| Inner Experience with Babaji Shivananda- book |

This book captures the inner experiences of devotees on their meeting with Babaji Shivananda. It is simply a spontaneous sharing of experiences of devotees who have felt a deep connection with Babaji in their hearts. It is really a token of their love and gratitude to the Guru, who appears as a form, but in reality, is formless. It is an assurance to those on the spiritual path to remain steadfast in their seeking and that Grace is always with them

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| Brahmavidya Volume I |

The book Brahmavidya (Volume 1) - 108 Divine Quotes from Babaji Shivananda is meant for the seekers of Self-Realisation, Journey to the Inner Self and Liberation, who have already started treading the land of Brahmavidya (Self-Knowledge). These Words of Wisdom from Babaji are the sign-boards and daily doses of wisdom for those seekers tending towards their Goal and direct transmitters of Self-Knowledge. Let Babaji Shivananda shower his blessings and divine grace upon each and everyone who ponders over these quotes.

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