| Shivanandam Healing |

Babaji’s one and unique method of spiritual healing is called “Shivanandam Healing”. Shivanandam healing carries the energy of Shiv Tatwaa through certain potent energies and is the only Shiva’s bliss-filled healing for the body, mind and soul.

In June 2015, Babaji introduced this and blessed few people with specific instructions to bring the healing to people. Babaji himself performs his all encompassing benign blessing if required with HIS healing hand or by materializing various divine objects (Crystal Lingam, Talisman, protection gem stones etc) as a the divine protection. Shivanandam healing is now also being offered in person/online through various people who have got the Deeksha from Babaji around the world. For more details, please contact us /or through email: healershivanandam@gmail.com

Shivananda Guru Dikshaa at Schweibenalp, Switzerland:

16 Aug 2018 was the day when the Brienz Haidkhan Babaji Spiritual center, Schweibenalp, Switzerland was also blessed simultaneously with Babaji Shivananda’s presence.

Guru Deeskha was bestowed to over 250 people at Chikmagalur by Babaji, while 9200 kms away at Schweibenhalb Switzerland, Babaji graced his unique Deeksha in the form of Shivanandam Vibuti healing.

This was the first time ever that Babaji Shivananda’s photo was kept in public and 60 people had assembled to receive Babaji’s blessing. The program commenced with 21 times chant of the Mahamrtyum Jaya mantram, followed by individual Vibuti blessing. It is noteworthy to mention that none of the assembled people had previously heard about Babaji, yet everyone sat and prayed to Babaji. Each one of the assembled people at Schweibenalp expressed joy and happiness after receiving the Shivanandam healing Vibuti. Tears of joy, love filled the atmosphere inside the Babaji Ashram hall.

This is yet another testimony of Babaji Shivananda’s love and unique Shivanandam healing offered through his devotees who have received the Healing Guru Deeksha.

Schweibenalp, Switzerland

Feb 2019, Berne