| Devotees Question & Answer session |

| 07th June 2021 |

A Devotee asked Babaji the following: those whom we like we can be friendly to them . It is easy but those who have hurt us or we don't like them for some reason, how do we stop ourselves from being enimical to them; we cannot be friends, how do we get along with them, please guide.

To this Babaji answers : hen you become nothing yourself you will have none as friend or enemy. This that I am telling you are those matters which if we have not done till now, we need to do it hence forward , paying attention to them and practice them. And there is no such thing which we learn but cannot put into practice.
Every day you have to sit with tranquil mind for 15 minutes. Absolutely calm. You don't have to listen nor talk anything to anyone. Remain absolutely still.

As much as you do this, your inside will start speaking. When your inside starts speaking, everything will become easy. I am with every one of you and will take each one of you to the goal of your life for sure.

Babaji: In my life's journey, I did not read any book. Life made me cry a lot in the beginning at every turn; posed difficulties in every thing to be done. One day I reflected ‐ what do these difficulties and challenges wish to teach me. So from within came the knowledge that it wants to teach you how to live. It wants to teach you to meet your true self. It's very easy and simple ‐ I'm telling you. The day you leave everything at the door of my ashram, you will no more be your present self.

Babaji : You will come to the ashram and your heart will become the ashram. For the ashram made inside you, one doesn't need a place, money, name, sadhana etc. for it. There will be no structure of brick and stone. No building.
A building can fall. If nature wills everything can be blown to dust. However the ashram that I make within each of your hearts, no one can touch them or break them. Even beyond a thousand years the ananda or joy of that state will remain. That ashram will remain eternal.

I haven't come into this world for nothing . Only to build the ashram of love within each of you have I come .Many ashrams there are and many lakhs of them will be erected. And you will make them too. Aap You make ashrams that will fall apart some day. What will disappear will be the pujas; but you need to erect an ashram that will never get destroyed. Projects costing lakhs of crores, open the doors of lakhs of seva opportunities, read lakhs of books, run behind lakhs of gurus; however as long as you don't stop, remain still to unearth your own inner book, till then you will keep living life after life. The difficulties and challenges of life will keep coming and the same pattern of existence will continue life after life. The ones who seek the truth, stop and wait. This guru will not give you this opportunity again. The love that all of you have for me is my only strength.

Along with Spirituality , to distance every evil and make Spirituality easy have I come. My mission is not an ashram. My Ashram is nothing but the ashram of your hearts. Your transformation. That's why perhaps I will have to wait long. With open hands I will have to keep waiting for many of your lifetimes.
I have come to make this path easy. I am none other.
I am your Bhole Baba.

| 07th March 2021 Online Q & A Session |

Question-1:  Om Namaha Shambhave Babaji, Shivratri is coming how can we awaken the lord Shiva residing in our heart? 




Shivratri means the night of Shiva - that night in which you can sing, dance, meditate and soak yourself in the name of Shiva.


In reality, every day is the day of God and every night is night of God. In fact, every moment is God’s moment. In every moment, your focus and concentration must be on God’s name. It should be as integral as your breathing - how you breathe in and out. The name of God should be connected with your breath. 


The night of Shivratri is very auspicious, unique and special. On this night you should not sleep but stay awake. There is a great significance of staying awake during Shivratri. One can celebrate that night in total bliss and joy through dancing, singing or meditating or chanting ‘Om Namaha Shivaya’. 


The importance of keeping awake during Shivratri is that it will allow you to feel your own inner Shiva and connect with Shiva’s Bliss. Enjoy that night as a Cosmic Dance and enjoy that moment. And thereby remain connected with the name ‘Om Namaha Shivaya’. 

| 21st February 2021 Online Q & A Session |

Babaji : Om Namah Shambhave. My Blessings and My Love is always with everyone of you!! Today  , we will have a question answer session and you can ask me whatever doubts you have in your mind . 


Devotee 1 

Question :

Koti koti pranams Babaji! . I have a doubt. I am a very lazy person. We are expected to pray before we begin any work or for that matter when we rise up in the morning , [and I am a late riser ]. We need to thank God for giving us another day –etc etc.. This ritual – how do we make it simple ? I first remember Lord Ganesh , then Swami and then Babaji ; however , there are so many Gods  and remembering one and not the other would not be right , is what I feel ? So this ritual takes a long time before I begin the work of the day and that is something I find as a problem when I rise in the morning. So how do I address this?  This question may amuse you is what I felt. However, this is something I wish to know about as the ritual has become bigger than my work.


Babaji’s Answer:

 Your karma stands above every prayer and ritual and more important than karma are your thoughts and your intentions. Unable to pray and yet , if your mind dwells on the Feet of God or , if  at any moment or at all times - your thoughts are centered around Him ,  that  is in itself the utmost ! What we do , our intentions behind our actions and  our thoughts are far above our prayers . I know you well enough ; you harbor  goodwill and love in your heart and  you have unbounded love for everyone and care for everyone ; that alone matters and beyond that , you need  do nothing ; and I bless you to continue doing all that you have been doing in your life; remain free and unburdened about the need for  rituals. Your work is your ritual ; your work is your prayer and your work is your devotion !

Devotee says Yes Babaji , please  bless us and please bless  all of us to become like you ; Swami always says “become like Me”. Babaji says – “I bless all of you” .