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| Babaji on Meditation- 13 Dec 2020 |

There are many techniques to learn sadhana or meditation and it is very important that when we learn the process and technique from a guru , when we take this responsibility from the guru or the guru gives us this responsibility , we need to be very careful in life; if you take a deeksha from a chosen guru and you do not follow it in the right manner or you do not do it at all, then the responsibility of the guru increases as he has to do it himself on your behalf.

Though it may not be new to you ; however , with the path I take you through , I bless all of you that in your lives you will experience your inner being /antaratma.


Hay muchas técnicas para aprender Sadhana, la práctica o Dhyana, la meditación y es muy importante que cuando aprendemos el proceso y la técnica de un Gurú, cuando aceptamos este compromiso del Gurú o el Gurú nos da esta responsabilidad, tenemos que ser muy cuidadosos en la vida; si recibimos un Deeksha, la transmisión de energía, del Gurú que hemos elegido y no lo seguimos de la manera correcta o no lo hacemos en absoluto, entonces la responsabilidad del Gurú aumenta ya que tiene que hacerlo Él mismo en nuestro nombre. Aunque no sea nuevo para vosotros, sin embargo, por el camino que os llevo, os bendigo a todos para que en vuestras vidas experimentéis vuestro ser interior / Antaratma.

| Discourse Dated 26th November 2020 |

Meeting you after a long time , so my abundant love & blessings to you.

Today , we will talk on meditation and other important matters that need to be kept in mind for our spiritual journey forward.

The spiritual journey is filled with joy and bliss and there are many aspects to be kept in mind. Most importantly ,it is necessary to keep our full concentration on one knowledge , one path, and one facet; whom to follow , who’s teachings to follow , which guru, all this your soul guides you to that kind of guru. Take for example the sunflower. It gets its’ energy from the sun. It blooms in sunlight and as the sun moves , it follows its’ path and turns its’ direction according to the direction of the sun. In the same manner the energy source in you is the same .with which you experience true love. Your atma chooses by itself the guru whom it likes and whom it wants to see and hear and whose words you enjoy and it becomes our responsibility also to follow his path. In school life you assimilated all knowledge in various subjects . doing that you finally got to one subject that you liked. This one subject you continued to explore till you developed more skill in it. Ultimately you chalked out a carrier out of it for your onward journey in life. Thus you became a teacher or a doctor or an engineer or some other profession. You could not have become all of these together. In the same manner you need to hold on to one teaching. In the same way you need to follow one guru. I am not saying that you leave the teachings of all other gurus and follow only mine. NO!!What I mean is that in your spiritual life , if you want growth , you have to follow one path and which guru you choose to follow depends entirely on you – whom you wish to follow. For example if at the same time , you follow ten different paths, or four paths , it will be difficult for you to assimilate as you will be confused. This is because all teachings take you to a certain point. The destination is definitely the same for all. However the paths are different. If you travel ten paths at a time , to reach your destination will take a long time!

One guru says : Come ! Sing , and dance and enjoy ; experience the felicity of life!

Another guru says : Life is very serious; you can’t waste your life in song and dance ! you need to be serious and sit in silence!

A third guru says: There is nothing in Life; nothing is in your hands ; you are merely a puppet in the Hand of God! You are just a name! The one who supports you and does is only God!

In these three types , it is very easy for you to choose which one you would like – whether you would like to live in fun and abandon or in seriousness or whether you would wish to choose a fatalistic attitude. When you choose one way , if you have 100% surrender , it becomes the responsibility of the guru to give you that what you desire in life – to get that for you. I had said earlier that I would choose some of you to whom I would teach the secret techniques of meditation which are only between the guru and disciple ; which are not found anywhere; they are secret and not available in the public domain; nor spoken nor written. I received a number of messages requesting me to choose the concerned individuals , do it fast etc; leave that aside; what I am saying is that I wish to teach but it is difficult for me as long as you have not chosen one path. By this I don’t mean that you listen to me alone and to listen to none other. NO! I am not saying this. It is not my concern to note where you go , what you do or whom you listen to. All this are not on my agenda. However , if any student wishes to learn something it is very important and necessary that for that time when you want to listen to one tune, you need to have full attention , concentration and be in full consciousness. If there are ten instruments playing be it the harmonium or the drum or the violin or the piano or flute , if you love to listen to any one of these, it is not possible to listen to only one note in this symphony. So it is very important that when you wish to learn something or acquire some knowledge it becomes very essential that in total peace you sit down in one place and listen to one thing.

