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SHIV KUTIR, Old Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

PURPOSE: Place matters. The space we are in influences our state of Consciousness. It is no wonder then that people spontaneously seek peaceful spaces, in the midst of nature. This external space calms the incessant noise of the mind thereby allowing for the recognition of the space within. The space within guides people on their spiritual journey. The journey from oneself to OneSelf.

What is Shiv Kutir? Nestled in the picturesque mountains of Old Kangra (Himachal Pradesh), Shiv Kutir is a serene, silent, positive, safe, inclusive and vibrant space for deep contemplation, meditation and spiritual progress.

It is the path for true seekers who want to find positivity, inner peace and discover themselves. As Babaji says, 'Shiv kutir bheetar ki khoj ke liye hai jo tumhe apne antar atma se milayegi (the search within that will help you discover your innermost Self)'. In the Kutir, one will experience the Guru's Sannidhya (i.e. proximity, everlasting presence and Grace). Yoga, Sadhana and Dhyana, will facilitate the seeker's cleansing from within.

Shiv Kutir is an external reflection of the space in our Hearts. Above all, it is an invitation. An invitation to undertake the journey from oneself to Oneself. The doors are open to one and all. However, only those who recognize the Guru's love within their hearts will be able to come to the Kutir.

DESIGN: Built on the Vedic principles of Harmony, Love and Oneness with nature, Shiv Kutir offers simple yet elegant accommodation to sincere spiritual aspirants.

Mindful design will permeate all elements of Shiv Kutir. Some of the design features include:

  • >> Environment-friendly construction materials
  • >> Use of renewable energy
  • >> Bio-environment friendly kitchen and composting
  • >> Differently-abled friendly access

The Kutir will also feature a community activity hall, independent kitchen, dining area, library and medicinal garden.

Shiv Kutir will host sessions on yoga, healing, Veda classes, bhajans and Satsangs. In addition, the Kutir will organize medical camps and Narayan Seva (feeding of the poor). Devotees will have the opportunity to engage with the local people in Kangra and share their skills. Most of the activities will be based on the principle of self-service and volunteering.

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Programs at Shiv Kutir

GURUKUL - Integrated Education

The Gurukul Initiative shall run short and long term training programs for people from all walks of life, particularly children and youth from around the world. The Programs shall be housed in an academic block for Skill Development, Integrated Education Programs, including Human Values, Self Awareness & Empowerment, Community Awareness, Joyous Living etc. It Is also envisioned to develop a Library for reviving ancient wisdom and traditional texts & scriptures.


The Sai Mangalam Central Trust shall undertake various Seva activities for the local communities of Himachal Pradesh including healthcare camps, training for entrepreneurship and financial inclusivity, building eco friendly housing.

The activities would be to encourage a spirit of volunteerism and giving in the community while contributing to the overall development of the society.

SOHAM -Centre for Art & Culture

Art is an important aspect of human life that acts on different spheres, from the purely aesthetic, to the intellectual and educative, and finally the spiritual dimension.

The SOHAM Centre for Art & Culture, which shall include Music, Dance, Arts etc, envisions to create, promote and teach various forms of art & culture relevant to the State, Nation and the World. The Centre shall particularly promote Handicrafts and Handlooms of Himachal Pradesh.

KARUNA -Compassionate Animal Care

Despite some of the best animal protection laws in the world and a renowned heritage of reverence for life, modern India is a country where millions of animals suffer severe neglect or abuse.

The Karuna Initiative is aimed at Animal Welfare, particularly cows, not only to achieve immediate benefits for India's animals in terms of rescue & rehabilitation, but to nurture an enduring culture of animal protectionism.

AAROGYAM -Healing Centre

Aarogyam is a is a Health and Wellness center focused on holistic services promoting an integrated approach to health and well being with personalized care, wellness education, and patient support.

Harnessing the body's natural healing power, the Healing Centre shall imbibe healing sciences at the core of Indian Culture to address the root cause of symptoms, resulting in optimal health and wellness for the body, mind and spirit.

SAHAJ -Nature Preservation

The Sahaj Initiative shall include projects related to Forestation, eco friendly housing, medicinal herbs, beekeeping, organic farming spices & other natural products and River & Water Cleaning & Conservation.

The initiatives shall also focus on implementing a Unique Program on Environment Awareness: Exhibitions. Talk Shows. Rallies. Awareness Campaigns, eventually leading to Advocacy at a National Level.