakti is that power or energy that keeps us alive. When a living being or a human being dies, that being loses its connection with this inherent power or Praan Shakti. Even though the body still has oxygen content, it is considered as dead without this Praan Shakti. When the body loses its connection with the Praan Shakti, we label that phenomenon as death. When any part of the body loses its connection with the life-giving force or Praan Shakti, that part or portion of the body begins to experience problems or disease. Various kinds of illnesses begin to afflict that part or portion of the body; some incurable and some curable. From a medical perspective, we analyze the cause/s of such an illness or illnesses and attribute it to some infection, germs etc. However, from a spiritual standpoint, the true reason for such an occurrence is attributable to the loss of connection with the life-giving force called Praan Shakti.

In the coming times, I will establish such a hospital where, we will cure various diseases just through the power of Healing. It shall be only the healing energy that will serve as the medicine or cure for even serious ailments, in this hospital. This in fact is the purpose of my imparting this knowledge of healing to all of you. I wish to infuse into you a large reservoir of healing energy such that in the coming times, nay, right from today after you have learnt this technique from me, you will be able to practice healing. In times to come, you will develop and have enough power or healing energy, such that you will be able to come forward and treat patients like a doctor and a true Sevak, a true servant. In healing, we expand the scope or spread of our healing energy and direct it to that part or portion of the body which has been afflicted meaning; by learning this technique of healing we will develop and harness in ourselves enough healing energy which we will be able to then direct to that portion of the body which needs such healing energy. So, we will learn this technique or therapy, to be able to build and focus this healing energy upon the part or portion of the body that is malfunctioning and is in need of such energy, to heal itself. For this to happen, I will impart to you the knowledge of a special Mudra or posture. Just as we use a special phrase such as Om Sai Ram or Om Namah Shivaya or Om Namah Shambave to greet each other; I will teach all of you who are associated with me, a special Mudra which will be called as Shambhavi Mudra. The meaning of Shambhavi Mudra is linked to Samba Sada Shiva and I will tell you all about this Shambhavi Mudra. The combination of Samba Sada Shiva and Amba i.e. the union of Shiva and Amba or Shiva and Shakti, gives rise to this Shambhavi Mudra. Our eyes play a very big role in helping us perform the Shambhavi Mudra. They help us develop and grow that energy within us. I will teach you this Shambhavi Mudra not today but in the next part i.e. very soon, in the coming week or so. I will have to turn the video on for teaching you this Mudra which I shall do very soon. Shambhavi Mudra is that which will infuse into you that energy of Shiva and Shakti, which is complete and wholesome in all respects. Those of you who will opt for and receive the Healing Deeksha from me will need to have practice of the Shambhavi Mudra. I know that performing the Shambhavi Mudra can be a little difficult because, one tends to feel giddy and develop a vomiting sensation after engaging in this Mudra. However, there is a technique to it in which, our eyes too have an important role to play and thereby, a powerful energy is infused into us. I shall tell you more about this later. Today, I shall give you all a healing mantra too but before that, let me tell you how many types of healing techniques are there.

There are 2 types of healing – Internal Healing and External Healing. Internal healing involves the awakening and use of the energies present within us, while External healing involves the infusion of energy into us, from an external source. What is internal healing? Internal healing involves harnessing the energy present within our body meaning; you harness the energy present within you causing it to rise and you thereafter emanate that energy by sending it to another individual who is in need of healing energy. Coming to the second one – External healing; Praan Shakti or the life-giving energy is present all around us in the entire universe, in abundance. Therefore, this Praan Shakti is present and constantly flowing around in the atmosphere around us, in close proximity. When we are pre-occupied or busy with our daily routines, we do not feel the presence of this force or energy flowing around us. However, when we use the right technique and make it a habit to regularly focus upon this energy present around us, we establish a connect or contact with it. Having established a connect with it, we can then draw this energy into us from the external environment and use it to heal others in need of such healing energy. Thus, one healing energy is harnessed from within and transmitted to another in need of it and the other healing energy is drawn and infused into ourselves from the external environment to thereafter be transmitted to others in need of healing. These 2 kinds of healing are considered to be the best forms of healing. Of course, there are other forms of internal healing too like Chakra healing which cleanses our 7 chakras within. As we go along, I will gradually teach you about this too.