A small aspect I wish to tell you that when I am talking about this secret meditation , the essence of this technique , I will give you in two lines. What is the meaning of that technique ? If you wish that you be able to hear yourself – that is if you wish to hear me [there is no difference between me and you] If you wish that I guide you from inside ,how will you hear my voice ? For that it is very necessary that whatever efforts you have been undertaking to find yourself like namasmarans or other sadhanas , forget all of them and for ten minutes sit in silence without any thoughts , without analyzing , without interpretation , logic , intellect ..we drop all this and listen and make an effort to listen , then you will get to listen whatever is the tune arising from within and you will hear that I can guide you from inside. It is very easy to hear the voice that comes from within. However , it is very necessary for you to stop. I only wish one thing from you that is to stop for some time as Babaji desires from you and make efforts to for your own experience from within and what is Babaji trying to tell you. I promise you , it is My word that when you experience the hearing of your own voice ,from that moment you will stop and begin to pay attention to that voice and that guidance. What miracle you wish to see and for seeing which you run behind the one who performs them , and you keep running and running for them , a moment comes when you ask yourself –“ for what am I running like this”? Some people’s lives are filled with such miracles and they get to hear a voice they run behind that voice but the miracle I am talking about – that miracle happens inside you and then you will not have to run at all! When God created creation and He created you , He did not create you so that you recognize Him; He created you so that you recognize yourself! In this world there is only one thing about which you should not have any fear ; that thing is, that name is –Paramatma - God!

Let us talk about meditation.

Many of those who want to learn Sadhana and meditation. What is the difference between the sadhana and meditation?

Sadhana means practicing one mantra , or one form and bring it under one’s control . You may keep chanting lakhs or crores of times of the same mantra. In sadhana there are many rituals and techniques , pujas etc..and the purpose is through these arduous efforts and sacrifices gain control over a particular Godhead or Power as that power gets pleased with you. You have a daily routine of waking , consuming food , working sleeping etc ; hampering these or going away from your chores , performing rituals , pujas etc , giving your body inconveniences , and strain and then getting control over a power is called sadhana. From whichever guru you try to acquire the sadhana , you can learn it from him and complete your sadhana after gaining that power.

Some people learn music . They rise early to sing or practice , and gaining control this way of Goddess Saraswati – the Goddess of knowledge is a Sadhana in music which has a saturation point. Similarly you will see aghoris and tantriks , they are all sadhaks who , only after doing much sacrifices attain tantra vidya or aghor vidhya; so when you see such aghoris or tantriks it is as good as seeing the limit of their sadhana. After reaching that limit when one has transformed, and satisfying that power and getting it in your control it becomes very easy for the person o perform any miracle and it is through that power that one is able to perform miracles. I have explained what is sadhana . Now what is meditation ? Meditation is the opposite of sadhana. We do not focus on any power in particular. We do not try to please any particular Godhead. It is not about concentrating on any one form. Meditation in effect is – concentrating on oneself. In meditation the path is apart and divergent from any idea or perception of God , Paramatma etc. In meditation, factors like how you live , what you consume and your sleep habits have an important bearing. You will come across different stages – be it shambhavi mudra , kechari mudra etc. wherein though you sit in silence , tears will flow out involuntarily or you would experience pain in the joints. All this is nothing but the love within you coming out in different ways because after sitting in silence for so long the love from within comes out. In many meditation techniques they talk about kundalini awakening ; however I differ a little and have an opposite view ; such kundalini awakening or opening of the seven chakras are all possible ; however God has created you placing certain powers in their ordained places ; playing with them is not appropriate ; for example our eyes have been placed in one location ; can we say that we don’t like it there , let us place them where our mouth is ; or we don’t like where our nose is placed. Will we try to change its’ location to where our ear is located? That would be playing with creation. So let us leave the kundalini where it is , to perform its’ ordained role ; there are easier and better paths through which we can learn not about God but that which is not available anywhere , not written anywhere , not told anywhere , cannot be listened , but from within your own self .

