| Sankritanam | His Vision |

If love is meant only for oneself, it carries in it a smell of selfishness. However if that same love is sensitive, it tends to flow for work of welfare of society. Love gets an expansion; it becomes lively; it exposes the eternal truth: That love is life, life is love. Love turns every impossible task into a possibility. It is through the power of love that new thoughts, just like new leaves, originate. Through love these new thoughts flourish and turn akin to a banyan tree which guides till centuries. Through the fulfillment of the objectives of this trust, the era shall see a change. Every work shall be adopted here as a service. Service is yoga which connects one soul to another. The constructed edifices here will have those windows from where the origin of new works and ideas will spread in the whole world like rays of sunlight.

'God' is present in every minute particle of the world. 'God' is the ultimate truth. Truth is Shiva; Shiva is beautiful. When one "concentrates" and listens, one will find the sound of Satyam Shivam Sundaram in all directions. [It is in every corner of India; in Shivalaya, in temples, at places of pilgrimage, in the pure waves of Ganges, in the Kanvar Yatra of the monsoon month. The twelve Jyotirlingas are glory of Shiva himself.]

India is a nation where all religions are given an equal respect. The religiousness is visible here in festival-fairs, in everyday's practice of holy worship, in household reading of books like Ramayana, Geeta, Kuran. In fact, this land is birthplace of Avatars due to the flowing river of spirituality since centuries. The vision of Babaji is to have a few devoted and dedicated people in this work, who despite having differences, have similarity in work and thoughts. When work will be done by them considering it to be a work of God, the consciousness will arrive in them and occupy the society as well; and just like consciousness whenever these people pass through any place, they leave behind a fragrance of such change and love, that other people themselves start walking on that same path.