The next question is, “Who can be a healer?” This is a very important and significant question. For this, we have to know our own inner qualities. Normally, everyone knows their innate qualities. As such, anyone can undertake healing but for the healing to be effective and benefit the recipient, it is important that we are able to first heal ourselves because, we will not be able to heal another without healing ourselves first. Doing this is akin to cleaning one’s own bed before going to bed or taking a bath before performing our prayers every day. In the same way, before undertaking healing for someone else, it is very important that you heal yourself first, in order to have good results. Dhyana or meditation is one path you can take to heal yourself or you can use different types of Mudras / postures to heal yourself. Self-healing or inner cleansing is very important otherwise, you will end up passing your negative thoughts and energies on to another whereas, what you actually need to do is transmit your positive healing energy in order to heal another of any pain that he / she may have in their head or stomach or hand or leg or back etc. You see, there is a very simple logic to this. When you first start to heal others, you will in turn receive their negative energy which will affect you, cause pain to you and even make you cry. However, gradually, as you practice it more and more and gain expertise in this healing technique, you will reach a point where your mere touch or even just a glance will heal someone in need of it. There is another very important point that you have to bear in mind which is that if you are serious about learning healing, then you have to know the qualities you possess within. Everybody has both virtues and some vices too. You need to know the virtues you have because these virtues and their positive energy is what will enable you to heal others. Your virtues will help you in developing and growing your healing energy.

Next, I am going to tell you how to heal. The methodology of healing is absolutely different and unique. This aspect involves paying a lot of attention and you will have to be very attentive to learn the technique of healing. The first step is to heal yourself. This is comparable to emptying and cleaning up your bowels before having your food. If you do not do that, you will not feel hungry enough to eat properly. It is also comparable to our taking a bath and suitably readying ourselves to step out. Similarly, you have to prepare yourself adequately before undertaking any healing of another person. So, what is it that you have to do to prepare yourself for this? Now listen carefully … Find a comfortable spot to sit down, before you get into a healing session. It is not necessary for you to sit on the floor in a particular posture. You can seat yourself comfortably on a chair or even a sofa. Use of any particular posture like Shambhavi Mudra or any other posture is meant for drawing in and infusing yourself with energy, but that comes later and I will show that to you separately.

  • Having seated yourself comfortably, close your eyes and focus on your thoughts. Continue this exercise for 2 minutes.
  • Shift your focus and attention thereafter, to the gap between your two lips. Continue this exercise for 2 minutes
  • Next, shift your focus onto your eyes and kept it there for 2 minutes with total concentration. Simultaneously, you will open up or stretch your hands, with the palms also being open, facing upwards without any of the fingers touching each other. Your focus remains on your eyes while you are doing this.
  • Keeping your palms open facing upwards, you next shift your focus on to the center portion at the top of your head, where the Sahasrara or the Crown Chakra is located. While doing so, we will experience the flow of energy, at that point on the top of our head. You will also feel and experience that you are enveloped by this energy from all four directions. You will actually experience this even as your focus remains at the center point of the Sahasrara Chakra on top of your head and you will feel the infusion of energy within. You will experience the flow of this energy in your palms and in the center portion on top of your head.
  • Simultaneously, you will also continually chant a particular mantra.

As such, anybody else who teaches you healing will not give you any mantra to chant but, I wish to grant you Mantra Deeksha of a particular mantra that I will teach you. I want you to sit with your eyes closed and palms open, facing upwards. Experience the flow of energy that I have spoken to you about, in your palms, while I pause my talk for a minute or so. Keep your eyes closed and focus on the center of the top of your head. Feel the Shakti or energy flowing in from the skies above, entering through the top of your head.

हीलिंग् महामंत्र – Healing Mahamantra Chanting by Babaji

Teyata om bekanze bekanze
Maha bekanze
Radza samudgate soha

I will post this mantra on the group, for you to memorize and chant. By now, you must have understood the process you have to follow for healing. I mentioned to you the various points you need to focus your attention on, during healing. When you focus attention thus, on the points I have mentioned, you will feel after a short while the healing energy entering through your open palms. You have to engage in this procedure for 10 minutes before you transmit healing energy to anyone else. When you begin to feel this life force within you, then you will start transmitting it to another. It is not necessary that the person to whom you are transmitting this healing energy, should be present in front of you or close to you. You should however let the person whom you are transmitting this energy to, know that you are sending him this healing energy and request him to keep his eyes closed during this period. You can thus send the healing energy to another person. This energy that you are transmitting is not your own inner life-force or Praan Shakti rather, it is the Praan Shakti that you are drawing in from the universe or atmosphere outside of you, through your open palms. This is the external form of healing whereby you are receiving energy from the external environment and then transmitting it to another person with your palms kept open. So, you function merely as a medium or channel for that life-giving force – Praan Shakti, receiving it from the external environment and then transmitting it to another person.