There is no need to run behind any science or technique of meditation , because , what you desire till now you yourself don’t know. The day you know what you desire , you will STOP. That’s why I wish that you get to know who you are , what you are not by someone else telling you but you getting to know by your own self. If you have come to Babaji and you have seen hope in Me then I wish that all of us together create such a world family , a society where we truly stop , disengaged from mantra , sadhana or tantra and do such a technique which is simple and easy and you will succeed in hearing the tunes from within yourself. I wish to tell you something important – that from the starting of the next year , I will be taking complete sanyas. Sanyas means – one path; one thought; sanyas means – no other thought ; where there is nothing else ; no other sadhanas ; no other paths; where there is nothing else; no other meditation. What there is – is only One! Om Nama Shivaya. Sanyas is only a single adornment; there are many rules ...leave them ; in 2021 I am also ready to take my mission forward and those who follow one path , one way or one teaching or meditation or those doing pujas and rituals , materialistic or spiritual minded or with knowledge or ignorant , all such there will be throng in crowds wishing to take sanyas and for all such people the doors of Babaji’s heart are ever open. Only one world of spirituality where there would be only sanyas. Sanyas meaning – within you - one lamp ,within you - a single light which won’t let you wander anywhere. That light in the form of your guru , will be present within you . wherever you go , in whichever province that inner light will show you the way. Whenever you wish to take this sanyas and you come to me , I am willing to give it to you and in this journey of my life all of you are with me and I am with all of you. When you hear from within your desire to get this sanyas , you will not find yourself alone ; which moment the voice of sanyas arises from within that moment , understand that Babaji’s doors are open for all of you and you are all ready to go into the world of sanyas. However the voice is not what you hear from the head but from the heart. When you begin to hear that voice , do not listen to any other voice ; go directly to your guru. From 2021 to 2025 you will see that lakhs of people will come to take sanyas ; no one knows what between these years , what would be the changes in the world and in this country so that from within , people will bring out only one voice – sanyas. In these five years western people will become Indians and those who are Indians will become western

Om Namah Shambhave!!!


| Discourse Dated 22nd November 2020 |

Om Namah Shambhave, Om Namah Shivaya!!

When we talk about meditation , we understand it to be going away/above our thoughts. Meditation is taken to mean an ability to focus on the control of our thoughts. Meditation is such a process where the individual gets to understand how thoughts move randomly. When we concentrate on our breath or the third eye , we realise how we need to battle to go forward and this battle is with our thoughts. In many meditation techniques it is suggested that we get rid of our thoughts, or while meditating don't allow a particular thought or even a negative thought. Let's say you go to a guru who says - "I will teach you a technique; however , during the process , you will not think of a monkey. You agree but as you close your eyes for meditation , that monkey will not get out of your mind because you have been told not to think about the monkey. So the monkey becomes a subject of thought and you start imagining its' form. In the same manner if we say that we don't focus on bad or negative thoughts, whatever is spoken or resolved about , the mind creates it. Different images and different levels of thoughts are created. Similarly if we say that we don't focus on bad thoughts , whatever is told , the mind creates different reflections of the issue or object. If it is said to you that during meditation , focus on the breath as you begin doing this , thoughts keep dancing while you have been told not to focus on thoughts but on the breath. Whatever you have been prevented from doing the mind will bring that forth repeatedly. For some days , you would meditate with great zeal and enthusiasm but as you realise that you are unable to concentrate , what will you do? A week or ten days , you will pass comfortably but later you will get bored and despair and come to the conclusion that meditation is not for you.

Be it in meditation/sadhana/any other work , it is very important to ask oneself - "what do I want" . Meditation does not mean to close our eyes and focus on any one object. Meditation is the focussing of one's consciousness on one object or your thoughts , energy [pranshakti]gets focused on one object. One need not necessarily close one's eyes. If your thoughts are only on one issue all the time , or any object you desire or what you desire to become that focus is a state of meditation. This is a state of wakefulness that can be done with eyes open.

