| Sankritanam | His Mission |

Babaji Shivananda, a self realised holy soul, is a divine personification of Love(Oneness) and faith. To his many followers around the world, Babaji is their Lord Krishna and behaves like one among them. He becomes whatever the devotee expects of him - a loving son, brother, friend, guide, teacher - ever smiling, serene and available for heart to heart spiritual connect . There are no formalities, there is only unsullied bliss in His presence. And whatever path one chooses - Vedic chanting, Silent sitting, Mantra meditation, Meditation, Yoga, Bhakthi , Karma yoga etc, he becomes the Marga Bandhu (soul refuge) on the esoteric journey culminating in Oneness or Shivanandam.

Babaji says "Sampoorna Vishwas hi Sampoorna Bhakthi hain, sampoorna prem hi Sampoorna Bhakthi hain.. Prem sthapana hogi, vishwas sthapana hogi." - "Total/complete Faith is complete devotion. Total/complete love is complete devotion. And my mission is to verily establish this love and faith."

There are many levels to self-realization. At the first level, a person tends to expand his/her Love towards family, friends and society. As this Love starts expanding, one tends to understand that each soul is created by God and all are God's creation, including the Mother Earth and all the living/non-living things - all belong to the same family, Vasudeva Kutumbakam. In the final stage, one understands one is not separate from God, that one is indeed God!

For love to find this expansion to Oneness, there is a need for a right and truthful Guru and His Blessings to show the path. There is also a need for the right environment.

Who is the right Guru?
The right Guru is one who will transform you, in whose presence you will experience bliss or Anandam and whose relationship will mean more than any other relationship to you, only such a Guru is your true Guru. A true Guru, is one in whose presence all your questions will be answered. A true Guru will transform you and gradually lead you to self-realization.

What is the right environment?
Certain places like Rishikesh, Haridwar, Thiruvannamalai, Himalayas etc, these places are Tapobhoomi and many have attained self-realization in these places . The soil, water, air, trees, plants and shrubs and the tapas of many saints before them are conducive to activate the spark of self-realization. An Ashram is upcoming in Kangra, which will provide this kind of transcendental environment - bestowed with a Devi temple, Veda Patashala and Yagyas being conducted regularly.

Babaji's mission is to bring about this Love or Oneness(self-realization) among people who seek it. It is not complicated, attaining God is simple, if one follows the pure love taught by Babaji.

But why Oneness, why Love?

Babaji says "For the welfare of the world, Lok Kalyan! When one's Love embraces and includes the entire mankind, Vasudeva Kutumbakam, only such a person(s) thought can contribute to the welfare of the world. Love gets an expansion; it becomes lively; it exposes the eternal truth. Love turns every impossible task into a possibility. It is through the power of such true love that new thoughts, just like new leaves, originate. Through love these new thoughts flourish and turn akin to a banyan tree which guides till centuries. Manava Seva is Madhava Seva.!"

Meeting Babaji is pure bliss, spending time with him leads to inner tranquillity, Anataranandam and finally, He leads one to Shivanandam or Oneness. And this is His mission - Love and Oneness!