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| Audio Message about Meditation |

Om Namho Shambhavaye
Today I talked about Dhyan (meditation).
How we have to do the meditation.
Here we have to understand a thing and the thing that we have to understand is what our Guru is ordering us.
Here the most important thing is that what Guru is trying to tell us to do and our Guru instructs us that in whole day of 24-25 hours you need to sit down quietly everyday for half an hour.Guru’s guidance is that we need to take out half an hour from our busy daily routine.All he is guiding is to sit quietly for half an hour and meditate and then you may think that you already know how to do meditation in so many different ways,so we  think that now are Guru will now tell us some very special and mysterious-unique way to do the meditation.Some technique which will guide us to take control on our thoughts.You need to listen to the instructions of he Guru as his guidance is the most important aspect learning meaning if Guru tells you to sit hen that means you need to sit and he has not told you to fight with good and bad thoughts neither you need to control over your good or bad thoughts.He has not mentioned any control just he suggested that you need to sit, now what it means is that you just need to sit because in this life we have labeled several things to as good and bad.Sometimes we think these thoughts are good and some other thoughts are bad and in the pursuit to bring change from bad to good we tend to loose control over our heart and mind.

| Babaji's Birthday Discourse September 2022 |

Om Namah Shambhave. Om Namah Shivaya. 

Today I have received the love of all of you and the birthday wishes that you have conveyed to me with belief and love, the prayers and worship that you have done from your home, Babaji accepts them and sending lots of blessings and love to all of you. Like always you all have celebrated this day with lots of happiness, love and belief. For that I send you lots of love and blessings. 

Birthday means the day when we were born. Before I say my words I would like to mention that I will be speaking in Hindi and later it will be translated and put in Babaji Samaaj as soon as possible. This is because when the translation is done in-between, the words can go here and there so in order to speak in a flow I had decided to get it translated later so that I can talk in a continuous manner. 


| Babaji's Divine Discourse - 13th June 2021 |

Om Namah shambhave! Om Namah Shivaya! My love and blessings to every one of you. This period that we chanted Om Namah shivay and we prayed , everyone took it forward with full faith devotion and love. Henceforth , I will come online twice a week . On Thursdays , I will continue the chants of Om Namah shivay done so far for half an hour – from 7.30pm to 8 pm  and on every Sunday there will be a satsang. The remaining days of the week , devotees from various countries who wish to chant O Namah shivaya will chant for one hour. 

This beautiful model of prayers that we have started and derived joy from , we need to keep it going ; not stop it. Do not think that if Babaji is not chanting , we don’t have to. Prayer is  your religion ; with the same love and faith that you prayed thus far , you need to continue hence forward. 

| Babaji's Divine Discourse - 28th February 2021 |

Om Namah Shambhave,
When we hail any name with unbounded joy , be it Omkar or of Lord Krishna or of the Mother, in reality we address the energy contained therein , which is the one we are connected with.
Whichever power which we source i.e., in this life on earth you have  one or the other guru , or in other words you are sourced and  connected with one or the other power , your mind , thoughts go forth to connect that image and form.
It is very necessary for us to know whether whomever we follow and walk behind is connected with that power or with spirituality or that God , or the meaning behind that Power –  to validate how much he knows and can guide you in your forward journey. 
How can you assess how knowlegable he is about the path. 
When you go seeking thus , if your mind undergoes a change or you have a divine experience , a divine joy , you get connected with Love , in that lies the validity  then know that the place , that guru , the location is the one  path for you. Where you feel distracted  and a lack of peace , and you feel only negative energy moving within , instead of peace , you get restless and uneasiness , it would be advisable to leave that place immediately. 

| Divine Advent Day message - 10th February 2021 |

My Love and Blessings to everyone of you! Today is a very special and beautiful day! Really speaking , everyday is special in the life of a human being. However when one knows oneself , or begin one’s journey to one’s own self , and one starts the journey to learn or understand about oneself, then everything about one’s life and the joy therein changes. In the real sense when we talk about the day of our birth , we mention the date we were born with great ease. However, in the spiritual sense, your birth takes place when you begin your journey to your own self. After taking human birth, the individual has no doubts or questions and is without desires and without preparations. He has no issues to tackle but as he keeps growing , and begins to comprehend and as he develops his understanding he gets involved in all the complexities of this world. The world is like an open book before him and in the desire to unveil more and learn more , he opens different pages and keeps progressing forward. In this pursuit to know more , somewhere he gets entangled with various subjective matters of the world and forgets the real purpose of his advent –that of knowing himself. Rare are those who make efforts to know themselves. It is said that when one has made a habit , it is very difficult to get out of that habit. Habits may be good or bad. Whatever the habit , it begins to run the individual’s life. In one’s habits directed towards recognizing one’s true self , some resort to namasmaran or chanting and some others to some other methods. However if we do not depend on our habits to govern our lives, and instead run our lives by ourselves , many new vistas open up to us.