The way meditation has been defined, the individual begins chasing those outcomes that he could get endowed with - some powers , ability to do whatever he desires - easily etc.. However , meditation is when you move away from all issues , start with nothing that alone is meditation!! Meditation does not take you anywhere ; it teaches you that where you are ,remain there ! You would respond when anyone calls you by name. Meditation teaches you what you are, from inside, your duties , responsibilities and in any work , your focus is only meditation with open eyes that is the outside world or with closed eyes , looking inside. It is then that you achieve . It is being wakeful in every step you take with alertness. Thoughts trouble everyone. Look at the to river ; it has its' path on its' way to the sea. It meanders , goes up and down ridges and plateaux till it merges with the sea. Life can be compared to the river in analogy. So during meditation you will get ups and downs of thoughts. Go along with the flow Don't battle your thoughts. Doing so , they will remain your enemy . That is because you don't know which is the right thought and which one is wrong. If you think negatively about someone does it become wrong ?No! The Creator has allowed the mind to be free and the mind will keep thinking anything. Make your thoughts your friend! One day , your thoughts will bow before you.

Don't presume that you will reach somewhere through meditation. NO . YOU WILL RETURN AND COME BACK TO YOURSELF!! You are running away from yourself . Meditation means - returning from there to here; [ points to chest] meaning , you were lost somewhere , you return and come back to yourself.

If you wish to make your thoughts positive , there are many techniques called healing. Healing refers to pranashakti or energy. This energy is within us and enables us to perform our routine chores and actions. So through healing , how can we increase our positivity ? In daily life there are many things we think or do wrong and sometimes things that we don't accept causes us to despair. We then feel that life is useless.

We see negativity everywhere despite being surrounded by positivity and search out negativity in the process. What is the reason for this? It is that our energy has depleted or reduced. When you have an abdominal pain or headache or toothache , the energy in that region becomes low. We keep our palm in those regions and doing so we transfer energy from the palm to those locations and feel relieved even momentarily. So how can we increase the positive energy within us and how can we heal others ? Healing is not a commercial venture as is happening in present times. . If you look beyond any kind of commercial aspect , your healing power increases . There are many healing techniques to do self healing - available in my website - Shivanandam.org I have also given the healing mantras which will help healing. We have many points in the body which can be used for healing and resultantly send positivity to others. You will observe that with healing , you will be able to make others alright. The thoughts of the one who heals can impact the receiver and only the one who heals knows how his thoughts can impact the other person. Some people are unable to harbor good thoughts for others whatever the situation. However there are others who even with the most negative environment still have positive thoughts and can heal others.

When a person dies , the energy is released from his body. Take a seed , it is due to the presence of dormant energy in it that it is able to germinate and grow into a plant. As we meditate , the energy within us becomes active and travels inside us by itself.

You can take deeksha; I too can give you deeksha; however there are certain regulations for both the disciple and the master that have to be adhered to. One thing you will have to go yourself to the guru. My mission is to join you with one name . Om Namah Shivaya, Radhekrishna, or Durga all embody the same energy. The energy of God is One . We address that energy by different names - call it Shiva, Durga etc…

Sankeertan means getting lost in one name singing; dance in abandon getting lost in one name and join the bliss of your inner being with that one name. Sankeertan is such a power, such a technique - you don't have to sit with your eyes closed for hours ; you just need to sync yourself with one name.

What is Life? Sing , dance , be in bliss. This is the kriya - [process] of life and at the end this very kriya will be the one to work for you!!

Life will not keep returning again and again . Time that is precious is now! If you live in the past or in the future it has no value. Only the present has value. Live in the present and understand your life. Many people keep running tracking the future. They feel happy running there and live in that imagination. Man runs in that imagination and in running that race , loses the present , doesn't live it. He thinks -"I will do this tomorrow , procure that tomorrow but he spoils the present moment.

For me , the meaning of life is to be Eternal. I wish to join you in the world of Sadhana , meditation and sankeertan and wish that together we learn a Shakti in the world. Be it sadhana, meditation or sankeertan, it will take you to bliss. Names are different but together they will take you to one goal - bliss - the bliss that will never end God has sent you to be happy always!!

Om Namah Shivaya