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| April 14, 2018 – Discourse on Meditation |

What is meditation? Tell me, what is meditation. There is no need to close your eyes and then sit. In other words, closing the eyes and sitting down is not necessarily meditation. When you think about God all the time, talk about God, some people keep talking about God all the time. Talking about God is also a kind of meditation. But how is it possible to think about God all the time? And you talk about God, speak about Him and let’s say when you talk about God or your experiences of God, it is not necessary that others believe what you say. And when someone does not believe in what you say or says something bad, how do you deal with this situation?

| 14 April, 2018 – Discourse on God’s will |

Fate vs Faith

What is belief? Your belief can change your fate too, provided you have a strong belief.  When you ask God something, you think you have asked God. When you ask you mother something, you mother gives it to you. Like when you ask you mother to make/cook something for you, your mother does not say – I will not make it, you can make it yourself. Your mother will make it for you, give it to you.

But what is Fate? Fate says I will not make it, you can make it yourself. But the love you have for your mother and the love your mother has for you, the belief that you have in your mother, that belief does not come before fate. Faith is beyond fate. Faith has such great strength, it can bring Bhagawan out of a pillar(Prahalad story). Faith can change the story, ponder about this.

| 14 April, 2018 – Discourse on Miracles |

Question from a devotee: Swami ‘s miracles that were happening in our home have stopped, so we are wondering if we have done something wrong, and if the miracles will happen again. Previously, when we used to cook something and offer it to Swami, He would immediately partake it. It no longer happens, is Swami offended with us?

Babaji’s answer: Bhagawan’s will, His thoughts, Fate – whatever is decided, cannot be changed. The Bhagawan, who bestowed His grace on you, that grace will always be with you. Apart from miracles, in your practical life Swami has given many experiences. Swami is showing His presences in one way or the other. Accept it. Vibhuthi, Kumkum, and other things materialized here too previously, in 2005 Swami used to have breakfast regularly here, these happen now too but not that frequently.

| Divine Message 20 Jan 2016 |

Why do we need Shakthi Yog ?

Purpose of taking birth as man: People see life in different perspectives. God has made man as his own image and bestowed humans with the faculties of brain and mind. Similar to himself, God has given the mind to human however each one uses the mind differently. God created man and sent him to earth. Man is contained within god. When the Atma seeds in man it takes the form of mind. Thinking, understanding faculty is developed including discrimination of good and bad. Performing good or bad deeds results in certain actions. All these actions are understood by the brain. The Spirit (Atma) when it takes the form of Man or animal there is something that is not all complete in all respects , like animals cannot talk, however man has all faculties in total, and this is the reason god takes the form of man again and again as Avathar.