I am ready to teach you this technique of healing and I wish to make an important announcement in this connection. In times to come, I will establish a Healing Hospital where in, we will treat deadly and serious diseases not with any medicines but only through the power of healing. Not just human beings but even animals will be treated in that hospital, using this technique of healing. Another important matter that I wish to state is that even though Babaji is present with all of you at all times, He is physically present in Kangra most of the time. In view of this, Babaji has selected a photograph of His taken in front of Mount Kailash, holding the Trishul. Babaji is choosing to empower and nominate this particular photograph as a healing photograph. You may all take a print out of this photograph and keep it in your homes and healing centers. Whenever you engage in healing a person in front of this photograph or prepare yourself to send healing to a distant person after offering your prayers to this photograph of Mine, the other person will be able to feel the power of this photograph and the healing sent to him or her. Whosoever and wherever the photograph is placed will feel my presence and the energy that I send to you for healing. I will answer / respond to each and every question of yours through this photograph and even speak to you from this photograph of Mine, going forward. This is my sacrament or blessing of protection that I am granting you all. I am also giving you this Healing Mahamantra and next week, I will teach you the Shambhavi Mudra.

If you wish to journey ahead with Lord Shiv; Shiv meaning the Lord of death and the Master of time, the One who has Time lying prostrated at His Feet; Shiv meaning the One who possesses every possible power, even the power to change the present or the future; that Shiv who has neither a beginning nor an end, the One who is endless; I grant you this blessing that I will heal through you. You will be my instruments and I will send healing to everyone through you. I shall be present within you and, using you as the medium, I will perform healing. I am blessing you all; those present on this virtual meeting and even those who are not immediately present online, with healing energy that I am transmitting to all of you right now. You may all come forward and experience the same. I have spoken to you about healing, who can heal, how can healing be done and the 2 types of healing that can be done. I have also chosen for you my healing photograph through which I shall be present with you and heal through your hands. You are all mine and Babaji belongs to all of you, always. Come join me in listening to the chant of Omkar. The Omkar that I am now going to chant for you, the intonations with which I am going to chant this Omkar; you must use this or chant this early in the morning or late at night. When I chant the Omkar, take note that there are 3 different kinds of Omkar that I will chant, and they should be chanted by you in exactly the same way.

Babaji chanting the Omkar

When you chant these Omkars in exactly the same way as I have done, the positive spirits around you will establish contact with you. There is nothing to fear here. By spirits, I am referring to those truly positive energies that have been protecting you all along. They will be available to you to connect with, by chanting these Omkars in the manner I have demonstrated. Do not take my words lightly. You must take them very seriously. There is no compulsion whatsoever but for those of you who are interested, please take my words seriously and follow them. Your love and your ability to grasp or your intuition within, will guide you to hear and see the meaning behind what I am saying. I am ready to grant you this Shakti or power, but you too must be equally serious to receive it. Therefore, do not consider this as a laughing matter rather, make full and good use of this opportunity that has come your way, because such opportunities do not knock on your doors again and again. God has come to teach you this in an easy manner and it is up to you to take advantage of the opportunity made easily available to you. I wish to mould you all in my own Swaroop – form & character. I will prepare you all for undertaking the healing process. However, in order for you to receive the Sampoorna Deeksha covering all aspects and Yogas, you will have to meet Babaji in person, once. You will all have to come to Babaji after these difficult circumstances we are all witnessing today, have gone past us. Babaji will then grant you Shambhavi Deeksha, Dumavati Deeksha, Shiv Yog, Shakti Yog and the entire gamit of Yogas that are to be known and mastered. Babaji will call all of you to Him after these difficult times and bless you with this Sampoorna Deeksha.  For this however, I will first train and prepare some teachers from amongst you who will handle these aspects going forward, but the Healing Deeksha is something that all of you can take up. So come one and all, for I am sending healing Deeksha to all of you now along with chanting of the 3 different intonations / patterns of Omkar. All of you may please close your eyes and listen to them carefully.

Babaji chanting the different intonations and patterns of Omkar.

Om Namah Shambave .. Om Namah Shivaya

I will post an audio recording of the Omkar chanting I just did, on the group, so that you can learn the intonations easily by listening to the recording.

All of you may please close your eyes now. On the eve of Guru Poornima, I am granting the Healing Deeksha to all of you. All of you remain calm and sit still.

A couple of minutes silence followed by Babaji chanting the Healing Mahamantra.

In Babaji’s words, “Release all the negativity from within. Clean the negativity surrounding you. I give you positive aura and energy. I send you my healing. Receive that and feel it. The holy spirit is around you”.

