| Sacred walks- Rishikesh to Kedarnath june 2023 |

God has always supported his children in every time of trouble and crisis that comes in the world, may God always stand with you by you as your pillar of faith and courage! I kept telling you many times that Guru can give knowledge, Guru can bless, for that he had to sit at a place, no ashram or house is needed, but a place is needed, which is called Gurukul !

The whole world is engrossed in building houses, collecting new bungalows, cars, adding money and property, as if preparing to live here for millions of years, you are busy adding those things, which are with you as long as there is breath. After that, in the next life, you will do the same thing that you are doing now, nothing will change, nothing will change, you will definitely experience with closed eyes, but no one knows what will happen next, neither will anyone understand the meaning of this birth, Nor worry about what to do next!

I have always spread my hands in front of you for your welfare, I didn't need any ashram or land, I just wanted to give you the way! Lakhs of ashram buildings are still heavy in India, who knows how much disinterest and truth has happened there, we all know who got how much peace of mind, some are concerned for children, some for themselves, but no one is worried about real earning !

Everyone has soaked in their own color, they are happy by closing their hands in water, that they have added a handful, but what will happen when the fist will open, and this illusion will also be broken!! I will do a 223 kilometer foot journey from Rishikesh Uttarakhand to Kedarnath Nath Mahadham Mokshadham on 10 June 2023 to secure you and in the times to come!

I will do this journey only for you!! I will do it for your welfare and true wisdom, so that the veil of illusion falling on your eyes falls, and the light of renunciation burns inside you .

Bhole Baba !