Babaji chants the Healing Mahamantra again followed by:
Asato Maa Sad Gamaya
Tamaso Maa Jyotir Gamaya
Mrityor Maa Amritam Gamaya
Om Shanti, Shanti Shantih

The Healing Mantra

Teyata om bekanze bekanze 
Maha bekanze
Radza samudgate soha.


| Divine Meditation Satsang 3rd January 2021 |

Om Namah Shambhave. Today I will be telling you about the Feminine Power within me that has been a part of my life. That same Power is inside all of us. Right from early childhood I was attached to the Durga form of Devi – the form that killed the Mahishasur demon. I would be filled with joy and bliss whenever I saw that form of Devi and often pleaded in the home for permission to make the durga idol by myself. In 2006, I made it for the first time! With that - the love of Devi Maa and her darshan I received many times in my life. It used to be powerful and very blissful. With Devis darshan is meant – that God gives love like a mother. That is, God giving you love the way a mother gives you love. Take the relationship with God or guru or your parents, siblings or anyone - only where there is the emotion of love, mothering and endearment – the way a mother cares for you, there alone there is a true relationship. In my life’s journey, I always received the power and energy to move forward with Mother’s Darshan and love. There are many types of rituals prayers and sadhanas which help us appreciate - the love and power of the goddess within us and experience them around us. However, with Mother’s love comes along Her anger or resentment.


¡Om Namah Shambhave! Hoy os hablaré del poder femenino que hay en Mi interior y que ha formado parte de Mi vida. Ese mismo poder está dentro de todos nosotros. Desde Mi niñez, Me apegué a la forma de Durga de la Devi (Diosa). La forma de Durga es la que mató al demonio Mahishasur. Solía llenarme de alegría y felicidad cada vez que veía esa forma de la Devi. Solía rogar en casa que se Me permitiera hacer el ídolo de Durga y que lo pudiese hacer. ¡En 2006, lo hice por primera vez!

| Divine Meditation Satsang – 27th Dec 2020 |

Om Namah Shambhave !

Today I will be talking to you about how the journey of meditation started in my life. Om namah shivaya. When guru enters in our life, our responsibilities increase manifold. The responsibility lies in that whatever the Guru instructs, you need to be attentive listen to it carefully and also follow it very carefully. Guru is the one who takes you from ignorance to knowledge. Sadguru is the one who destroys every knowledge inside you and makes you a complete zero. The journey from Guru to Sadguru – is when whatever we learnt in life we ultimately realize that it was all an illusion. To recognize your own self you can know only from the teachings of a guru. In connection with this there are some matters and experiences which I will share with you today.


¡Om Namah Shambhave! Hoy os hablaré de cómo empezó el viaje de la meditación (Dhyana) en Mi vida. ¡Om Namah Shivaya! Cuando el Gurú entra en nuestra vida, nuestras responsabilidades se multiplican. La responsabilidad es que debes estar atento a todo lo que el Gurú enseña, escucharlo correctamente y también seguirlo muy cuidadosamente. El Gurú es el que te lleva de la ignorancia al conocimiento. El Sadgurú es el que destruye todo el conocimiento dentro de ti y hace de ti un completo vacío. El viaje de Gurú a Sadgurú sucedió cuando finalmente me di cuenta que todo lo que había aprendido en la vida era una ilusión. El reconocimiento de tu propio ser sólo se puede realizar a través de las enseñanzas de un Gurú y, en relación con esto hay algunos asuntos y experiencias que compartiré con vosotros hoy.

| Divine Meditation Satsang – 20th December 2020 |

Om Namah Shambave

My Love and Blessings to every one of you. Om Namah Shivaya Om , Om Namah shivaya Om Om Namah Shivaya ! Om Hara Hara Om! First and foremost as I had mentioned on Yoga Nidra , I have recorded the audio and you should be getting it today or by tomorrow morning. As I was a little extra busy, I wasn’t able to give it to you earlier. Whatever I have instructed in the audio you will need to follow - diligently step by step. Someone asked me two beautiful questions. I wish to give you answers to those questions one after another.

The first one: “What exactly is meditation”?


En primer lugar, como ya he mencionado acerca del Yoga Nidra, he grabado el audio y deberíais tenerlo hoy o mañana por la mañana. He estado un poco ocupado, y no pude dároslo antes. Lo que sea que haya instruido en el audio tendrás que seguirlo, diligentemente paso a paso. Alguien me hizo dos hermosas preguntas. Deseo daros respuestas a esas preguntas una detrás de otra.

| Audio of Yog Nidra Divine meditation by Babaji Shivananda |

Audio of Yog Nidra Divine meditation by Babaji Shivananda